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    Two questions for my fellow gamers!

    1. What's the most recent video game you've played?

    2. Let's say you find yourself in said video game's universe. How screwed are you?

    GO! :D

    *points to banner* That's the game I've played recently. I'd say I'm pretty damn screwed.
  2. Red Dead Redemption, so I'm not too bad off
  3. Skyrim, I really kick ass.
  4. Diablo 3.
    Screwed? Nah

    Stay a while and listen!

  5. Mw3. And if the same players that play online go against me. I'm definitely screwed. If it's bots, I'm good.
  6. Funny, I am on Street Fighter x Tekken right now.

    Screwed? Not at all.

    I also have it on Xbox 360 along with gears 3! =D

    (Xbox 360 rules!)
  7. Pokemon!

    Holyshiznit I would pwn if I was in the Pokemon world! >:D

  8. League of Legends. So many yordles to kill. Not enough places to store their corpses.

    And if I was in LoL? I'd be a summoner, one of the highest regarded professions in the world. I'd be doing pretty damn good for myself.
  9. Oh I didn't know LoL counted!
    In that case, I have played that recently.
    X_X Yeah, let's say I am dead meat
  10. Mass Effect 1

    As for screwed, only if I was put on a planet with the techno zombies...otherwise I'd be super safe~
  11. [​IMG]

    Not too screwed! I think I can punch a demon thingy in the face hard enough for lightning to go "splort!" all over.
  12. TF2

    A lot of people will be gluing themselves back together... IN HELL!

    Edited for effect.
  13. Mass Effect 3. Depends on where I'm at, I guess, but if we're going with Earth... Mmm. Screwed. Yup.
  14. [​IMG]
    *Dons hipster glasses*

    Let's see... I need a strategic mind, a strong tool-wielding arm, and enough courage to batter the living daylights out of hordes of clockwork machines. While lso maintaining structures such as gates and turrets.
    Dead as a bloody doornail.
  15. Lets see, the last game I played recently was Skyrim. If I wound up there I'd give myself an 85% survival rate. The other 15% would be that I'd die horribly.
  16. You might have to take those hipster glasses, I think I may have had Lock's Quest longer.

    Last game I played was Kirby's Adventure. There's nothing that dangerous in Dreamland, but I don't know if I would be cute enough to get by. Maybe I could try to pass myself off as Bonkers.
  17. Hmm....haven't played many video games in a while. For about a minute, I played VTMB until I died almost immediately due to some russian bastards. Before we lost the ps3, I played Assassin's Creed Revelations, trying to get 100% synchronization.

    Screwed? Not if I was hanging out with Yusuf Tazim and had a kick-ass hookblade!
  18. 256px-Soulstorm_Coverart.jpg

    I do not think I have any chance to survive in that universe. In fact, I think my alternate version that lived in the Warhammer 40000 universe has already suffered a miserable death.
  19. I've been hitting Tribes Ascend pretty hard lately, for those who aren't firmiliar withg the game its an online team based shooter where you fly around with jet packs over giant levels at 200 MPH trying to steak eachother's flags/capture bases/blow the other team up with various explosive projectiles. Totally recommend it for anyone, as its similar to team fortress in that there is a class for every level of player. There is a learning cuver, but once you get used to skiing its alot of fun. The game is now using a free play system with vanity purchases available similar to what league of legends has been using so you dont even need to drop 50 bucks to pick it up. If any of you do decide to play, let me know your in game name and I'll friend you.

    In this universe, I'd say I'm pretty toasted since in general I dont have the most agile. With a jet pack I'd say it wouldn't be lond before I burried self face first into the side of a mountain leaving a smoking crater for all my fellow tribesmen to see.