Video-Game based roleplays~

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  1. Like it says, I'd like some video-game based roleplays~ I have a few ideas for some games, but if you have any other games/suggestions, feel free to tell me :D

    Here's a list of what I'd like to do:

    Halo RP- (This would take place before Reach) Two Spartans are out, testing some new gear in a new ship (pretty much like guinea pigs xD) Anyway, the idea is that these two are "rookies", so they aren't too good at what they're doing, despite being Spartans. Something in the ship goes wrong and they crash-land on a mysterious planet, one of the rings. Unfortunately, their communication gear has been destroyed, so they have no way of getting help. Much to their dismay, the Covenant spotted them and followed them onto the ring. The two are left on their own, trying to find a way to get off the ring.

    Fable RP- A young man sets off on an adventure to find Balverines (you can make up reasons for that, I was thinking he could be looking for Balverines to catch one and let people see him for money). Along the way, he meets a mysterious stranger (male or female) who decides to help him on his journey. As they spend more time together, he finds out that this stranger is one of the famed heroes of Albion.

    Fallout RP- I'm not too sure about this one. I was thinking, maybe, a Brotherhood of Steel member (or Brotherhood Outcast) helps a dweller when they're attacked by mutants. The two travel to a small settlement that seems nice, but really, there's a dark secret there (like their mayor is a creepy and religious-sort that makes sacrifices to the super mutants, or something like that)


    Anyway, those are my main three right now, I play other video games, but none that I have had rp ideas for. If you want to ask about another video-game-rp go ahead ^^ If you're interested in any of these three, PM me~