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    But what is the best game song you have ever heard? Maybe your a Sephiroph kind of fanatic who loves the theme? Maybe you're on the tinges of Sci-Fi and enjoy Homeworld? Or maybe you're an old schooler like Sonic!

    What is your favorite video game song/theme?

    POST EM, IWAWA. <3

    Ili song. *nods*

  2. I have WAY too many favorites.. ._____.''''

    here is one that popped up in my mind just now!~ It's not my ultimate favorite. D: I can't decide. I'm made of music. So. Not picking only one. :3



  3. So fucking boss.

  4. I have to CHOOSE? Bah, nuts to that! I will show you my appreciation for multiple tracks and games.

    >Play song
    >Feel heroic

    Brb slaying a god.

    "Kill me."

    "Doctor! Are you sure this will work?!"
    "Haha, I have no idea!"

    "So... Everything was leading to this... Right...
    Wright... Wright...

  5. I've always been a fan of the Chrono Cross soundtrack (among many others lol). My favorite is Radical Dreamers in the original Japanese. Its beautiful, almost haunting, melody calms the mind. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do! ^_^

  6. Not my favourite persay, but I would always sing along to it when I was younger!

  7. [video=youtube;z2Nr8na3pf4][/video]


  8. I have always loved Frank Klepacki's music, but I believe that Hell March is one of his biggest masterpieces. Observe:

    I just love the feeling it gives, it really is like if a whole army marched by your front door. Hell March 2 is also good, but for me, nothing beats the original work of Frank Klepacki. I also would recommend checking out the Universe At War: Earth Assault soundtrack by him, which is equally amazing, but I can not choose a favourite from that one, so it will have to be left out.

    Second place goes to the Homeworld and the Nexus: The Jupiter Incident soundtrack, which both have an incredible atmosphere:

    And third place goes to the Conquest: Frontier Wars series because the Terran game music is just the best music to write battles to:
  9. [video=youtube;TWVST7P37IM][/video]

    Just for a couple.
    Final Fantasy and Fire Emblem have always had AMAZING soundtracks.
  10. Here's a couple of my favorites. All of which are from Xenosaga by the way.






  11. Okay. My iPod is NOTHING but video game music. So I have DOZENS of favorites. So, you can assume anything Pokemon, Zelda, Final Fantasy, Fire Emblem and Touhou related. However, recently I've been loving some Blazblue. Here are a couple.

    Ragna the Bloodedge - Rebellion (open)
    Ragna the Bloodedge - Rebellion (open)

    V-13/Lambda-11 - Awakening the Chaos (open)
    V-13/Lambda-11 - Awakening the Chaos (open)

    Tsubaki Yayoi - Condemnation Wings (open)
    Tsubaki Yayoi - Condemnation Wings (open)

    Valkenhayn R. Hellsing - Howling Moon (open)
    Valkenhayn R. Hellsing - Howling Moon (open)

    Ragna VS Jin - Under Heaven Destruction (open)
    Ragna VS Jin - Under Heaven Destruction (open)

    And last but not least, the theme song of the greatest man to ever live! A hero amongst heroes.... BANG SHISHIGAMI!!!

  12. Zone of The Enders: Beyond The Bounds has always stuck out in my mind.


    Okami had one of the greatest musical scores I've ever heard. Damn near every song in the game is beautiful.


    Who doesn't know the iconic Legend of Zelda music? Of all of the games and all of the songs it's Ancient Hero that takes my spot as favorite Zelda song.

  13. I shall share one :3 is hooked with What a Beautiful... series by Liar-soft for a while now. Their soundtracks are just...awesome-ow! X3

    A reason for you to like middle-east music~

  14. Castlevania, enough said. I could have been cliched with good o'l Bloody Tears or Vampire Killer but guessing those are played out so this one is another favorite of mine.


    Chrono Trigger, Cross has some nice music and all but the original will always be the best.. :P

    Tales of series has awesome soundtracks usually, very hard to choose particular ones to show off. Like this one since the 3DS version came out recently. Very awesome and fitting for a such a fight.
  15. Fuck yeah, Frank Klepacki.

    Personally, one of my favorites of his is Heroism.

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  17. I got some favorites, that's for sure.

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  18. Allow me first to explain a little about myself. I have a very strong ability to put myself in the shoes of the character(s). When I play games that particulary appeal to me, I hurt and love along with the characters. I like to think I have a wonderful imagination so when I connect with these characters it really feels like I am the character and not just the person with the controller.

    "Dearly Beloved" is probably my favorite song when it comes to video game music. It's the menu song for most, if not all, of the Kingdom Hearts games. My favorite version is KHII. I have a 20 minute extended version of the song that I love to listen to while writing a sad roleplay reply or when I'm having trouble sleeping. It's a soothing tune for when my mind is trying to shut down for sleep. But when I'm awake, the song makes my heart ache. Yes, Kingdom Hearts is aimed at kids but the story, if you have ever gotten through at least one game, is incredibly sad. It may not be as dark as some of the other games aimed at older players but a tale about children thrust into a whirlwind of loss, struggle, and sacrifice has certainly earned the top spot in my heart. Dearly Beloved reflects the complex map of emotions that I've experienced from playing three of the Kingdom Hearts games. The soft tempo reminds me of all of the sad parts, the uplift of the chords and the addition of instruments makes my heart flutter and I picture the tough battles those heroes had to fight. While listening to the song, I find myself at times smiling and at other times holding back tears.

    I also have the OST for Final Fantasy X-2. I absolutely love the music from that game, especially songs like "Yuna's Ballad", the theme for Besaid, and the two different versions of "Eternity". I'm a bit of a softie when it comes to sad stories so Yuna's concert on the Thunder Plains made me cry. I think from the time I actually got to that point in the game I could never skip "1000 Words" on my iPod.

    Lastly I want to mention DJ Ephixa and his/her dubstep remixes of classic Legend of Zelda songs. I think those are pretty cool.