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  1. I love RPGs like Final Fantsy, and shooter games such as Halo And Call of Duty I play on the Xbox 360. thats a bit about what i like how about yall?
  2. Mine are all RPG based! :D I love a good MMORPG and will even spend money on it if I can. I love facebook games too, sadly I'm addicted to Farmville, and Chefville the most. I also have been stuck on emulator games for super nintendo! I think that's about all my laptop can handle! <3
  3. i agree RPGs are truly one of the best type of games merely for the fact that they are so detailed with caratecter devolmet as well as story develoment and the game worlds are so emense that it is easy to get lost in just the side storys
  4. I used to be huge into games, especially MMORPGs. Probably what kept me more sane during my high school years. Played AC, AC2, Nexus TK, Anarchy Online, WoW, EverQuest, EverQuest 2, and a handful of others.

    Console-wise, I stopped at the N64 and Playstation (original). Console games never really attracted me after those two. I really enjoy watching others play however. The last console game I actually played was on my ex's PS2 which was Bioshock 2. (And that was also the only PS2 game I've played). Usually enjoyed RPGs the most for consoles.

    Not a huge fan of FPS unless it's on the computer, but I started to develop stress and anxiety from playing them -- especially Call of Duty, Battlefield, etc. Deus Ex was the last FPS I remember playing that I was totally addicted to that didn't stress me out or give me anxiety. Puzzle games I sometimes enjoy. And turn-based strategy I enjoy as well (Final Fantasy Tactics for the Playstation 1 is a prime example). RTS is another one I enjoy (Atlantica Online, StarCraft series).

    Lately, I've been so out of it though. I really haven't played any games seriously since about the end of 2010 when my ex and I broke up. Only MineCraft in spurts. No game seems to really hold my attention anymore, haha.

    Just kidding. I like many kinds of games, from my kitschy little Harvest Moon addiction to one of my all-time favorites, the Mass Effect series.
    I also adore Borderlands 1 & 2, older Final Fantasy games, Hitman...
  6. I likes games with a good story behind them, and characters I can become invested in. Any kind of game can be fun if they have that. FPS, RPG, it doesn't matter. If you can make me care about the characters and what they're going through, I'll enjoy it.

    I don't really like MMOs for this reason. The worlds are immense and detailed, and yeah, multiplayer can be fun, but there's nothing really in them to make you invested in the storyline. Especially in the beginning. I have yet to be able to barrel my way through the beginning shit quests in any MMO. Maybe I'm playing all the wrong ones.

    I also have a soft spot in my video game heart for having nintendo characters beat each other up. SSBM is my favourite nintendo game. Ever.
  7. I love farming games. I guess it's because I want to live in the countryside someday? City's not what hits the heart for me, even though I've been born and raised here. XD So I play online stuff like the Farm Frenzy series, but mainly I play the Harvest Moon series on the DS. I have the normal Harvest Moon, Harvest Moon Cute, and Harvest Moon Tale of Two Towns. Tale of Two Towns is the one I play the most out of all of them (I rarely play it now though). I'm a few years in, but not too far in the game (just got married some months ago in game). I nearly beat Harvest Moon Cute, but then my niece lost the game after I let her borrow it. TT_TT And as for the original plain HM, I never got too far. XD I just keep the game for sentimental reasons.

    I also love time-management games. Like the Diner Dash series or Sally's Spa or other stuffs.

    And there's one RPG game I LOVE called "Eternal Sonata" but I gave it away. ;_; I regret that now, but what could I do? I no longer have a PS3 to play it on, so I just gave it away reluctantly. *sniff*. It's about Chopin (the composer) who basically lives an adventure in his dreams on his death bed (in the game, it said "before people die, they have a really good dream). In Chopin's dream, there was a girl named Polka who had an incurable illness and would most definitely die and basically, his dream is about the adventures of himself, Polka, and several other people who try to help Polka and the land they live in (magic is bad or something 'cause only incurable sick people have it and everyone thinks it's contagious, but it's not). I only got into a LITTLE BIT of the game before I had to give it away. I'd gladly rebuy this old game anytime though, if only I had a console to play it on.

    OH! And I like Final Fantasy 7: Crisis Core on the PSP. But I don't have the game OR a PSP anymore, so it's not like I can play it. >_> Ooh, I also liked playing Gods Burst Eater, but I never got really far. :3
  8. Depends on the game for me. I like mostly old school games, NES and SNES era, despite I own newer consoles. I like JRPGS, but I am picky on them. Phantasy Star IV is still my favourite of them all.
  9. I'm a huge game addict, I mostly play RPG's and action adventure type games but also puzzle and simulation as well, I have never like FPS or Hack n slash though and I have tried MMO games but I have never really found an interest in them although they are immensly planned out and detailed. I have always thought AC and Uncharted is just bloody shooting games but when I actually took the time to watch some trailers and reviews when I learned about Golden Abyss was for the Vita I started playing through Assassin's Creed and Uncharted and now I want more of those as I'm now replaying them:D Other series is Fable, Legend of Zelda (my favorites being A Link to the past & Skyward Sword), Persona (2,3,4 G), the Journey, Civilization, Sid Meier's Pirates, Syberia, Final Fantasy XIII, Eternal Sonata, Shadow of the Colossus, Broken Sword, Tales of Vesperia and Abyss, Burnout, the Longest Journey and Dreamfall and that is just a few of my favorite games. I have saved a lot of money to buy a Xbox 360 and Nintendo consoles and while I am not a rabid Nintendo fan I have always refused to buy a PS until this spring when I finally gave in and bought a PS3 thanks to Assassin's Creed and Uncharted.
  10. My favourite genre from video games is Real Time Strategy, as in the genre where one can build their base in real time, assemble one's army in real time and fight battles in real time. Recently, I also have started to gravitate a bit towards Turn Based Strategy games, but Real Time Strategy will always remain my favourite. There is nothing quite like seeing an army getting made in front of one's eyes, then using that army to turn their enemies into dust. It is also the most exciting genre for me, because it demands constant attention, constant thinking and constant micromanagement along with a steady stream of strategical or tactical decisions that the player has to make. True, it might be easy to get lost in a Real Time Strategy game, but the experience is much better for it.
  11. Whatever genre is considered old-ass games from the 90's.
  12. Doom (and games based on its engine, like Hexen and Strife), because everything's becoming too tacticool. Seriously. When was the last time we got a fantasy FPS that was a pure shooter?

    I'm also into team-based FPS like Battlefield and Team Fortress 2, because people need to fucking work together and get shit done, not sit around and be cool with a rifle, or romp around thinking they're a force of nature.

    Among strategy games, I like those that aren't for morons, like Homeworld (how do I 3D movement) and Company of Heroes (Fuck your machine guns, Imma tank, and I got my front facing you). Though I'd still play stuff like Dawn of War, Total Annihilation, Super Robot Wars, and R-Type Tactics. The potential for epic battles is why I like (and take inspiration from) strategy games, whether real-time or turn-based.
  13. BlazBlue.




    Nah, I have other favorites. To this day, I still play Pokemon games. Many people moan and groan that "all the new Pokemon suck," and "WTF ICECREAMCONE!?" But lemme tell you, when you get an abomination like Muk or the creepy Jynx in Gen 1, there's not much room to complain. Sure, some new Pokemon suck. But, guess what? There are dozens more that are friggin' awesome!

    I also play the Legend of Zelda (another favorite) and even preordered Skyward Sword. I still love the games to death, though the DS ones are a bit iffy....

    Final Fantasy, of course, and I am currently playing Crisis Core (GODDAMN I NEED TO BREAK THE DAMAGE LIMIT). I also love Dissidia: Duodecim, which is the Final Fantasy equivalent of Super Smash Bros., but is fought 1 on 1 and on a 3D map.

    I am not too fond of FPSes, really, and the only two I have ever played are Perfect Dark for the N64 and Team Fortress 2, which isn't exactly a shooter.

    Now. To BlazBlue. Complex, yet amazing story, awesome characters, mindfuckery to the extreme, and a lot of hilarious moments, especially in the gag reels. BlazBlue is a fighting game and the spiritual successor of the Guilty Gear series, which is yet another awesome series to play. Many people who play fighters are turned off by the anime-esque style, but I thoroughly enjoy it. For those of you looking for a new fighter game to play, give BlazBlue a shot. I don't think you'll regret it.
  14. RPGS. Shooters. RPG SHOOTERS. Some puzzley-type games. Uhh.. Other things..

    The elements that make favorites for me are customization, co-op, excessive gore and violence, and dark themes.
  15. Hmm splinter cell god of war heavy rain bio shock devil may cry the darkness prince of Persia assassins creed call of duty halo medal of honor darksiders dishonored so great games I'm gonna stop now
  16. I generally enjoy shooters and Western RPG's, such as Mass Effect, Fallout, or The Elder Scrolls.