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  1. I was thinking maybe to start some sort of RP with characters from popular video games, like Link, Kirby, Mario, etc etc.
    I'm not sure what the plot would be about but it seems like a cool idea to me.
    If anybody is interested I'll gladly start one up if we could think of a plot and stuff.

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  2. I'd be interested!
  3. Yay somebody is interested!
    I still need to think of a plot though.... I'd be willing to take any ideas if you have any
  4. I'll try and think of some!
  5. Okay I got an idea. They're all taken to some arena outside of their own games and they have to fight each other. Of course they revive themselves if they die too.
  6. I'd do that!
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  7. So... super smash bros rp~? somesort??
  8. Yeah, pretty much
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  9. Then I'm in then~
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  10. dibs on Jin Kazama n.n but im in
  11. Cool, another person haha
    I think I would want to either be dark pit or link haha
  12. Im in! Is it only nintendo characters, or is it any ones we want?
  13. It can be any
  14. Ok, cool! I'm definitely in!
  15. Alright. Maybe just a couple more people and I'll get the OOC and signups thread up.
  16. Steve from minecraft would be... interesting~!
  17. Idea from someone else:

    "some evil organization watching the characters beat each other up for their entertainment and between rounds characters have to fight monsters to gain some sort of health items to revitalise them for their next match, or money to buy upgrades or helpful items for during the matches. That way they would never get a moment of rest, unless they win, and their spirits will be crushed soon.

    Of course these monsters wouldn't be the ones from the character's universe, cause that'd be too easy for them. But as time goes on, and the arenas keep changing maybe parts of the walls get destroyed during fights and they find some secrets hidden away, kinda like the ratman from portal, so they start helping each other out while still fighting each other and then they find a way out and then the real fight starts. The fight for their freedom."
  18. if we can claim two characters,jin kazama from tekken and Kaihime from Sengoku Musou
  19. [​IMG]
    If this starts up, I'm playing as a certain Sunbro.
  20. Count me in. Either Dante or Date Masamune for me.
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