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  1. Games are awesome.

    I don't think it matters who you are or what you like, everybody likes a game of some sort. Whether it's board games, card games, tabletop gaming, video games [whether pc or console], talking games like 'I Spy' or 'Truth or Dare', beheading people to secure a spot in the Game of Thrones..


    Anyway, we all like games. I'm sure there's already been a PC vs Console thread on here, so I won't beat that old horse. I'm more of curious what your favorite games are in each category! Not just video games, you lovely nerds. I'm just looking for new game ideas and I'm also super curious/nosy so indulge me? :D

    I'll go first!

    My favorites are..

    Card: Cribbage
    Board: A tie between Scrabble and Settlers of Catan, with RoboRally in a close second
    Dice: Yahtzee
    PC: Worms xD Don't judge me..

    Console: Yoshi's Story
    RPG: I actually don't do tabletop gaming!
    Drinking: Battleshots
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  2. Card: uno
    Board: I hate board games >:(
    Dice: Warhammer40k
    PC: varies. Currently ARK: survival evolved, tales of maj'eyal.
    Console: varies, currently destiny
    Rpg: dark heresy and dungeons and dragons
    Drinking: would rather be smoking
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  3. Card: Marrying Mr. Darcy (or any of the munchkins)
    Board: Labyrinth by Ravensburger (a kids game I still love to play)
    Dice: Zombie Dice
    PC: World of Warcraft

    Console: N/A
    RPG: Haven't played in a while but either WoD or Pathfinder
    Drinking: N/A (who needs a game to drink?)
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  4. I've never heard of Zombie Dice.. Now I want to play! :D
  5. Card: Blackjack / Cheat
    Board: Scrabble
    Dice: N/A
    PC: Sims 4 lmao. But I just got League and I'm getting into that.
    Console: Currently GTA V but it varies.
    RPG: N/A
    Drinking: Never have I ever.
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  6. Card: Tie between Magic: The Gathering and Munchkin
    Board: Betrayal at House on the Hill
    Dice: Liar's Dice
    PC: Uhhhh... I guess Fallout 1 and/or 2.
    Console: Probably The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past for the SNES. Never get tired of that game no matter how many times I play it.
    Tabletop: Scion, I guess. It's the one I've played the most and had the most fun with.
    Drinking: I don't drink, but beer pong is pretty fun even without the drinking.
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  7. Card: Solitare :(
    Board: Monopoly
    Dice: Yahtzee
    PC: Minesweeper
    Console: Too many... single player games :(
    RPG: None. They all involve people.
    Drinking: CAH online laughing game. You laugh, you drink.
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  8. Card: Uno (I have Harry Potter Uno cards)
    Board: Lego Harry Potter Hogwarts Game
    Dice: Yahtzee (Doctor Who version preferably...)
    PC: Sims 2/3
    Console: Dragon Age
    RPG: I've never done tabletop gaming before. I'd like to try it though.
    Drinking: I don't drink.
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  9. Card: Gin
    Board: Yu Gi Oh/Duel Monsters!
    Dice: /me hasn't really found any that she's more than 'eh' about.
    PC: Minecraft! Or Commander Keen... Or Minecraft! Or...
    Console: Oh god. I have to pick?! I need subcategories for this shit
    • Nintendo: Pokemon X
    • Sega: Grandia II
    • Sony: Final Fantasy X
    RPG: I tried a DND group once but it wasn't very beginner friendly and had a lot of disturbing drama going on so I left after a couple sessions
    Drinking: LOTR drinking game! Although I leave out a few rules for safety, otherwise you're drinking every five minutes of a three hour movie.
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  10. 1. I don't see the problem with drinking every 5 minutes.. xD
    2. SHADOW REALM! -cue dramatic music-
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  11. Card: Cards Against Humanity & Magic the Gathering (When not fighting blue, or a cheap deck such as Elf Ball).
    Board: Settlers of Catan
    Dice: Does D&D count?
    PC: Civ 5 is the most popular, but others like Payday 2, Mount & Blade, Skyrim, New Vegas and XCOM are also up there.
    Console: Phantasy Star Universe (Online mode). But since it's servers/support has been pulled... My back up would be the Halo Series (Halo 4 included, but multiplayer only).
    RPG: D&D 3.5 and Star Wara D6 (Especially my heavily homebrewed version I currently DM with)
    Drinking: Does ordering the largest strawberry milkshake possible count as a drinking game? :3
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  12. Card: Poker

    Board: Don't play enough of these to really pick one. Munchkin, maybe? If that counts?

    Dice: D&D probably, or Warmachine, if either of those count.

    PC: Planescape: Torment or X-Wing

    Console: Any of the Metal Gear Solid games.

    RPG: Chrono Trigger? Or if we're talking Table Top, then D&D 5.0.

    Drinking: King's Cup? Beer pong? (God I feel old...)
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