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Accepting New Characters: Yes

Rating: Currently PG13 thought it might go higher in the future.

Atmosphere/Mood: Sci Fi, Comedic, Romanctic, Historical, Occasionally Serious.

Basic Plot for Aliens: The Kilogian Fleet is a ship fleet that carries a massive number of Alien deserters, or aliens who have abandoned their planets for reasons of their own. Running short on fuel and supplies the fleets stops down on earth for a quick recharge and supply gathering, not knowing that they were walking right into the bustling 1830's of England, 1837 to be exact, the year Queen Victoria took the throne! After being discovered by the English Navy, the Kilogian Fleet decided to stick around longer and explore this unknown world, maybe there was a home among these creatures that called themselves humans...

Basic Plot for Humans: The English Empire has gone through many changes in the year 1837, the death of a king and the corination of a queen who only had only just turned 18 among them, this however puts all of them to shame. Unknown massive structures hang over the ocean, rather close to England's shores. The Navy was sent to investigate only to return with mind blowing information. Creatures from the sky had come to earth looking for supplies to power their incredible numbers. However, instead of calling for guns to be lifted in defense, Parliament took a deep interest in these beings, espcially since the creatures' technology was far greater than any they had ever seen. Seeing a benefit in befriending them, the creatures were eagerly welcomed by the British government...Though that doesn't mean everyone was fond of the idea of sharing their country with a bunch of other worldly immigrants...
Aliens Species:


Gender(s): Female Only
Species Height: 8'0"
Strengths: Advanced understanding of space, technology, and medicine for many species, Telekinetic abilities, and Skilled in peaceful discussion.
Weaknesses: Weak in both bone structure and muscle strength, Lack in understanding of emotions (though they are capable of feeling them), and limited reproduction ability.
Fleet Presence: They are the majority of the fleet, holding most of the power and making most of the decisions.
General Personality: They are calm and level headed, they rarely raise their voices for any reason other than to make sure someone can hear them in a loud area. They are quick to correct anyone who makes a mistake but are also very curious, eager to learn about anything.
General History: The Kilogian are a very advanced species of Alien, and are said to be have the largest population, even though it is a one gender race. However, the usually peaceful species came to a disagreement among each other at one point in their history. At the time they were breeding with a dying species called the Rillmion, an all male species who had suffered a severe population drop after an epidemic of an unknown illness. Now usually, Kilogians can only reproduce females of their own breed and males of the father's breed, keeping the genetic code of the parents completely separate for the most part, only taking what was required to make the young. However, it was turned out that the mix of these two species created a new species all together that would not be able to produce the pure breed young that the Kilogian society called for. This divided the species into two groups, Puritans and Mixers. Puritans believed that the new species should be eliminated before it put the Kilogian species at risk while the Mixers believed that the young that produced were just as much Kilogian as they were Rillmion and said that killing them would be no different than one pure breed killing another. The disagreement eventually caused a mass immigration of Mixers to leave the planet in a massive fleet of ships, along with the remaining Rollian and the new species.


Gender(s): Male Only
Species Height: 5'0"
Strenghts: Advanced understanding of culture and art for many species, Well versed in the trade of material items, and Natural ability to translate languages of all types and speak them fluently.
Weaknesses: Weak immune system, Easily can fall into an animalistic mindset, and limited reproduction ability.
Fleet Presence: They are a minority in the fleet, though their numbers are increasing as time passes.
General Personality: They are fierce and passionate creatures, always ready to preach to the choir about their beliefs and opinions. They all share a joy for life and are quick to anger if ever spoken to wrongly, though once they know someone better they are terribly loyal and kind.
General History: The Rollian are a merchant race, devling in that arts of buying and selling rare and prized goods. Their home planet is in a kin to an isolated town in the american west, there is a lack of genetic diversity but it is a hub of great trade and shoping before travelers continue on to other worlds. However, their home planet is deserted now, thanks to a sever epidemic that killed off most of the race and forced those that lived to evacuate as the illness filled the atmosphere at dangerously high levels. It was believed that the illness was brought to the planet by another traveling species but so many had come and gone at the same time no one species could be pinpointed. The Rollians turned to the Kilogians for assistance in finding a cure as well as restoring their population. However, with the discovery that they could not produce purebreed sons with the Kilogians like other races had they accepted what they got, content with as least passing some form of their genetics to another generation. When Puritain believers threatened to kill on the mixed breed that Rollians quickly reacted and left the Kilogian planet along with their halfbreed young and the Mixers.


Gender(s): Female Only
Species Height: 7'0"
Strenghts: Very stong and Fast, Can understand many languages, Can create a calming atmosphere in any situation and make friends of the deadliest creatures.
Weaknesses: Far to curious for their own good, Too Truthful, Unable to conceve among each other.
Fleet Presence: They are an averaged sized group and growing thanks to the continued mingling between Rollians and Kilogians
General Personality: They are bubbly and kind, curious about everything that is around them. Though they come from a rather serious parents they are a species of pure innocense and exploration, they want to know everything! They also are much more emotionally oriented then most species making it so they easily understand others.
General History: The Zut are the halfbreed children of the Kilogians and Rollians. They don't have much of a history other than that they were almost completely destroyed before they could properly walk. They have spent their entire exsistance on the ships, only ever having graced land when the fleet stopped for supplies and fuel. They however have been dubbed the 'voices of the fleet' with there ability to befriend seemingly anything that is living. However, as the first generation approches mating they are stuck, unsure of how to proceed since not only can they not mate among each other but they have no one to teach them proper custom since neither parent race knowns what mating insticts the Zuts have inherited. The species does not let this get them down and continue to take part in exsistace like everyone else, also searching for the answers to all their questions.


(Males on left, Females on right)
Gender(s): Male and Female
Species Height: Male- 6'0" Female- 5'5"
Strenghts: Vast understanding of military stratigies and fight simulations, Great understanding of weapon use and design, and Can naturally make themselves invisible.
Weaknesses: Very weary and jumpy, Slow moving (weighed down by armor and weapons), Thin and Cold blooded.
Fleet Presence: They are averaged sized and growing thanks to the fleets healthy and climate controled living space.
General Personality: They are A cool and aloof species that usually prefers to keep to themselve of within small groups of their own kind. The rarely trust other species easily, save for those on the fleet whom they hold with rather high reguard. When befriended though they would throw themselves in the way of a bullet and kill entire species if it ment a friend could be saved.
General History: The Raagzt are a very military oriented race. Their empire was gained through constant wars and distruction of entire civilizations. They all are naturally violent and are quick to judge based on looks which often makes them into the bad guy. However, after a good number of wars a group of Raagzt soldiers and generals started to protest anymore war and wanted peace, the constant death of their own kind damaging the population and economy, putting many innocent civilians at risk. The government quickly banned all who spoke about such ideas from the planet, turning them into nomads. The exiled Raagzts were stumbled upojn the the Kilogian fleet and welcomed into their group. Running low on supplies and without anywhere else to go the Raagzts agreed and traveled with the fleet. Though they still are cold to most they have a deep respect for the other species because of their will to fight and will act proper and civil among them, sometimes daring to actually be openly friendly.
(I know these Aliens are from Mass Effet but I was having difficulty finding decent pictures...)


Gender(s): Male and Female
Species Height: Male- 4'0" Female- 3'5"
Strenghts: Vast knowledge of weapon, ship, and armor design, building and repair, Bottom of feet produce a sticky substance that allows them to walk up walls, Can unhook their jaws and open their mouths wide enough to touch the floor, and Can reproduce at a rapid rate.
Weaknesses: Very broken spech patteren which can make translation difficult, Slow moving, and Can be easily confused or tricked.
Fleet Presence: A large majority thanks to their constant mating, though it is starting to even out slightly.
General Personality: They are very much like trained dogs, following commands in hopes of reciving a treat, usually a pat on the head or a flattering comment on their work. Though they can not voice it they are actually complex thinking beings, having deep emotions and thoughts. However, it is rare that they will atempt to share it unless it is very important or mindblowing.
General History: The Bimbom are probably the cutest and most mysterious species of the fleet. One they just appeared on the ships, working away on broken areas from the many years of flight and travel. When communication was atempted the other species only got the reply of "Broken things be fixed, be better." The least to say, no one, not even the Raagzt had the heart to kick them out, especially since they were willingly repairing and updating all of the ships and computer systems. A theory of the race is that they were a species created to be servents and repairers, but the ones they were suppose to serve died out and left them without a purpose, so they float on until they discover a new group they can serve, doing so without question or a wish for free will. This being said, the fleet treats them with respect and allows them to live among them, finding them to be and very sweet and warm race that just needs a bit of learning to thrive on their own. In short, the are the 'pets' of the Kilogian fleet, and are dearly cared for.

Side Notes: All Aliens can live up to 1000 years but no more than that. There are four stages to the Aliens aging.
0-250 = Infancy and Adolescence
250-500 = Preteen and Youngadult
500-850 = Adult
850-1000 = Elder
Technology: This section is to just help you out by giving you an idea of what the technology is like, a lot of it can be made up as the RP goes on and if you have an idea for something and would like to add it to this section then PM with your thought and I might put it up if I like it.


All Aliens will be wearing space suits will on the ship and on earth will wear what is seen in their pictures, except the Rollians and the Raagzts, they will continue to wear space suits on earth. They will follow the design above but will vary in color, which color is up to you to choose.


The space ships of the Kilogian are massive things, easily capable of holding hundreds of Aliens at a time. This is why there is only about 5 of them, that may not seem like much, but if you can think about how many each can hold, that adds up to a lot of aliens. They also have simpler smaller versions for planet travel.


Weapons will vary for the aliens, this just happens to be the standard, Feel free to explore the possibilities with this one. Remeber, Aliens are high tech, but don't let that stop you from playing around with medival like tools of death!

There is not picture for this one because it can come in a variety of forms. Now obviously the Aliens aren't going to instantly be able to speak English unless it it a natural ablility of their's (The Rollians). So any that aren't able to understand will need devices to help them, be they on the outside or implanted in their brains. The Zut are a slight acception since they can understand languages but will need a device to help when actually speak it properly.

Communication devices can be in many forms, installed in a space suit, a part of regular clothing, or a possible headset piece. This is left to your imagination, it is a mix of many races after all, it only makes sence that there is a mix of tech.

As for any other technology it will be put into a touch screen form. For example, calling someone up? The phone will be a floating dial paid that will clear into a screen for a video chat. Typing information into the computer? It will be a flosting screen that is one can type on while the actual computer will be apart of the ship. Reading a book? It will basically be a kindle, but more alien looking. Even something like furniture could get an upgrade.
Character Sheets:

Character Name:


Species/Race: Which Alien your character is

Age: How old they are, according to the age chart in the Alien Species post?

Occupation: What is there jod in the fleet, what purpose do they serve there?

General Appearance: Any physical characteristics that makes your Alien stand out among others. Do they have a scar? A lost limb? Possibly a nasty looking wart?

Current Goal/Purpose: Any plans they might have for themselves in the future?

Talents: Anything special they can do? Something that they hace specialized in?

Inabilities: Anything they can't do, or don't know how to do?

Fears: What do they worry about?

Personality: Their own personal...personality. Are they like they majority of their species or do they have a slightly different personallity than the one that their race is known for?

Personal History: What happened in their life before the Fleet?

Present Life: What is going on right now for them in the Fleet?

Character Name:



Birthplace: Where were they born?

Occupation/School/Grade: Any jobs? Are they in School? or are they being married off?

General Appearance:

Current Goal/Purpose: What do they wish to accomplish at some point in their lives?

Talents: What are they good at?

Inabilities: What can't they do?

Fears: What do they worry about or fear?


General History: What is their past?

Present Life: What is happening to them right now?
The OOC is complete! Please feel free to now ask any questions or to post your character sheet up!