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The official Iwaku videogames thread. No one's created one of these, yet? Guess it's probably it's more fun to play games than talk about them... Huh.

So, Halo, Final Fantasy, Legend of Zelda, Gears of War, Need For Speed, and so many more. This thread is for you videogame lovers out there to have the biggest geek talks of your life here.

First off, I'm gonna post one of the latest episodes of Bleep Bloop here... featuring FFXIII. Enjoy.

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And then we can get started with our first topic - your favorite video game.

Gee, that's easy. <_< Mine's probably Halo, hands down. I've been playing it for half of my life, but I stopped playing after Halo 3, waiting for the fourth installment to come out before cashing in one of these expensive things (not gonna buy the spin-offs, no thanks). I guess it's probably because FPS is the genre of game I'm most experienced at... and that's not saying much. :P

So, what about you, folks? The nerd talk starts here.
Well now it became a tie between three games since two weeks ago on saturday *if you live in the US*

My tie is between Legend of zelda Ocarina of time, Super Mario RPG legend of the seven stars, and Okami *wii version*

I have been playing video games pretty much all of my life time now *yeah every day if I get the chance* and well this is my results of the best video games ever *well in my opinion you all may say other wise*.

Well halo is an alright game but for me it isn't something that I would rave over. *no insults intended*
FFVI, Snes emulator on my PC.

So awesome...and, perhaps more importantly, so many bugs.

So little time.
Castlevania all up in dis bitch he'ah!

Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy have always been my favorite RPG games, although I've played countless others. Shinning force for the old school sega is pretty BA too.

I think the game I've put the most consecutive hours on is street Fighter Alpha 2 for PS1. We would play that game for hours and hours. I have faith in the fact that I'm nearly unbeatable with Ryu and Unbeatable with Akuma.
Dude, If we ever meet. It's ON!

This thread reminds me I Need to DL some emulators......
And the best games ever are:

The Football Manager-series, GTA: Vice City, GTA: San Andreas, GTA IV, GTA Chinatown Wars, NBA Live-Series(Probably NBA 2k from now on) and...yeah, I think thats it.

*walks out with middle-fingers raised at the angry nerd-crowd*

Suck my sports-balls!

No, but yeah, thats my list.
Yea, how could I forget about Madden and GTA?
[nomedia=""]YouTube- Gears of War 3 Trailer - Ashes to Ashes[/nomedia]

I'll just... leave this here...


(Oh, and Half-Life 2. GORDON IS KING!)
The song's called Heron Blue, by Sun Kil Moon.

And I'm suddenly looking forward to April of next year.

I'd hold Half-Life up there as probably my favourite game series of all time. Hell, I like all things Valve, but there's something particularly special about Half-Life.

It'd be nice if they, y'know, released Episode 3 some time, though.

Also, Bioware makes the best RPGs out there on the market right now. Fuck your JRPG bollocks; I'll have me some Mass Effect and some Dragon Age, thank you.
S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and Killzone are on the top of my FPS list.

Fuck your Halo...
Oh, hell yes. S.T.A.L.K.E.R.'s easily a better game than Halo.

'Cos, y'know, originality is always good.
I have no favorite single games. More like various series. Like Metroid.

Also: Pic semi-related to gaming.

Half-Life is the greatest FPS of all time. Pfft @ all of your Halos and Stalkers!

Excuse me, but...

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Yeah, he can survive Combine but surviving in the Zone...

No chance in hell...
My favorite game's so underground you've probably never even heard of it.


Maybe you have, I don't know. Anyway, best game using the Build engine. That's right, this baby has slanted surfaces and room-over-room technology. And sprites? Bitch, it got VOXELS. Also grenade spamming enemies before it was cool.

"I think I'll donate some blood. Someone ... else's."
S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and Killzone are on the top of my FPS list.

Seiji, you never discovered Dr. Freeman's corpse in Shadow of Chernobyl did you.

you dissapoint me sir.

that said, I wont say no to a good game of Original DOOM.

"hurt me plenty motherfucker, i have enough ammo for all of you"