Victorian England Forbidden Love plot - looking for partner!

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  1. tl;dr: The rough idea is that two men from different class systems (i.e. a lord and his servant) fall in love, and on top of being from two different worlds, they're also struggling with the idea of homosexuality.

    Hello! As the title states, I'm looking for a roleplay partner that would be interested in doing a Victorian England fantasy type of roleplay.

    I enjoy the idea of two men falling in love during a time where homosexuality was extremely taboo. Taking it a step further, I thought I would add the element of the class system, as a high lord falling in love with someone lower than him was also a taboo.

    This roleplay would be focused on plot, character development, romance, and there would eventually be sex scenes.

    Many aspects of this plot are up for discussion. The character do not have to be a lord and his servant. The idea is that I'd like one character to be of high status, and the other to be at the bottom of the chain. This can be a very angsty plot, or it could be more focused on the fluffy romance parts. Please, feel free to add in your own thoughts and opinions!

    A final note, I tend to only enjoy playing with characters that have the appearance/face claim of a bulky/hairier male. I'm not fond of anyone who looks young or feminine. Think lumberjacks. The more built and more hair they have, the better. Also, long haired men are a plus. Charlie Hunnam, Chris Hemsworth, Colin O'Donoghue... you get the idea.
  2. This sounds interesting! I like fluffy men.
    I'm a fade to black sex scene person. If that's ok, send me a PM.
  3. I'm cool with any scene! and I love the plot idea! Pm me!
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