Victorian Vampires

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  1. (I'd rather do this through PM and it's definitely a 1x1 roleplayI'd like this to be FxF or maybe FxM)
    The year was 1840 and things were just starting to look up for Katherine. It was her 17th birthday and she hadn't yet been put into an arranged marriage. Which was good. Coming from a higher class family, it was very surprising that she hadn't been married off, but it didn't bother her. It was late and she was out on her nightly walk. Her father had always been overprotective about her going out at night, considering the circumstances. The fact that there were vampires roaming the streets of England didn't sit well with her family.

    Name: Katherine Amelia Roe
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Status: Human


    Appearance: Katherine is kinda small and curvy. She has long black hair (usually in curls) that goes to her rib cage, blue eyes with dark blue specks and is 5 feet tall but 5'2" in heels. Always wearing colorful gowns except when in sleepwear and cleaning/gathering water etc.
    Personality: Charlotte is very shy but loves meeting new people. She's very introvert when she first meets someone, but when she warms up to someone she gets easier to be around. She is a very determined girl and has been for a while. She cares about a lot of things, especially animals and the people she loves and she's very stubborn. She's always been a daddy's girl.
    Likes: music, singing, romance, Halloween, dancing, masquerade balls
    Dislikes: rude people, people who talk down to her, being disrespected
    Parents/siblings: Mother: Margaret Roe .. Father: Benjamin "Ben" Roe .. Sister (older) Claire Hope Lancaster .. Brother in law: Henry Lancaster .. Sister (younger) Mercy Ann Roe
    Where you come from: Small high class family in the south side of a large town in England
    Extra: she has a kitten named Elenor and her favorite color is baby blue
  2. Does my Lady suit?

    I shouldnt really be doing this, I'm already far too busy with other roleplays but elegant vampire girlfriends! D':


    Carmen's Theme

    Tobacco Factory - Carlos Saura
    //You better leave Carmen alone
    Better not get in Carmen's way
    Carmen has a knife
    for anyone who gives her trouble//

    Habanera - Carlos Saura
    //Love is a gypsy's child,
    it has never, ever, known a law;
    love me not, then I love you;
    if I love you, you'd best beware!//

    Flamenco - Directed by Carlos Saura
    Danced and Sung for her pleasure
    And admiration

    Kill of the Night - Gin Wigmore
    //The danger is I'm dangerous
    And I might just tear you apart
    I'm gonna get you
    I wanna taste the way that you bleed
    You're my kill of the night//


    Lady Carmen Martirio

    776 Years Old
    Royal Vampire

    Born in Autumn of the Year 1064

    Turned in the Winter of the Year 1100



    Meneshe Avraham, 1078 year old Jewish Vampire









    Carmen lived as a dancer and a Courtesan of the City Valencia, dancing in the day and then entertaining gentlemen who came to her quarters at night. She practiced an ancient form of flamenco dancing in Valencia and rose quite high in fame for it. She even danced for El Cid, the legendary Military Commander and lord of Valencia until he died in 1099. For a while after she danced in the failing city, sad for the loss of its beauty.

    She attracted the attention of a very old wandering Vampire named Meneshe who had come from jeruselum after the first Crusaders landed. Many Vampires fled from jeruselum at that time since holy men are trained in the identification and destruction of vampires. He was very tired and downhearted, a vampire old beyond reconning and just as wise. He saw Carmen's youthful beauty closeted in the dark and crumbling Velencia and he was saddened to see it. He offered her two choices. Either he could smuggle her away from the city and find her a husband of noble birth and character so that she might live in luxury the rest of her life, or he could change her and she might follow him to venice and dance and be beautiful freely and for forever.

    She was conflicted for some time but eventually the thought of being bound to a man for the rest of her life seemed a thankless existence and she chose to follow him. Their relationship grew and Meneshe took on a paternal love of Carmen, protecting and nurturing her in vampire society while Carmen was as dedicated and loving a daughter as any.

    They traveled away from Valencia before the city was taken and journeyed to Venice where there was a florishing vampire society of Nobles and royalty. Carmen's dancing was much loved among the Vampire courts and she rose in esteem not only for her maturity and cunning but also for the calm way she handled feeding. While they remained there Carmen noticed Meneshe being bagered to accept a position in Royalty but he maintained a refusal which Carmen was greatful for. Royals were never at liberty and Carmen enjoyed journeying with Meneshe.

    In the year 1110 news was heard of the Crusader's attack upon Beirut and even though he did not wish for responsibility, Meneshe decided to return to Jeruselum and try to aid the muslim rebellion against the Crusaders. Carmen insisted upon joining him and a large number of other Vampires agreed to come but it took some time to organise and only in the year 1125 did they set out. They arrived and began the fight against the English but a new and dangerous enemy awaited them for the crusaders contracted angels to their soldiers. These soldiers were called Templars and although they had no significant destructive power they did not die and did not feel pain because of the protection of their angels.

    A while after Meneshe and Carmen joined the fight Carmen became allied to a fearless and passionate Arab Prince named Ṣalāḥ ad-Dīn who charged her to aid him until Richard the Lionheart was driven from Ṣalāḥ ad-Dīn's homeland. Carmen respected and trusted Salah from the first and through their long relationship she came to idolise him somewhat.

    The three, Meneshe, Carmen and Ṣalāḥ ad-Dīn, spent long years trying to repel the Crusaders and Templars and Carmen's prowess in battle rose to great heights. However in the year 1180 Meneshe was killed while battling against a large number of Templar knights although the battle overall was won. Carmen lost heart for the fight after that but could not cease since her contract bound her to continue. Eventually Ṣalāḥ ad-Dīn's wish was fullfilled and he became sultan of Egypt until Richard the Lionheart left Jeruselum.

    Carmen, grieving and alone, began a journey to England to observe the monsters whom had caused so much bloodshed. She stopped off in Venice for a time and was comforted by the Nobles there whom had known Meneshe.

    She managed to escape from Venice but again got sidetracked by wanting to visit her homeland of Spain. She arrived there by 1470 and stayed there, learning the new Flamenco dance and entertaining herself with simple pleasures that she had forgotten. Marcus, a Vampire friend she had gained along the way, left for England in the middle of this and Carmen promised to follow, which she did, eventually. During her time in Spain she gained great reputation and power, putting her way over the requirements for a place in the Royal Covern and when she once again set off for England it was 1587 making her 510 years old.

    She came to England, was reunited with Marcus and was asked to accept a seat in the Royal Covern which, after some deliberation, she did. Since then she has been devoting her strength and abundant time to managing her Covern in the Southeast of England, her main house being a residence in London.



    Parents (deceased)

    Meneshe Avarham (deceased)

    Marcus Sharpe (AWOL)
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