Video Game Bosses

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  1. You know 'em. You love 'em.

    The assholes who keep you from beating the game. The people that the fodder enemies try in vain to warn you about. That one that gets you stuck until you figure out how to beat it.

    What's your favorite Boss/Boss theme/Powers or weapons/ETC?

    What if YOU were a Video Game Boss?
  2. Motherfucker is just so fucking stylish when he beats your ass into the ground the first hundred or so times.
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  3. There is just one boss that will always remain a complete badass in my memory... And that is, of course, notorious molester and personified nightmare of many Silent Hill fans, the great Pyramid Head! :D
    I cosplayed as his female version last year at one anime convention and man, it was a total blast. One of my friends even agreed to cosplay as James Sunderland... And I chased him down the street with a great knife! :D
  4. Lady Yunalesca, you are one crazyass bitch.


    As for the question of "what if" I was a video game boss.... Well I guess I'd be my Iwaku persona: a shape-shifting god of destruction with the temperament of Pinkie Pie.
  5. One of the toughest games I've ever beat was Double Dragon 3. The end boss is one of the hardest. For RPGS it was probably Mother Brain from Phantasy star 2.

    Old school games have way tougher Boss enemies.
  6. The Arishok in Dragon Age II. Stupid horned freak was impossible to beat. I also have an absolutely undying hatred of the Cyberdemon from Doom.
    Come to think of it, I hate horned things in general. They always beat me.
  7. The Golden Diva from Warioland 4. I HATED HER OMFG SHE WAS A BITCH TO BEAT.
  8. I was only ten or eleven the first time I played Fable I -- and Jack of Blades kept kicking my pre-pubescent ass.
    My favourite boss fight is definitely The Lich King in World of Warcraft though -- everything is just done so beautifully and its a really wonderful conclusion to his story. The music is just... perfect. I don't even.
  9. Hardest video game boss to beat? Hmm. I'd have to say... Brawly the gym leader from pokemon Emerald. When I was very young I can remember being frustrated as heck trying to beat that guy. My favorite video game boss however, has to be Waluigi from that Mario dance party game. Cause Wally's smexy.

    If I was a video game boss, I'd be a bad-ass DC supervillain. Something with an artsy theme... I'd kick Batman's ass with poison paint splatters or something.
  10. I normally do not play action games which have boss fights, so I do not have too much experience facing them. However, one boss which frustrated me to no end because I just could not beat it, was FACE from an obscure game called Yume Nikki Gensou. But that is mainly because I am too lazy to memorise its patterns and dodge its attacks all the time.

    And what if I was a video game boss? That is actually an interesting question. I would fight mainly with the power of electricity and lightning, using strange inventions and clever traps. So I guess I would be a boss whose pattern you absolutely have to learn to defeat... Only that there would be no pattern at all.
  11. Cain from the Soul Reaver games. I loved the whole franchise.

    But straight villain?

    Fontaine from Bioshock. What a guy, Fontaine.
  12. A few others:
    -Dante's awesome in DMC4, even as a boss.

    -Alma pretty much embodies the Ninja Gaiden series; she's hard, she has huge metal boobs, and she causes massive property damage even when you finally fucking beat her. She also has one of the more iconic moments in the series (busting through a huge stained-glass window before her theme starts up and your ass-kicking begins).

    -And also Genshin, a badass ninja warlord who battles you on top of an erupting Mt. Fuji in Ninja Gaiden II.