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    The plot:
    Oh the wonders of love through out the Victorian era........ Two powerful vampire rival families uniting as one through an arranged marriage.... but the son has a dark secret of being homosexual which is highly forbidden during these times and the family is super powerful. What will the son decide to stick with the arranged marriage or admit his homosexuality?


    It was midnight, Dimitri was in his room reading a book, the only source of light he had was from some candles burning and the light from the full moon shining. He couldn't sleep because Elizabeth was arriving tomorrow and he couldn't bear the though of an arranged marriage that his parents arranged for him. The thought of an arranged marriage disgusted him to the point where he rather lose everything than be powerful. Dimitri's and Elizabeth's family are the most powerful families in all of New Orleans, but in previous years and centuries before there was always rivalry between them and they we're both tired of fighting. The only way to solve this was by an arranged marriage.

    Dimitri is twenty-one years of age, quiet at times, outgoing, adventurous, and the oldest son of a very powerful family. However, he has a secret of being homosexual. Whenever his family would host meals or parties Dimitri would politely flirt with the girls but when he had the chance he would flirt and converse privately with the some of the males, especially Andrei whenever he came around. Dimitri was also the mysterious type he would rarely speak his about certain things. For a homosexual he always acted like a gentlemen, treated the ladies with respect, and what any typical Victorian male would do. Furthermore, he was also very creative he would write poetry and music, he was a professional on the piano and violin, and even paint. Some of his favorite hobbies was horseback riding and taking long walks through the cemetery and just write the night away.

    All of the females wanted him because of his mysterious ways and saw him as romantic, which in truth he was.
  2. Elizabeth sat perched atop the balustrade on the balcony just outside her bedroom. The moon's light washed over her pale skin, making it seem as if she and her ruffled nightgown were one being. Misty blue-gray eyes watched the moon as it did a slow, silted waltz across the night sky. Tiring of the crystalline orb in the sky, she slid down onto the balcony floor and landed on dainty feet, placing them one in front of the other as she padded back into her bedroom.

    Tonight was a night that couldn't be fully devoted to sleep; there was a man who awaited her hand in marriage, his right knee fully prepared to touch the soil in humble proposal. The thought of young Dimitri pulled her lips into a fleeting smile. Pulled the large french doors behind her, she let her gaze fall onto the red and black laced dress hanging on her closet door next to the full-body mirror.

    Her smile turned into a wistful one. It was such a shame that a man with such a mysterious allure about him and manners to match should come from quite the boorish family -- even if said family had been bred in the great New Orleans. It was no shame that she wanted Dimitri. Most women wanted him, both human and otherwise. He was well-bred, make no mistake. Good-looking, yes, that too. Intelligent and the gift of music.

    She could live with that.

    Just not him being apart of such a bad family, no matter how terrible.

    No matter, she thought airily. Sacrifices must be made for the better, no?

    With that thought in mind, she glided over to her dresser and opened the jewelry box, removing the top layer and pulled out a jade necklace. It was a family heirloom that had been treasured for centuries. It was said to bring good luck and comfort to the bearer at a simple caress of the jewel. The precious stone was set into a silver mold, encrusted with rubies, zircon, Persian blood stone shards and backed in by a thick layer of onyx.

    Elizabeth ran a slender finger over the light green surface and set it back into the box for the night. The morrow brought great things.
  3. Tired and sleepless Dimitri got dressed for the day. Knowing his mother she would be waiting for him downstairs to have a talk of what is expected of him and to spend the entire day with Elizabeth getting to know her and try to have feelings for her. He came down to the parlor wearing black pants and a white button down linen long sleeve shirt having the first two undone, his long black hair tied into a ponytail.

    "Dimitri you look exhausted."

    "That I am. I couldn't sleep at all last night knowing of what is today and what you and father expect of me." he said softly as he yawned and stretched. For a homosexual his voice was angelic and deep. He took a seat in one of the chairs and waited with his mother for Elizabeth's arrival.

    "I hope you like her, she's a sweetheart and she really has a thing for you."

    "Mother, you know I respect your wishes and I'll do anything to make you and father happy. Plus, it's my duties as your son to make you proud, I don't want to ruin the family name." he said with a soft smile.

    Just at that very moment, Dimitri looked out the window and saw Andrei walking towards the house. It seemed as if Andrei had just come from the stables or town. Dimitri's heart started to skip a beat race faster. His mother noticed that Dimitri stopped paying attention to her.

    "Dimitri, pay attention."

    "Huh? What? Oh, my apologies mother." he said trying to calm himself down.
  4. Chewing absently on a toothpick, Andrei Leale looked up at the estate as he neared it, the very-familiar building grand [as always] in its appearance. Today was the day he usually came in to wash the horses in the stables around the back. It was also one of the few days he'd get to have some time to spend with Dimitri, the heir. Despite being so wealthy, the older man had a very indiscriminate nature about him that made him easy to speak to. Andrei was a bit of a social butterfly himself, but it was rare that he could just speak freely and even spend companionable silence with anyone.

    The young twenty-three year old brushed his short dark hair out of his eyes and adjusted the tam on his head. He entered the rather large wrought-iron gates and proceeded to the rear of the house into the large field behind it. He glanced over at one of the larger windows and saw the familiar outline of his good friend. He let a small smile grace his lips and continued on to his station.

    There was usually Roderick, another stable hand that did He was only a boy, of the age fifteen, but he was honest and had a lot of heart, if not a bit quiet. They got along well enough. But it seemed that he had come to do his job a tad early and took his leave. Roderick did that sometimes since he was also a paper boy earning his keep to help his mother raise his younger brother. Rick was a good fellow.

    Looks like it's only me today, Andrei thought to himself absently, shifting the toothpick to the right side of his mouth. As he entered the stable, he chuckled at the happy greeting he got from the black mare at the far end. Nightingale had taken a liking to him he just couldn't understand. However, he accepted it and went along.

    "Buon dia, girl," he greeted, the smooth tenor of his voice nearly a whisper in the quiet of the stable. The young man gave the mare a gentle pat on her nose and fished into his pocket for one of the apples he'd brought. The horse snorted happily and without further delay, snatched the apple out of Andrei's hand. A nipping at his tam from behind brought his attention to another horse that neighed at him expectantly.

    His entire lunch reserve had gone to the horses.

    It had been some time before he heard the tell-tale clop, clop of some horses coming into the driveway. It wasn't new that the Von Drak estate would have guests show up during the morning hours for a while. However, it was quite strange to see the trademark ecru, gold and green carriage of the Von Faust household parked so regally in front of the estate.

    Curious, Andrei led Nightingale out, at first prepared for a walk around the field and then to graze, but he'd paused to see who would step out. A thick dark eyebrow raised in thought at the sight of Elizabeth, the last daughter to Sir Von Faust, step out of the carriage in a wine-red and black dress that seemed fit for a ballroom rather than a courtesy call.

    Realization dawned and Andrei's curious expression contorted into a frown. He knew that Dimitri had mentioned marriage in passing. It was a good thing to settle down, even if the man would be locked away for longer than he already was. But Elizabeth? The two households were sworn enemies, last he'd heard. Nightingale bumped his cheek with her muzzle and he snapped out of his thoughts with a sheepish grin.

    "Sorry girl," he murmured, and led her out into the field. He'd just have to ask Dimitri about it later. But for right now, he had a job to do.
  5. Dimitri was deeply saddened about visiting Andrei today, but he had his own duties to attend to. He knew he had to explain the situation as soon as possible, his feelings for Andrei were there and were growing every moment he saw and spent with him. Sighing deeply, he noticed the carriage pulling up, and lowered his head slightly at the thought of being a hypocrite.

    If his family found out the truth they would probably disown Dimitri entirely. Thus, disrespecting the family name, losing money, estate and everything they owned. Dimitri, stood up and started to pace the room a bit trying to calm himself before Elizabeth stepped into the room. Being around females made him nervous but he never showed it.

    Looking at himself in the mirror he made sure that his hair was neatly sleeked back with every piece of hair in place, his clothes with not a wrinkle in sight and that his eyes barely showed any signs of depression.

    "Dimitri, your appearance is perfection. Come stand next to me." said his mother pulling him away from the mirror.

    "Again, my apologies, mother." nodding his head slightly.

    Obediently, came away from the mirror and stood next to his mother, resting one hand on her shoulder and the other behind his back waiting to greet the guests. He heard the carriage door open and close, footsteps on the cobblestone leading towards the entrance door, and then a knock. His heart started racing faster, nerves getting the best of him already, breathing deeply he kept his mind on one thing, Andrei.

    He has never before met Elizabeth, but his mother kept bragging about her and how perfect she is for him. This, in turn, annoyed Dimitri, but he never spoke about it or told her how he truly felt. His father did the same as well, but on a more lesser extent.

    Meanwhile, Dimitri's father, Nathanael was in Paris on a business trip and would return later this evening. He had high hopes of Dimitri and Elizabeth being together. Nathanael was a man of great pride, honor and power. He taught Dimitri many things of how to be gentlemen, and now was the time to put them into place and see if Dimitri could pass the test without him being present.
  6. [G-Modding Approved by other player. Full Immunity has been claimed]. [The color is only used because of the combined effort of three different characters. Blue for Andrei, Golden rod for Elizabeth, and the White for Dimitri led to this obnoxious hue. Do try to enjoy without the pang of a headache and the eventual loss of eyesight due to the neon-lit dark you're going to read this in... To this, I also claim full immunity. Beware the swift changing of colors. Seizures and epileptic shock may ensue. Thus ends my disclaimer].

    Dimitri hid a scowl behind his well-placed mask of polite indifference when Tsubarov, their butler, led the woman through to the vestibule of the house. It was no secret that Dimitri held a soft spot in his heart for beauty -- he surrounded himself with it. His mother, his paintings, the music he plays and the very piano he composes with. However, as beautiful as Elizabeth was, despite the running of bad blood between the two families, something seemed to not settle easily with him. In most cases, he could maintain cordiality and maintain his distance while keeping his distaste out of the atmosphere. However, he was hard-pressed to keep such a little expression of disapproval from his features. He even felt his opinion translated into his mother's tense shoulder.

    Elizabeth, his instincts told him, was one who could go either way. She held a regal air -- expected of a woman of her position -- with a feminine grace that was clearly unmatched. The aura around her reeked of neutrality but there was an undertone of something lethal lying in wait though her expression spoke of openness and friendliness.

    So thought Adam of Eve, he thought dryly.

    "Good morning, Elizabeth," Dimitri's mother's golden lilt broke the apprehensive silence. "Such a pleasure to have you here."

    Elizabeth moved a booted foot behind the other and bent her knees in a graceful curtsy. "Mrs. Von Drak," she greeted politely. She shifted blue gray eyes to the tall and silent man. "And a pleasant good morning to you, Dimitri."

    "Good morning, Miss Elizabeth," he greeted with a small smile and a respectful nod of his head. The small action garnered a bewildered look from Elizabeth and a sideways glance from his mother. It was a habit he'd picked up from Andrei when it came to politely addressing someone he wasn't entirely inclined to entertain -- not something his mother approved of, but it was a handy little thing.

    After a short moment of silence, Mrs. Von Drak clasped her hands together and brightened up with a delicate smile. "Now, I'm off to do some things," she declared. The mistress turned and placed a satin-gloved hand on her son's cheek and gave him a slightly reproachful look -- a small warning to be on his best behavior. She was a mother and mothers knew their children inside out. He wasn't inclined to marry and he made it clear, even if he was doing it for the sake of his parents and the household. Mrs. Von Drak turned a smile to Elizabeth and breezed by. "Enjoy yourselves."

    Elizabeth barely stopped herself from sniffing and frowning disdainfully at such a common-man's gesture from Dimitri. While she'd never had the opportunity to interact with him properly, this was something that lowered her expectations even though the upper-class girls wove very interesting tales about him. There was a small silence after the rather large doors of the estate closed behind Lady Von Drak.

    Dimitri, however, was able to fill the silence with ease. "Have you eaten breakfast already?"

    "I have," Elizabeth answered, a bit more at ease. Perhaps he was still the man his legacy claimed.

    "Then maybe you won't be so adverse to tea while I have mine." Dimitri turned to leave, looking back at her expectantly.

    "Delighted." She didn't miss her cue, and tread behind him, her heels clicking on the tiles behind him.

    Expecting nothing less from a rival family of Pure Blood, the estate was garnished quite lavishly without being ostentatious. It showed of their wealth without flaunting -- quite admirable considering the power the family head exuded whenever he was present.

    They had arrived at a large dining room with a long table set for two. On one end was a covered plate of something, while the other was adorned with a lovely tea set. As they entered, a woman rushed to Dimitri's side. He whispered something in her ear and she nodded in response before darting out of the room. When the pattering footsteps faded away, the chair to the right end of the table moved backward on its own as if pushed by some invisible force. Elizabeth glanced over at Dimitri who motioned to the chair with a flourish.

    "Please have a seat," he said, standing near his. "Your tea should be here shortly. I trust that lemon and honey would be to your liking."

    Elizabeth took her seat, and only when she adjusted herself, did Dimitri take his own seat and uncovered his meal. She tilted her head at him curiously.

    "It's not unusual," she spoke, her voice carrying though the room effortlessly. "But why would you take the time to eat when there's little to no need?"

    "It's something I do with my mother," he answered, taking a sip of tea. "And it would be quite rude to put to waste the hard work of the cook."

    It was then that the maid had come back with a steaming kettle and mixed the tea for Elizabeth. The woman finished quickly and left.

    "Sentimental?" Elizabeth questioned.

    "Considerate," was the short reply. As eloquent as many described him to be, he surely didn't want to speak much. It was odd, to say the least. His aura was always one of calm fortitude. Today it was a tad rough around the edges.

    The two spent the rest of the time in silence, Dimitri finishing his meal quickly and swallowed the remainder of his tea. His thoughts were quite far from the situation at hand, save for the methods in which he could escape this dreaded meeting and spend some time in much more favorable company. The idea of spending time with his friend perked him up some.

    He looked up at Elizabeth. "Would you like to spend the morning outdoors?"

    "It would be lovely," she replied, smiling a bit.

    "Tsubarov," he called out.

    "Yes," the butler's voice rang out from the doorway, making it from wherever he had been before to his current location with the speed only a vampire could achieve.

    "Tell Andrei to get Nightingale and Dorian ready. We'll be out at the field shortly."

    "Yes, Master Dimitri."

    Just as quickly as the butler appeared, he was gone.
  7. Tsubarov made his way to the stables. "Sir Andrei, Master Dimitri would like for you to get Nightingale and Dorian ready." and with that he left to go back to the house.

    He led Elizabeth into the parlor and let her have a seat. "Excuse me for a moment, Elizabeth." He quickly went upstairs and grabbed his coat, riding boots and gloves. He came back down and met her waiting for him. "Shall we?" reaching his ungloved hand out to her to lead her outside.

    They exchanged very few words as they approached the stables.

    "Good day, Andrei." he said softly with a soft promising smile that told him they will meet up sometime later.
  8. Anrei looked up from what he was doing and his blue eyes brightened at the sight of his good friend. He'd just finished saddling Dorian, knowing that Dimitri would prefer riding Nightingale without. Not only that, the dark mare would let no one else ride her but the heir to the Von Drak household.

    And Andrei, since he feeds her every morning before breakfast, but most animals were like that.

    "Good day, D-," he stopped himself at the sight of the woman behind him. He couldn't help the raising of his eyebrows. The woman was stunning; men said she was to die for. It was almost true, but he knew, by instinct, that they probably would only be familiar acquaintances, given that she even deigned to be in his company for longer than a 'hello.' Catching himself at the last moment, he nodded in greeting to the lady. "Good day, Milady."

    Andrei cast a glance at Dimitri that both knew meant that they definitely had to talk afterward. "Master Von Drak," he also greeted formally. He knew Dimitri disliked it, however appearances had to be kept. He let a slight glimmer of remorse shine through his eyes before he tugged the reins of both horses to stand before their respective riders. Andrei walked over to Elizabeth and removed one of his gloves and extended his bare hand to her. She seemed to hesitate but extended a gloved hand to take his as he helped her up onto Dorian. Once she was seated, Andrei took the reins and gave them over to her, patting the horse before he stepped back.

    He held Elizabeth's gaze and she looked away pointedly at Dimitri. Adrian took the same moment to glance over at his friend, meeting his gaze and smirking.

    "Enjoy yourselves," he said, making his way back to the stables. He'd decidedly walked around Nightingale, giving the horse's muzzle a gentle stroke."Sta bueno."
  9. Dimitri mounted Nightingale with the urge of getting this day over with. He really wasn't in the mood for this, plus the conversations he had with Elizabeth weren't really that interesting at all since it was just a few words that were being exchanged. "Andrei, I'll see you tonight during dinner." he said softly so Elizabeth wouldn't hear it.

    "We shall." replied Dimitri and started to exit the stables and waited for Elizabeth to follow him.

    "Elizabeth, where would like to ride to?" he asked politely.

    "You are the guest and if I may oblige your opinions matter." giving her a soft smile without giving her the sign that he wasn't in the mood for this at all today.

    He looked back at Andrei, who was watching them, saddened by the treachery feeling that was bestowed upon him. Dimitri loathed the feeling of hurting his friend. Andrei was one of the few friends that Dimitri really trusted and would spend his many day hours with Nightingale and Andrei. Dimitri was normally outside when his mother had guests over, which were usually older women of the town, rarely women around Dimitri's age would show up.

    Sometimes when the friends socialized, Dimitri would always bring one of the three items a journal, a novel, an art pad and a few quills and charcoal and to keep himself entertained he watched Andrei. It was something he enjoyed doing, being outside, embracing nature's beauty, and just being in Andrei's understanding company.

    But, Dimitri knew in his heart that he would have a make choice soon enough. It was just that the awkward situation that he was right now, made it worse.
  10. Elizabeth crossed her legs from the way she sat sideways on the horse, waiting and uninterested in the stable boy. She would have to have the maids take special care in washing this particular glove. The Lady of the Van Faust household thought for a moment, dutifully ignoring the human as he finally left their presence.

    "Perhaps a ride around town," she hummed.

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  11. "As you wish, milady." giving her a slight nod as he passed by her. Dimitri was having some fun just by being outdoors, but Elizabeth made it somewhat difficult. He was just being the perfect son in trying to give her a pleasant time. He noticed that she seemed a bit bored just as he was. Silence between the two of them was golden.
    "Enjoying?" he asked attempting to break the silence.
  12. Not really, she thought to herself with a tiny sigh. "It's alright," she said aloud. "Comfortable, at the very least." They rode in silence for a while longer, Elizabeth not at all ashamed to wear a smirk of near-victory. Not many were allowed the opportunity to ride with the city's 'Prince.'

    "I've heard," she began, her curiosity nipping at her all of a sudden. Smoky blue eyes turned to Dimitri. "It seems the feud's been diffused. Any idea what's caused them to call a truce?"

    It was something she'd tried asking about but had been veered off course by a very tactical father.
  13. Dimitri looked and smiled to himself, I knew she'll come around soon enough, thinking silently.

    "It has. Our families were tired of fighting since we both have wealth and power and it seems nonsensical and worthless to even fight when we could share it by joining forces. My father made a deal with yours."

    He was coming around and he felt very powerful admitting his own wealth and power to her and wasn't ashamed of admitting it.

    "But if we do go through with this, which our parents are expecting of us, well we'll be the most powerful family in all New Orleans. No one would be able to touch us." he said proudly thinking of all the possible things and the wealth they'll obtain together once the families unite. Dimitri had an attraction for money, wealth, power but the thought of Andrei ran through his mind once more.
  14. Elizabeth nodded, although frowned just a bit.

    "Somehow that leaves much to be desired," she said, looking away to another side of the town. "Even if they were to decide that it would be such before time, why now? It seems a bit far-fetched..."

    Especially since both their fathers were age-weathered men who usually had thousands of reasons behind the things they did. There had to be something they were both covering up. What it was, she wasn't sure. Not that it was much of a problem being unwittingly engaged to the enemy, so to speak [not like they were exactly on the friendliest of terms -- they were barely acquaintances], but it was the entire purpose behind it all.
  15. "Somehow that leaves much to be desired," she said, looking away to another side of the town. "Even if they were to decide that it would be such before time, why now? It seems a bit far-fetched..."

    "Desired?" he asked a bit confused. "My guess is that our fathers grew weary are are ready to make a change after centuries of rivalry." he said somewhat comfortingly. However, he felt power growing over him as if he was finally becoming comfortable in her presence. Or was it her abilities that she was using on him, he wasn't sure, but for some reason, it felt good.
  16. "It's something to think on," she amended smoothly. She would hold to her suspicions, however, knowing full well that their fathers were not simple-thinking men much less as altruistic. On the other hand, she gave Dimitri credit for the faith in his family's perceived values. Maybe it could be the bad blood that had been harbored between the two which could be influencing her judgment. But her instinct was hardly ever wrong when it came to politics such as this one.

    "So, Dimitri," she said, changing the topic just as easily. "The female populace is quite enamored with you. Clearly you're a handsome man, but your charms seem to be rumors to me." She cast him a knowing look. "Enlighten me. What is it about you that they like so much?"

    It seemed to be something to get their collective minds off the idea of their fathers plotting. After all, Elizabeth was a lady and had a grace with words much like her late mother.
  17. He looked at her his gaze shocked but soft at the same time "Interesting, you would ask something of that nature." he said warmly, "But, if it cures your curiosity, I will tell you. Many women find me mysterious and my looks are something that all mother's look for in a son-in-law. I spend most of days outside embracing my creative side through writing and painting. It's also the fact that I have money and the next in line to inherit everything my father owns, so that's another reason why women find me so charming. Or perhaps it could be my voice." he said smiling warmly at her.
  18. Elizabeth couldn't help the titter that left her lips. The smile he'd offered after his outward musing was anything but modest. Maybe it was his soft confidence that did it. He didn't hold anything back, it seemed.

    "That may be," she commented. "However, I dare say it could be a combination of all of that."
  19. "A valid point and perhaps it may be. I take it you see me as charming?" he said back with a light smile. Looking up at the sky he noticed a change in weather. "Elizabeth, I think rain might be approaching and might come down hard. I think it's best we back before we get poured on. I wish not leave you out in this weather and have your dress soiled." he said as he turned Nightengale around. "I also presume you might be hungry or thirsty and we'll mingle once we get inside."
  20. "Lead the way," she said with a flourish, turning Dorian to follow.
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