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  1. I have been looking for some more video game orientated partners for a while now. So far I have found the most enjoyment out of these kinds of rp's so I'm hoping to find some like minded partners.

    Fire Emblem: This is the series I'm most comfortable roleplaying in. I have done at least one roleplay with each Fire Emblem game and they have all been a huge success. I played every game in the series.
    Kid Icarus: This is probably the setting I would want to use most for my rp. Its just so much fun! If anyone is bored from all the dark and grittiness I'd welcome them to try out something truly lighthearted and fun with me.
    Disgaea: Pretty much the same as Kid Icarus. Wacky over the top fun but centered around demons rather then Angels.
    Mario: I'd love to have an rp set around Bowser and his children.
    Zelda : I have played all post OOT Zelda's but my preference goes to an rp set in the era of the Wind Waker.
    Anything Nintendo related is sure to get my approval
    Samurai warriors/warriors Orochi
    The tales series: I have played Symphonia, Abyss and Vesperia. My main tales idea's are something set during the old Kharlan war of Symphonia or something that focuses on kid pope Ion and either Anise or Luke.
    Bayonetta: We could roleplay the clan wars that takes place before the game. Demon summoning witches battling against Angel summoning priests in a completely over the top world.
  2. I'm interested in Zelda! :D
  3. Cool! I'l pm you.
  4. I've only played awakening when it comes to Fire Emblem, and I've never done an RP with it before, But I'd love to try!
  5. Nice! I'l send a pm.
  6. Zelda? Yes. Absolutely yes.(If you're willing to do another one, that is).
  7. That's certainly negotiable. I'l pm you.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.