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Video Game songs of old

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Fijoli, Mar 10, 2014.

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  1. So we have all played our fair share of video games, Go crazy, Find all those old 8-bit loops you'd leave on the old TV set whilst doing other things. Those intensely orchestrated tracks that have inspired, defined, or stayed with you through the years. Share with Iwaku Those Video game tracks you'll not be quick to forget.

    The first track I have to bring to the table is the title theme from ecco the dolphin - tides of time. Often days were spent as a young Fijoli drawing with this track just repeating over and over and today has inspired many drawings, stories, and characters.

  2. I shall make this quick since I have to go soon.

    As I am a person born after the "classic gaming" generation I've yet to delve all the way into the soundtracks, but here's one for now XS

    Ninja gaiden act 4-2 o-o I found this one particularly catchy for some reason I can't yet explain:

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  3. And you call yourself oldschool. *snerk*
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  4. When I think of video game music, my mind always drifts back to the SNES for those times when I was young and the music too great for words. You just knew that something awesome was about to happen. I think I'll share a few of my classic favorites, the ones that still give me chills to this very day, that conjure up images of amazing battles and adventures across time itself...

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  5. I listen to this when I feel down, it really helps!

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  6. This song probably defined my childhood aswell and boy did this game ever piss me off it was so hard...and there were ENDLESS WAYS TO READ YOUR DEATH. no wonder I am a horror junkie, in retrospect, its all starting to make sense...~looks around Iwaku~ this has been happened too often here for me .

  7. I love video game music old school and new. I also like new music redone to sound like old school and old music revamped into a newer style. Then there's this stuff, awesome old music redone in the style of old video game music:

    Oh... uh... here's an actual video game tune:

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  8. Whoops. Linked the wrong Sanxion theme.


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  9. This thread needs more love!

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    Fijoli's favorite FF Villain

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  11. Aww yeah, Kefka up in the house! He and Garland are up there on my list of favorite FF villains. Sephiroth is okay... except he's an exact carbon copy of Kefka.

    Here's some more classics. I've been going through the list of games I've played on the SNES, and as you can tell, I have great taste. ;D

    And a bonus...
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  12. This just speaks for itself

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  13. What a horrible night to have a curse.

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  14. A song I'll never Ever forget


    Zelda's Sanctuary theme from Link to the past​
  15. This HAD to be my least favorite level but there was no denying this music was awesome. Sonic games had pretty boss music xD

    This one is even less favorable than the above, but I still remember >..< *shivers*

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  16. Oh I am ALL up in this. Also how old is old? I have some PSX tracks in this list.

    Lufia II - Boss Battle

    Chrono Trigger - Frog's Theme (this still gives me chills like two decades later)

    Chrono Cross - Voyage ~ Another World

    Final Fantasy VIII - Fisherman's Horizon

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  17. I think I can add a few good songs to this mix. :3c

    I'm not entirely sure how many people actually know about Okage, but it was pretty good for a launch title RPG for the PS2.

    When in doubt and you need a little more heat in your blood, giant robots usually work pretty well. XDc

    If anyone ever tells you the Gamecube can't pack any power and that its games had no substance, please direct them to Tales of Symphonia. This song does all the talking on that behalf, that's for sure. B)

    Another really good game that kinda flew under the radar. If you're ever in the mood for a game with tight controls, great graphics, an awesome soundtrack, and having everything you do narrated by the best narrator who ever narrated, then give this game a shot.

    And we have this little gem right here. Harvest Moon 64 was a treat and probably the most solid entry in the series with its simple to grasp, hard to master gameplay, the myriad of secrets hidden throughout, and just seeing how much you could squeeze into each year. I still come back to this game, even nowadays. ^_^
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  18. This thread is officially boss *.*
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