Video Game Franchises

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I decided to go with a simpler topic this time, one we can all put an opinion on!

What is your favourite video game franchise? Not video game, but the series itself. Mario, Contra, Metroid, Metal Gear, Final Fantasy, Sonic, Castlevania...

And why, of course. <3
Ninja Gaiden

Even the 3d games are pure awesome. But only those made by Itagaki.

Aside from the many great 2D titles, now that I've beaten Lords of Shadow I can DEFINITELY say that there is a GREAT 3D Castlevania.
Golden Sun trilogy
Why well just because I think it's one of the best RPG games out
Metal Gear took what Tenchu started (stealth games) and improved on it. Assassin's Creed went even further, but their stealthing isn't the conventional version of Metal Gear.
Samurai Warriors.

Always been a fun series for me and I love the characters. Also a game I love to play on multi-player. For some reason, I never lose at this game when I compete with others. to win.

However, I also love Fallout and Half-Life... Hm. D:
there are three that i cannot decide between

the Mass effect sereis. It has an amzingly epic story

The elder scrolls series, again awsome storyline

Fallout series. same as above
I'm torn between Soul Calibur and Bloody Roar

I like the story and characters of Soul Calibur a lot
but I also like the beast forms in Bloody Roar
and I like fighting games
can't rule out Blaz Blue or Guilty Gear either

so many choices
Can't narrow this down to one...

Zelda, for all those great puzzles, the sidequests, the music and the boss battles. Story can be interesting as well but man it's difficult trying to figure out the order of the games.

Metroid, love the exploration elements and the scanning in the Prime series. Also can be very challenging and it's fun to do things like speed runs. Influenced quite a lot of games that I like as well with that style. Castlevania's Metroidvanias, Shadow Complex was inspired by it, even one of the GBA Kirby games was done in a similar style.

Pokemon. Sure the plot is usually lame but better than suffering long cut-scenes new FFs suffer from at least. :P The gameplay is simple and rather unchanged, that works out in it's favor. But yeah, it still remains addictive because the formula is sound and since they added online trading/battling. Online battling is actually rather complex and can have mind games.. :P That's probably the best part, had some epic battles online. New games still are fun and have quite a bit of replay value.

Mass Effect definitely is up there, soundtrack deserves a mention for one of it's reasons of being great too. I have the OST for the second game.

Final Fantasy would qualify this if only it's new games were as good as the older ones.. :P Had some good spin offs too.
I've always been a Final Fantasy fan, it's definitively the classic J-RPG and I never get tired of the stories. Level grinding has always been far too easy, but when you're enmeshed in the plot you kind of have to, so that's a draw back, but the bosses are (usually) interesting and you're always sad that the game ended (even if it's just because you expected better)

Soul Caliber is one of my erm... I'm not sure how to express how much I like Taki's boobs these games without sounding erotic.

I will also always and forever be a fan of the Rock Band series, they're always coming out with new songs and every disc is actually an improvement. Fuck guitar hero.
For me, it's been Metal Gear.

Solid Snake is hands down the most badass video game character of all kind. The story has been amazing, especially once becoming the "Solid" series, and there has been solid (herp derp) tear jerker moments in every game. Gameplay wise, it's probably been one of the funnest games I've ever played.
Hm, let's see. I'd have to say either...

The Legend of Zelda, always. While it's always the same "overcome dungeons and save the princess", each has its own special story to add to the greater world of The Legend of Zelda.

Pokemon will always be a favorite, I simply grew up on it, and it's familiar. ...Although Black and White will be a true test of my resolve... -.-

The Sonic the Hedgehog games are also good (I am currently playing Sonic Adventure 2 Battle 9I never beat it)). The music in the Sonic games have always been simply superb, whether or not the game itself was decent (I'm looking at you, Sonic and the Black Night -.-). The main story itself, at least, Shadow's Story, always seemed intriguing, and you sort of actually have to feel bad for the poor fella...
One game franchise that I can say I've followed closely is Ace Combat. For something that tried to be a jet fighter sim, it's blatantly arcadey, and I'm glad it's still that way to this day. And if anyone of you try to say that Ace Combat 5 had the best plot, allow me to slap AC3 in your face.

Another franchise I regard highly is Battlefield, and other games that used its battle ticket mechanic, like Star Wars Battlefront. Each game gives me the amount and the sort of epic I would look for in an FPS. Still hoping for that god damned 2142 campaign!
hell if I can say the ties between then yeah I would have more

I would have a tie between a few franchises actually. They would be Golden sun, Okami, Zelda, and Mario
Each has very good games and some really well done game play and storyline. If I have to rule it down to two it would be Golden sun and Okami both RPGs, well done storyline and game play
Okami was an wasome game now that I think about it. last good game for the PS2, I think I would put that above my previous three.
Has to be the KoTOR series, The only series i really felt did Star Wars any justice and showed you that there was a universe other than just a bunch of Jedi killing each other with Lightabers.
Dragon Warrior

Final Fantasy


Arc the lad

Shining force

Mostly old school rpgs. Street fighter is pretty badass too.