Victorian Era Plot

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Based off of the new horror movie, Crimson Peaks.

It begins with a simple rumor.

A young man known for his sudden outburst of social status lurks around the day. He is accompanied by wise men. These wise men bear vast knowledge of their profession and the people surrounding them. They spoke of a rose - a soft crimson rose, a scent to allure, yet, the rose bore sharp thorns, and petals that hid poison. The Dark Mademoiselle, that was what everybody called her by. There was a horrendous rumor about her passed husband. There was blood splattered on the floor, walls, windows, and her porcelain skin. No one saw her done the devils work, but they saw the end; a dead man and a crying widow. The wise men spoke to be wary of the woman, to never let her petals touch your heart.

The young man chuckled and brushed it off.

It was a night. Oh, a beautiful night. The dark sky was brightened with bright little flames. The sound of the orchestra was beautiful, people laughed and danced all night, and the chandeliers brightened the ballroom. The young man laughed jovially with his dance partner. As he danced in a circle with alacrity, his eye caught a woman from the darkness. The music began to roar and block out any words spoken that night. His eyes caught her once again - so mysterious, an enigma she was. Half her face was concealed with a mask. At the end of the song, he was lured into the woman's beauty. He asked her for her hand. Without a word was spoken from her side she took hold of his hand and led him to a never ending dance. The orchestra played their songs endlessly as he twirled her petite body. Shortly after their dance the young man has grown infatuated with the woman. Asked her sweetly to remove her mask. Reluctantly her fingertips pushed the mask upwards to reveal her identity - only to him. With that she giggled, leaving him alone. The wise men entered the stage with shock. One stuttered as he spoke as the other had his jaw open wide for the bugs to relocate.

"T'was her! The Mademoiselle!"

The day after the ball the young man begins to strive for the Mademoiselle. Every encounter acted out as a cat and mouse game. He played the ambitious cat as she played the clever mouse. Always able to dodge his attacks and giggle her way into the abyss. Only one day he caught her. That day, they grew intimate, little by little he felt endearment towards the woman.

He felt his heart grow large and warm yet his surroundings grew cold.

On a lovely morning, he was invited to her household. An ominous estate that brought an eerie tone, but, the young man brushed it off. Entering the estate, there was a cold air that brought his warm skin to freeze. He spoke nothing of it. He never opened his lips to mention the eyes that follow, the presence that haunted him, and the danger that followed behind him. The young man felt discouraged to return but continued for his love for the Mademoiselle. The months passed like rain and the Winter brought the two together in holy matrimony. Many have told the young man he was a fool to fall for a widow. They looked down upon him, but he ignored their warnings. The wedding was a quiet one. No one spoke and none dare to smile. There was an enraged presence that followed the Mademoiselle. It never affected her, instead it attacked the people amongst. It grew stronger as the young man began to inhabit the Mademoiselle's home.

There's a presence that follows in rage.

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