Video Game Magical Girls (Title Pending)

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  1. The 21st century.

    An era of technological advances that benefits all aspects of life, from medicine and transportation to fashion and luxury. One realm technology has extremely benefited is the world of video games. Millions of games have been developed since before the turn of the century but new technology has given rise to different platforms, mediums, and possibilities. If one has the drive and the degree, one can create an imaginative realm where anything can happen.

    Although riddled with controversies about promoting violence, unhealthy lifestyles, and sexism, video games do not pose a deadly threat to humanity.

    However in the booming metropolis of Yamashima, there have been reports of strange attacks that leave properties in shambles and victims suffering from a variety of injuries including gunshot wounds, electrocution, and all degrees of burns. Although each attack is different from the last, at least one victim from each report claims that they have seen the attacker before; in a video game.

    The Internet is abuzz with theories, the Yamashima police have no idea where to begin their investigation and the city government are failing to keep it’s citizens calm. Such a chaotic time calls for heroes, five to be exact. And they will rise to save their city, whether they want to or not…

    This is a roleplay I've been wanting to do for ages. It's a group rp that makes fun of video games and magical girl tropes. I've also already set up in the Modern Fantasy forums. Just wanted to see if anyone was interested :P

    I should eventually make a banner.... Maybe. *shrugs*

    Accepting only Intermediate to Adept roleplayers!
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  2. color me intrigued.
  3. Ha!
    I don't have too much time right now, but in a little while I'll definitely check out the OOC.
  4. Aw you found it for me! Thanks~
  5. I like magical girls, so I'll look at things at least.
  6. Cool, thanks for the interest!
  7. You're welcome. I'm not sure if I can fit a character to the theme, but I'll think about it a bit and if I get an idea, I'll toss one up. I might do something like borrow the FPS genre and slant it into STGs or something. Well, or something thematic will hit for RPGs.
  8. Again, character creation is open to ideas. It doesn't need to stick to those specific genres. They were just the ones I thought would be encompass most genres in video games. But yeah, if you wanna lean more towards STGs you can totally have the Gunslinger.
  9. I won't lay any claim to them now. If someone else beats me to it, that's just how it goes.
  10. Count me in.
  11. I'll be waiting for your character sheet(s)! :D
  12. Also a quick note: I am accepting intermediate to adept role players. Will also add the note to my first post.
  13. I'm interested!

    Was thinking of filling out the Fighter role. I'll have a CS by the end of tonight.

    Edit: Do all of our characters have to be female? I know, the whole 'magical girl' shtick, but I usually write for male characters cause that's what I'm used to drafting. What if we had one dude in the mix, just to variate?
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  14. We already have a potential character who is a guy cross dressing as a chick so I'm down with having males in the group toom let's us have female love interests so go for it!!
  15. Heh, I'd be willing to join!
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