Video Games made me do it!!

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Video Games made me do it!

This story is fake

Although CNN got trolled with this story, you've heard it before. Not just with video games, but also with music, movies, TV and just about everything else in the world.

So my question is. How did we become so unaccountable for our actions? Why do people blame video games and media for terrible things that happen in the world?

Do you think video games really have the power to influence people to do bad things?


No, I think it can only influence the easily decieved.


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I think they can have an influence on you, yes. How often are we inspired by things we see? It can be both good and bad inspiration!

HOWEVER, these influences don't MAKE you do anything. It's you own damned fault if you go out there and do something stupid. Whether it be because your parents didn't teach you the difference between right and wrong, because you were uneducated in general, or because you're just a big huge stupid dick face.


I agree with Danana-chan!

Video games can give you inspiration, but how you handle it, if you the stuff on the screen become your reality~ then that's your loss...


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It's do you say it? Video games reflect real life and then video games can often bounce back and have an impact on real life.
Do these same people who seem to make a living off of condemning the video gaming-industry(Al Gore's wife-durrdurr) also condemn the type of army/navy/marine commercials you have on american television? That shit looks just like in the video games, LOL!


Video games are still perceived as toys for children, hence a lot of mature games get slammed by the media. They think the interactive nature of video games makes the player believe they're in a real world.

One of their favourites to pick on is gta. "Look at GTA 4!" they say. "It lets you murder cops and slaughter myriads of people without consequence!"
Now, I don't know about you, but when I play gta 4, the last thing going through my head is "yeah, I could do this in real life." Especially when 80% of my police chases end in death. I get shot at for reckless driving for god's sake!

And on the outcry of the sex scenes in mass effect. They were much less explicit than the sex scenes in the Notebook. Thats a PG rated movie here in Australia, meaning a minor can watch it. Yet because it was in a video game, everyone went ape-shit over it. Rather odd, when you look at heavy rain, there is a naked sex scene put there exclusively to get off on it seems. Then it also has a sex scene that's more explicit than the one in Mass Effect, then it has an attempted rape scene, and a scene where a woman is forced to undress. Yet no one gave shit.

Now personally, I believe video games should have the same freedom as movies do. We should have sex and violence. We should have mature themes such as racism, abuse, and other things.

But anyway, I've gotten sidetracked. Video games do not influence you to do stuff. The only time I've ever had the urge to be violent was when I played Dragon Age 2, and wanted to murder Bioware.