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  1. Hi.

    You know what would be really useful? Being able to view past versions of your tabs or OP as a GM. Not just the update tab, but rather have access to previous versions to see what you changed (especially in the case of mistakes or BB-hiccups). Bonus points for it it shows exactly what changed.
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  2. Well, I know I can view edit history of posts with my fancy staff powers, and it does indeed show what was changed. I can see the benefits to this idea, but I have no idea if it's at all possible to do this specific thing. @Diana will probably come along shortly and explain how it's impossible or would be a major pain in the ass. 8D
  3. On that note, maybe limit users to being able to see their own post histories! :D

    Pls no. >.>
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  4. Probably not impossible actually. I can see how this would be useful, although not even Staff can see post histories since forever. I think the server purges previous versions that are more than a few months old.

    I do worry a little bit about the possibility that this could be used maliciously to intentionally hide things. That's part of the reason Staff can see edit history, so that we can look back and see if anything inappropriate or malicious was said and then edited out.

    I would be okay with this if only the thread creator can view edit histories in their original post - not in other, later posts.
  5. I am not sure if it's possible to turn this on for regular members. O__O it's something that is tied directly to mod controls right now.

    I am not opposed to doing this if it becomes available for members, THOUGH it wouldn't be a FULL edit history. It would probably just store 1 month worth of stuff. Otherwise that would clog up the system with useless extra content.
  6. To make it even lighter, how about just the previous post, just the one before the current post. :)
  7. Because staff might need more than just the single previous post in case we had to look at edit history. XD
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  8. Just as a side note, Facebook already allows anyone to view anyone else's edit history on any post.

    Across millions of people, no moderation, no chaos from it that I can see.
    So I don't think implementing even the full system over to members would cause much problems.

    Though just the OP implementation alone would do wonders to help avoid typos and glitches.
  9. Facebook also has a lot more money and can afford the storage space for that. O____O

    Err, though now I realize THAT has nothing to do with member problem issues. I am not personally worried about members viewing each other's editing history beyond anything more than privacy. XD And even then, that's definitely not what would be a problem if we were able to turn it on member side.
  10. Out of curiosity, what would be the concerns on the member side then?
  11. Aaaahm, nothing dramawise. o__o MAYBE privacy issues, many people are really twitchy about how much information just anyone can look up regarding their accounts. Beyond that there is nothing member-side I would be concerned about. It's all just whether or not it's possible and what sort of effects it would have on the site performance wise.
  12. Add a Privacy toggle per user then?
  13. Yeeeees, if that were possible, that is a thing we would do!
  14. I'm thinking about people's own edit history, not viewing those of others. There is little point to that.
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