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  1. [​IMG]
    The morning was brisk, and the sun had just started to peek over the horizon. A beautiful sight, for anyone to see. This angel was especially blessed. He was able to view this spectacular sight from the top of his school. He sat in his room, chair facing the large windows, with the breeze flowing in. He took a sip of the hot chocolate he had made for himself earlier this morning. This was paradise on earth. While he knew true paradise, this was as close as he was likely to get for some time.

    Anael sighed rather contentedly, placing his cup on the ground next to his chair. He took a deep breath, simply staring out his open window. He stayed like that for a good fifteen minutes, though it felt like only a few seconds to his immortal mind. He stood, taking his cup to the sink in his small apartment. He looked at the time, noting how early it was. No one would be arriving for some time. To ensure safety of the grounds, he quickly changed into a form that could fly. With a bright flash enveloping, he soon emerged, his eyes glowing a heavenly blue, and pure white wings adorning his back. Leaping from his open window, he easily took flight, surveying the grounds.

    Once Anael was sure that everything was safe, the angel returned to his room. He switched back into his human appearing self, and once again checked the time. Students would be arriving soon. Professors and other staff would be helping them find their dorms. He quickly made his way down from his quarters, and by the time he reached ground level, he could see some staff milling around. Taking a glance outside, he could see cars pulling up. It had begun.

    Urzul had been awake before dawn, as was her normal routine. She jogged before she started her day. As she ran, she saw the Dean surveying. It was a good idea. They didn’t want some extremists coming in wanting to kill the “freaks of nature” that were inside. She returned to her little house, always glad for those eight foot high ceilings. Getting dressed, and eating breakfast, she returned to the outside just in time to see cars pulling up. She’d stay away from the entrance for now. People had a habit of mistaking her for a bouncer or something similar, or getting nervous about what kind of school they were getting into.

    Laughing slightly, she walked near the entrance. She wouldn’t stay for long. Some staff had already convened, ready to start pointing the students in the right direction. She started walking towards the main building, standing near the door leading into the hall that separated the dorms. She could help the students if they got confused this way. She smiled a bit to herself, happy to help.


    This was quite the momentous day for Parisa. It was her first step in transferring colleges. She had finished her generals and worked for a decently long while. Now, it was time for her to hone her abilities. Once she was finished with her two years here, she could move on to a four year college, and then work towards her Master’s degree, then her Doctorate. She had a plan, and she was sticking to it.

    She had driven herself to the place. She had a nice silver Audi 2010 A8 that she saved up for. She parked in the lot in front, and stepped outside, gazing up at the grandeur of it. She went to a similar school before for a very short while. She popped her trunk, and grabbed two suitcases she brought with her. There was a small bit of furniture inside as well. Some people were walking down to the lot, which she assumed were staff members. She assumed correctly when they started helping people, including her. “Ah, merci.” She nodded, as they took some furniture and led her to the dorms. She was pretty impressed, she hadn’t gone to a school quite so large before.

    When she got to her room, the people set down her things, and she immediately got to work organizing. She left her door open and opened her window to let some fresh air blow through. She had a good feeling about this place. “I think we’ll both like it here.” She murmured, putting clothes into the provided wardrobe. “A fresh start.”

    Sable silently drove to the school. He looked up at it solemnly, hoping that maybe, just maybe, he could find the one he had been searching for. He parked, and sighed, looking around the car. He had gotten his license a while ago, just so it would be easier to get around. He couldn’t fly or teleport everywhere. He stepped out, grabbed his suitcase, and the sparse amounts of other things he brought with. He declined the help of the staff. He could likely lift his own car, he didn’t need help with luggage. He followed others towards the dorms, and soon found his room. He squinted, noting how bright it was in the room. He hurried over and closed the shades, making it a fair bit darker. Much better for someone like him.

    Unpacking his clothes, he found the memento he had packed with him. A simple silver pendant of elvish make. He slipped it over his head, and kissed the pendant lightly before tucking it beneath his shirt. Once finished, he looked at his still empty room. He didn’t mind that it wasn’t very personal. He didn’t need to sleep anyway. This room was merely a place to store his things until his time here was over.

    Nicholas sighed, staring up at the large building. So this was to be his home for a while. “This is the place.” He told the taxi driver, who turned into the lot. Nicholas paid the man and tipped him before getting his things from the back. There were boxes and suitcases, all items from his previous apartment. He was thankful that there was staff available to help him. There was no way he could carry it all by himself. He followed them to his dorm, nervously looking around the halls. People had already started to file in. He found his room, and nodded a thanks to the people who helped. He set his things down, and looked around his room. A small shudder ran through him, but he brushed it off, and went on to putting his things away.

    He put his clothes into the wardrobe, and then proceeded to decorate his room with everything he had brought. Some things couldn’t be hung, like some of the frames that required screws, so he just set those aside for the time being. He didn’t have much in the way of knick knacks, mostly just pictures or random pieces of thrift store art that he thought was neat.
  2. this color = Kiara's speech and thoughts (look for quotation marks)
    this color = Kiara's family speaking

    Kiara pulled up to the school in her mint 1957 Chevy Bel Air that she had saved up for since she was sixteen. Her phone was on the dashboard with the speaker on. Kiara had been talking to her family over the phone for at least a quarter of the drive to Vieuxpont Acadamy, expressing how excited she was and how much she missed them. "Alright, I'm pulling up now. God, I can't wait! I'll send you guys pictures later. Gotta go. Bye mum, bye, pop...Bye, doofuses. Mo ghrá thú!" Kiara leaned into the speaker of her phone as she parked her car, keeping her eyes up to see what she was doing.
    "Mo ghrá thú!" Kiara hung up with a smile, as she loved speaking to her family in Irish. It felt like a secret code, especially since she had never met anyone outside of Ireland speaking like this. She popped open her trunk and stepped out of her car, still in her solid form. She looked rather mortal compared to most of the students she'd seen so far, but this was only one of her forms, and born spirits just happen to look mortal to blend in. Kiara opened one of her back doors, sliding her duffel bags onto her arms and picking up a few boxes. Kiara breathed a sigh of relief as she saw a staff member approaching her to see if she needed help (which she did).
    "Go raibh maith agat!" Kiara smiled at the staff member, who gave her a funny look at first, but then shrugged and smiled back, probably assuming (correctly) that it was just a thank-you.
    When Kiara reached her dorm, she squinted, glad she had forgotten to remove her sunglasses as she entered the building. Jesus fuck, it's bright in here! Kiara set everything down in her room, opening the window a bit and closing the shades just above the open part. She turned back to her room and smiled faintly. Kiara hoped to make friends, and possibly finally be involved in a relationship. She remembered her brother Marvin teasing her over the phone about how "maybe some dummy will finally ask you out". Ronan, her other brother, laughed, putting in his own remark about Kiara's crazy obsession with brains- meaning psychology. She slid her sunglasses off and placed them on her desk. There would definately be a lot of re-decorating, but at the moment, Kiara's main focus was on the start of her education at Vieuxpont Acadamy and making at least one friend this month.
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  3. "The governance of the sage:
    Empties their hearts
    Fills their bellies
    Weakens their ambitions
    Strengthens their bones"

    Nox waited, He sat in silence in the darkness, legs crossed, such that they were, arms resting on his knees. His mind all at once closed and open. He'd chosen another passage of the wisdom he'd had imprinted on his mind as the subject for his meditation, It was early morning, the sun was yet to rise. He couldn't remember where he was. He didn't care. His mind was empty and yet full. His focus was everywhere and yet on nothing. His form shifted and melted as he let his attention drift far from where his singular form. He passed over The past days. Ah Yes, that was where he was, on the side of a hill just inside the grounds of the school he'd decided to apply to. He was doing philosophy, He was confident he could make that with ease. Then his mind drifted further back, weeks and then months. Ah yes the finalization of his plans and deciding on what to do. Then he was years ago, then Decades. Ah Here things got fuzzy, his re-awakening, re-aclimatization to humanity and all they were. He dirifted onwards, and His memories changed. He was dead. He was nowhere and everwhere, His essense dispersed. He remembered a great pain, a loss of many lives, torture and war. There was a gap, such a breif flash, and then it happened all over again. He did his best to accept it, He knew that if he ignored the cost that was paid he would never understand the gifts that were given. He had no idea that what he was feeling was the world-pain at the two world wars. He continued onwards. He raced down his past, his form drifted apart, becoming indistinct and looking no more like a formless cloud. Yet at the same time he remembered everything he took in the present the world around him, He felt the wind drift through his form, He heard the beat of a sparrows wings, He felt the passing of a great being. He didn't care, He had established the state he'd been long ago taught by his masters, The form of Nothingness, Empty heart, Clear mind, Open Senses. Accepting of all things. He danced onwards, to anyone who could see Qi energy he shone like a beacon, his power a untapped fount. He dirfted through the forming of the world as we know it and in to his own past, The age where he had been alive. Some things were clear, some were fuzzy, sometimes it changed what he could see, But a few things were always the same, He knew the names of his masters, He knew he had once been tasked to guard something. byond that he remembered every lesson, and today he remembered something new.
    "Heaven and Earth are everlasting
    The reason Heaven and Earth can last forever
    Is that they do not exist for themselves
    Thus they can last forever"

    Nox smiled, or he did in his mind, he made to return to himself, the sun had risen, He could feel the warmth saturating his body. It was time to head to school. as he became aware of himself again he realised something, He lasted forever, He would not fall, he could not have a 'end' Thus he should not live for himself. He then paused and looked, or atleast observed, his own dust like form. his form had changed, his old self had 'ended' so did he have to live for himself? Who should he Exist for? These questions swarming his mind he let the wind pick his dust up and sweep it along towards the front gate of the school. As he arrived he chose a form he found suitable, a 20-something old gentleman in a suit, Though he made a few key edits to the standard suit, a red waistcoat, a tophat, a pocket watch, goggles on the top-hat and to cap it off he wove the impression of a brass walking cane in his hand.

    Something like this without wrist watches and the flower.

    Once he made his presence known he was shown to a room, appearing not to have any luggage for some reason, well at least not enough to want help carting it. Arriving in his room he looked round and smiled, It was a little over-furnished for his taste, but that wouldn't take long, quickly doing away with anything he deemed unneeded such as the chairs and wardrobes, What he didn't need was shifted out in to the coridor. He'd still not gotten the hang of how the modern storage systems and this constant need for furniture. He settled about lowering the table to a better hight. turning it upside down he used his razor edge shards to sand the legs down to the point where they were just the right hight to sit crosslegged under. Nodding to himself at that he set about re-aranging the room so that the bed was not opposite the door and there was a solid object between the door and the window. He continued to potter about the room, well more re-arange at high speed. It took him a good hour, and it wasn't without ruckus. Probably due to the furniture outside his door in the corridor. but once he was finished his room looked less like a student's room and more like what one would find at a monastery or high temple, The walls were hung with symbols and sayings in a language long forgotten, the table was between the bed and the door, With the bed under the window. the shelf had little on it, a few books and a small post-it Note reading 'Aquire Plant' In a very florid and beautiful script, yet perfectly readable without effort. And that was it, other than that the room was totally bare. Nox then set about his next task, Tea. or more precisely a pot of. Within a few minutes he was sat at his table, door open with several cups upside down set at even intervals around the table with one upturned infront of him, form which he was drinking Flowering Lotus Tea. Under each cup was a small ball of silver strands about half the size of a pingpong ball. in his cup lay a flower like pattern of tea leaves, and floating atop it was a Lotus flower. He let out a contented sigh. He'd found a compromise that he liked, Yes maybe he should not live just for himself, but that was no reason not to enjoy life, For it was his life and thus he should make the most of it.
  4. Leone Tenjin Kyvak
    School Parking Lot -> Dorms

    Too Freaking Early
    Urzul @Tarieles, Nox @EddiEddi


    Something about the first day always managed to crush the daemon's spirits. Perhaps it was the fact that summer was over and he couldn't sleep in anymore. Or maybe it was because the school was notorious for changing it's coffee blend year after year, causing his perfect mixture of milk and sugar to go off and ruin the coffee. He felt like a metaphorical zombie; not like his brother-in-law Zornym per se, as the guy never got tired, but one of those modernized versions of the species.

    He paused upon realizing that the parking lot had enough staff to manage the influx of students. The daemon still felt like he was walking around in a tired daze, his coffee failing to do the trick in waking him up. He really needed to start figuring out how to use that stupid coffee maker that he kept in his house. While he enjoyed learning about human invention and new items, he hated having to figure out how to work some new-fangled technology when he only wanted something simple like coffee.

    Realizing that he probably should be more focused on helping the students get settled, Leone ventured to the dorm hall. He nodded his head in polite greeting to Urzul as he walked past her. His attention focused on some complaints of furniture in the hall. Spotting the wardrobe in the hall, he moved to the student's doorway and lightly knocked on the frame in order to alert the student of his presence. "Excuse me, would you like me to move this furniture to storage?" He asked politely.
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  5. James Owen O'Riley Arrives To say that James found the school slightly threatening was an understatement. In fact, he was quite worried about entering the building, because he was fairly sure that demons could probably kill him again. Well, probably not just demons. There were probably many things that could cause his second death, and he was sure that he wasn't going to come back from it this time. So, yes, to say the least, he was a bit worried.

    But, it was also exciting, he had to admit. To get to see all these new people would surely be fun and all, if they decided not to murder him, and he was always up for a good chat with a stranger. Something about talking with strangers just was fun to him- you don't know their interests or anything, so you get to find them out through the conversation. It just had a certain appeal to it.

    He walked, or maybe floated (he really didn't know the mechanics of being a ghost quite yet; all he knew is that he was moving his legs, and moving forwards, and that was enough for him) into the school, glancing around. Alright, first step done. He was in. That had been easy enough.

    James frowned to himself; did he look human? He probably looked human. And he was originally human. Again, he didn't know how that worked. Would someone maybe just try to kick him out because he didn't look like he should be there? It was a illogical thought, but it crossed his mind anyway. The 34-year-old ghost sighed, running a hand through his hair. Nothing to it but to just do it, right? Right. He could do this. He believed in himself. Somewhat.

    Well, if he survived the first day mentally and physically, he could probably manage to repeat it for the rest of the school year. So, if that happened to be the case, then he would believe in his ability to survive this place. And, with that thought, he continued on, not really sure where the hell he was supposed to be going, or if he was even supposed to be in the building yet.
  6. Ichigo Nightshade
    "Tell me the story
    of how the Sun
    loved the Moon so much
    he died every night
    to let her breathe."

    Ichigo walked up the parking lot, looking around at everything in sight with greyish-green eyes and an always curious mind open to new possibilities. He stopped walking and looked at the outfit that he chose to wear on the first day. It was a bit of a throw together outfit, not much real thought was put into it but he hoped he looked presentable for the very first day of school. Taking a deep breath, the fauchereve male headed towards the boys dorm where he will be staying for the next few years. He lugged his suitcase all the way there, the large thing stuffed with all the stuff he will need and other things that he felt like he needed to decorate his room with. As he made his way there, he couldn't help but marvel at everything in sight. Stepping up to the boys dorm, Ichigo took a deep breath and headed inside, hoping to meet the students already there.
  7. "We look up at the same stars and see such different things."
    @Cybermoon (Ichigo)

    After making her bed and putting up all her knick knacks and pictures, Kiara stood in her doorway to take a look at her new living space for the next few years.
    [​IMG]Basically how she decorated, but this would be modified to look like the set up of the original dorm. (minus the loveseat,probably with a desk somewhere)
    Kiara was proud of what she had accomplished in such little time, so she decided to look around the school. She walked down the left wing, noticing that another girl had already settled in. She smiled a bit to herself, imagining herself gaining a friend so soon. Kiara sighed and kept walking (almost skipping), realizing this probably wouldn't happen. Stay optimistic! You never know who'll you'll meet. There's gotta be at least one creature here like you. Kiara stood at the beginning of the right wing, pausing for a moment as she made her way through the school. She smiled at a young man carrying his luggage to a dorm, waving as she said, "Hello,there!" It was a bit quiet, and Kiara didn't think he'd heard her. She shrugged, walking on and hoping that if the young man had heard that he didn't mind her Irish accent. This was one of Kiara's main concerns, just because she thought it sounded odd after being around so many Americans for the past three years. Whatever, you probably don't need to get buddy-buddy with anyone yet. She headed to the student lounge, library, and dining area, just to poke her head in and see what everything looked like. She had to admit, it was a very large school, but it almost reminded her of the castle she haunted in Ireland. Kiara got a warm feeling in her chest as she remembered spending time with her family, and she knew that at least she wouldn't be very homesick. Her original plans from the year before were to go back to Waterford and live with her family again, but after hearing about Vieuxpont she felt as if she just had to come. She was happy with her choice, and knew her family would be proud of her in the end. Who knows, maybe she would gain a friend today. That would be nice. Maybe, for once, she would actually get a few friends right off the bat. Highly unlikely.
  8. @AshenAngel Leone & anyone who wants to get involved


    Nox glanced up from his tea, He was using a Oblique Calligraphy pen and a small pot of white ink to draw the Lotus Flower in his cup on to a black sheet of parchment. "wilgiest æláréow. Géa welde" He said and then gestured towards the tea cups in-front of him "gewill un áfége mec for sum biterwyrtdrenc?" He asked as he turned one of the cups upright and set the small silvery ball in it. He then realised he'd been speaking in old English and gave a wide smile. "Oh, sorry, erm let me see...." He paused as he set the pen down beside the parchment and looked at it carefully. "Welcome, yes please. would you care to join me for a cup of tea?" He re-iterated as he looked at his own cup and carefully topped it up with steaming hot water from the pot. He looked almost out of place, A young man in a suit with a pocket watch in the middle of what looked like a monks room drawing a beautiful picture-painting of a lotus flower in a cup offering a teacher a cup of tea.
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  9. Myra Sich
    {location: parking lot -> dorm building interacting: Ichigo @Cybermoon Kiara @XxCalypsoKittyxX
    Miya arrived at the school parking lot her magic suitcases flying behind her. She was flying herself and looked around and sighed a little
    "Why did he make me go here? I have no intention of trying to learn how to be a better succubus at a freaking school. Can't one of the other succubei teach me or something"
    She flew towards the dorm building and looked at it. This was not what she expected. It didn't look any bit like her home in Hell where she basically had a villa. She would probably not have a 2 person bed either. She sighed once more and went inside seeing a few people. She saw Ichigo walking and grinned as she thought to herself

    "This might actually become a really fun situation hehehe~. Lets see how guys will react to me~.
    Miya came up behind Ichigo as she pressed her whole body against his back and ran her finger over his cheek
    "Hello there cutie~. It's very nice to meet you~. I hope we can become very very good friends and that we can have lots of fun times together"
    She giggled in a more seductive way as she let go off Ichigo and began hovering in front of him. She then also noticed Kiara and waved at her
    "Good day to you too darling~. Lets be very good friends too~"
  10. For a moment, Kiara looked dumbfounded. Then, realizing how rude this might seem, she smiled awkwardly. "Oh, uh...Sure! Nice to meet you, too..." Kiara remained rather quiet, still uncomfortable speaking with her accent to these new people. "Cad is ainm duit?" She realized she was speaking in Irish Gaelic again, and immediately corrected herself. "Uh, fuck, sorry...I meant, 'what's your name?'" Kiara looked at her feet, a bit embarrassed, her currently un-dyed dark red hair spilling onto her pale face. Something about this girl made her feel... Incompetent. Unworthy. She shook these feelings off, realizing that she was probably just nervous because this is the most she's talked to anyone outside her family all day, maybe even all week. Kiara realized she was fading into her transparent form and instantly went back to her solid form, unsure of why this happened. Why the hell can't you just be normal and make friends? She already said she wants to be. Quit being so awkward.
    Kiara's hands were clasped together in front of her, giving her an innocent look she usually never had. She began to feel warm and uncomfortable, so she removed her black and white varsity jacket and tied it around her waist. Although it gave her a slightly geekier look, she didn't mind. Her tattoos and piercings made up for this most of the time. She put her right hand awkwardly over her left shoulder, where a blue-gray full moon sat on her skin. She wished she had at least worn a tee shirt- her flowy white tank top made her a bit uncomfortable without a jacket, but there wasn't a very good reason for this besides how self-concious she was.
  11. Ichigo Nightshade
    Interactions: Miya Sich

    Mentions: Kiara

    Ichigo had barely stepped into the place when he heard someone call out hi to him. He turned to look and smiled at the girl, waving to her. Her accent was very pretty from what he heard and hoped to get to know her a bit better. Turning back he headed more inside until he felt something squishy press into him and nearly making him lose balance. He also felt a finger trace his cheek and he smacked it away, his movements only being a small blur as he moved his hand from his cheek back down to his side. He turned his attention to the busty succubus that had floated into his line of sight and, with a smile to hide a cold glare, he said the first thing that came to his mind. "Sorry, but the fun you speak of is disgusting and disgraceful to one of my kind when it has no real meaning behind it. You may think it is cute but all I see is a desperate little girl that obviously thinks too highly of herself." It may have not been the nicest thing for him to say, but he was never really fond of the succubei race but they were only on his second list of things he wasn't fond of. "Besides, I am not into women. Now please excuse me, I have to go find my room." Ichigo left after that, not even batting an eye to see the reaction he would get from the succubus girl.
  12. Myra Sich
    {location: dorm building interacting: Ichigo @Cybermoon Kiara @XxCalypsoKittyxX
    She grinned and began laughing a little almost crying because of the things he said. Especially at the last thing. It was something she found pretty cute
    "Don't worry kiddo, I'm not here to do naughty things with you. I only do that with people who actually look good. But go ahead and have your own choice of love, I only find it cute"
    She turned to Kiara and looked at her with a smile. Suddenly her luggage came flying and landed right next to Myra as she stood on her feet
    "Nice to meet you gal. The name is Myra Sich, a succubus. Please don't be so shy around me, I just want to be friends and have fun with my friends. Our race is known for it's sexual acts but I'm not completely the same as the others. Also the reason Satan sent me here"
    She smiled and gave Kiara a hug as she let out a cute giggle

  13. { Dorm building- Myra Sich, @LoliNinja }
    "O-oh, um..."
    Kiara stuttered, awkwardly patting the succubus's back. "Good to know someone wants to be my friend..." Now, Kiara's voice was just above a whisper, as she was mostly speaking to herself. She cleared her throat, backing away a bit. She wasn't trying to be rude, it just felt unnatural to be hugged by someone she just met. "Sorry, I'm just...Really awkward around new people." Rubbing the back of her head, she looked down at her feet again, then back to Myra. "Lovely name, by the way. My name's Kiara, I'm a...A spirit." In that moment, Kiara realized how odd it was to be born a spirit. Aren't spirits supposed to be dead people? No, those are just part-lies drilled into everyone's head by society. Of course, there were some spirits that had actually been mortal and were doomed to repeat their lives until they found satisfaction and all that other happy horse shit, but they were surprisingly less common. Then, Kiara took into account the fact that Satan had sent a succubus to attend a school for supernatural beings. It was bizarre to Kiara, but she knew (somehow,in some odd way) that there were weirder reasons to be here. She brushed her hair out of her face with her hands, her blue-green eyes still widened from the shock that overtook her body when Myra had hugged her.

    { Dorm building- Ichigo Nightshade, @Cybermoon }

    After this awkward interaction, Kiara said goodbye to Myra and decided to go back to her dorm. When she entered, she immediately turned to her desk and grabbed a piece of notebook paper and a pen. On the note she wrote, "I was wondering if you would ever like to talk? I overheard your conversation with that succubus girl, I understand you're not interested in women. This is just if you ever want to chat or anything. I bet this seems odd and random as hell, but I'm trying to make a few friends here and you seemed pretty nice. Feel free to decline. I'm in the second dorm in the left wing, by the way. Just leave me a note or knock on my door if you want to take me up on this offer, I'll probably be alone in there a lot anyways.
    -From the girl in the hall with the accent"
    She took a deep breath, then exited her room with the note in hand. She had noticed the young man entering the fifth dorm room down the right wing before she began talking to Myra, so she took one last look at her looping cursive writing and slid the paper under the door with a tiny knock, just loud enough to be heard. Then, she became invisible and rushed back to her dorm, where she waited for a response. Kiara usually wasn't the first one to make an offer to hang out, but the young man had a kind look that made Kiara want to know him more.
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  14. Leone Tenjin Kyvak
    Inside Nox's Room
    Still morning, but there's tea.

    Leone smiled lightly upon hearing the refreshing bit of Old English, as it had been a long time since he had last heard it. Without waiting for the young man's English translation, he used a simple transport spell on the wardrobe and watched as it slowly floated down the hall and into the storage room. His cool amber gaze drifted over the room before he came up with his answer. "I suppose so." He spoke evenly as he lightly stepped into the room.

    "I am Professor Kyvak. May I ask who you are?" The daemon held a certain manner of politeness as he sat down at Nox's table. He couldn't help but look at what the young man was drawing. "That's quite a nice drawing you're working on." He commented with a relaxed smile. This person was quite odd. Seemingly pulled from some reality and placed within another one. It was intriguing to the professor.
  15. ((How can he can understand old english? He wasn't alive when it was used and its a lost language?))
    Leone @AshenAngel


    "Cinibris Nox. However please just call me Nox professor." He said and set one of the small spheres in to a cup and poured the still steaming hot water in to it. handing it over to the professor the tea leaves fell away in to a flower pattern and slowly a dried lotus soaked up the water just enough to look full of life again as it floated to the surface. He smiled and looked down at the drawing. "My old mentor was far better, His art was hung from the temple alcoves during days of celebration, He was even allowed to work in cloth and oil paints." He then picked up the pen carefully and continued to draw. "What do you teach Professor?" he asked as the drawing continued to grow and form as he slowly drew in more details on the petals.
  16. [​IMG]
    Watching the people enter the school, Anael smiled lightly to himself. It was a good turnout so far. He'd have to wait until everyone got to the campus before he sent out his message to the school. He needed them to meet for an announcements. For now, he would make sure everyone had things under control. He had noticed Leone was helping in the boy's rooms, so he made his way to the girl's dorm area. He immediately noticed the succubus in the hallway. He silently sighed, succubi were generally trouble. However, he wasn't going to judge.

    "Hello." He greeted. "Are you finding everything all right? I'm Dean Viuexpont. I thought I'd see if anyone needed any help." He spoke, putting on a bit of a stale smile. He glanced down the hall, noticing many doors open. If she didn't need help, he could figure out if someone else needed help. That's what he was here for, after all. "I can offer answers or if you need help carrying your things." He wasn't nervous around the demon, but he kept himself a little wary, as he always was around demons. He wasn't going to judge immediately, but he also wasn't going to put himself in immediate danger.

    Urzul nodded to Leone as he passed her to help the students, then the Dean himself went inside. She noticed a very clueless looking boy go in, and decided this was her best chance at helping someone out. "Do you need any help? Do you know where you are going?" She asked, surprisingly eloquent for what she was. People always expected her to be a mindless, stupid brute. This was only slightly the case. She may not have been as clever as most, but she was still at least moderately intelligent.

    "Do you have any luggage that you need help with?" She asked, looking him over. She wasn't concerned with his human appearance. Most people seemed to look like simple humans. And from the look of this one, he was a spirit or ghost of some sort. It wasn't a sight she was used to, but also wasn't one she was repulsed with. He was the same as all the other students; here and willing to learn.

    After finishing with her room, Paris decided to explore. This place was huge, and there was nothing more she loved than finding the ins and outs of a new place. Well, that was a lie, but she really did enjoy it. "Guess we'll see what we got ourselves into, hm?" She happily trotted out of her room, very pleased about her situation right now. Her life was going quite well for her. If it weren't for her past, she'd say it was almost perfect. She had a loving family, a good education, money, and she had the support of so many friends. It was great.

    She exited the building, taking in a breath of fresh air. It was lovely. She created a small area of slightly brighter light, something she loved. She had to find the dining hall, as she loved food. This was bigger than her previous school, that's for sure. She had only gone to a small one beforehand. This one was new and exciting, and she couldn't wait to meet all the new people.

    Not being very picky about his room arrangements, Sable soon settled down on his bed for some time, taking in the darkness. In truth, he was "recharging" himself before he had to go out into the bright sun. It wasn't something he enjoyed all that much. Once he felt calm enough, he stood, and stepped out the door with a small sigh. He hoped this place wouldn't have a high wall around it like the last place he had been. He liked to be in the woods by himself. That, and he heard there was a river. He was a sucker for listening to running water. He also liked the idea of lazing in the darkness by the lake edge, listening to the crickets and frogs, and watching the lightning bugs. It was a romantic setting, one that always reminded him of happy memories.

    He opened the door of the building, squinting at the light. It was awful today. He quickly made his way to the library. It was mostly empty, only a few librarians shuffling around to make sure everything was clean and in order. He loved libraries and the smell of books. The pages were intoxicating, and he could just sit in a library all day just listening to the quiet atmosphere and smelling the pages. He smiled softly at the library, before going about the shelves to see which books they had.

    After decorating his room to his desire, Nicholas took the remaining frames and things that didn't fit, and shoved them under his bed. He took a leather bound journal from his coat pocket, and placed it in the box too. He figured it would likely be safe there. It held personal information that he didn't want people just looking at. His door was still open, as he couldn't stand having it closed. He'd likely sleep with it closed, because that was just common sense, but he hated being in a closed room while he was awake. Too many painful memories on that side of a door.

    Instead of really going anywhere, he decided to stay in his room, and fix some clothes that had popped a button or gotten a small hole ripped in the seam. He was quite good at doing those things. The fixing and the ruining. He fished out a needle and thread from a small sewing kit he kept handy, and went to work. He hummed very softly to himself as he worked, being very careful not to prick himself. It was delicate work, and delicate work was one of his specialties.
  17. Leone Tenjin Kyvak
    Inside Nox's Room
    Still morning... Practically awake.
    Nox @EddiEddi

    Leone watched as Nox poured him his cup of tea. "It's a pleasure to meet you." He lightly quipped. He listened curiously as the young man talked about his mentor and tried to imagine it himself. He'd look into it further when he had the time, but he was having difficulties getting a clear picture of what the mentor's artistic capabilities were. He came to dismiss those imaginings when the topic drifted to himself.

    "I teach Magical Arts and Practical Spellcasting." He explained, looking up from his tea. "Should I expect to see you in one of my classes?" He asked with a smile. The daemon was quite interested in whether or not this new student would become one of his students. After all, he seemed quite capable. He would make a pretty decent spellcaster.
  18. Urzul

    Fieldset The rapid-fire questions from the person who just came up caught James a bit off guard. He hadn't really been expecting anyone to just come up, but he guessed this was a good thing, because no, he had no clue where he was going, so yea, he needed that help. Except for the luggage. He was pretty sure he has that bit covered.

    "Oh. Uh, hey! Yeaaa, no, I have literally no clue where I'm heading. At all. Help would be terrific. Except for the bags, I got that." He replied, nodding a little to her.​
  19. Myra Sich
    {location: dorm building interacting: Dean @Tarieles }
    Myra looked at Dean who had come up to her asking if she needed help with anything. She smiled and shook her head as she snapped her fingers and her luggage began floating
    "No help needed here Dean. The name is Myra. If you're a teacher here, which you seem like to me, then you might have heard that I was sent here by Satan for training. And don't worry, I won't go on sex fests. Well depends on if the person wants it"
    She chuckled as her luggage flew into her dorm room and she looked at Dean with a kind smile
    "Would you like to come in for a drink and a snack? And don't worry, I won't do anything to you. As I said before, I should behave otherwise that goat guy is gonna punish me. And he is hella scary"
  20. @AshenAngel Leone
    Starting to ask the important questions.


    "I don't think so professor." Nox said and smiled "I lack nearly any form of magical skill. The closest I can get opening my Chakra and allowing my Qi to flow and thus strengthen my body and power." he explained. Then paused "Unless you teach that sort of 'magic' I doubt I will be in your lessons. My door however is always open for a cup of tea and a talk on things like philosophy and magic and its interaction with the world." He set his pen down, the Petals of the lotus flower now had intricate detail in them and the tea-leaves at the bottom of the glass were starting to form.
    "So, Professor, on that topic. Where do you think magic comes from, and what powers it?" He asked, it was in and of itself a deep question, but made all the more interesting by the different forms of magic and different uses, Realisticly it was impossible to put everything under one massive umbrella without useing the term 'power' or 'energy' and while the only overarching term was 'magic' it was never accurate to apply that to all forms of it. It was like Nox was testing the professor.
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