Victims of the Day


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Hello, everyone, and welcome to the first ever "Victim of the Day" newscast! I'm Kitti, and this is my fantastic partner, Zypher! We've just received news that one Diana Notacat, founder and mayor of Notacat Village, has been found dead in her luxurious mansion home. The apparent cause of death was in the tube of lipstick clutched in her hand, which was promptly tested and found to contain ridiculous amounts of poison - whoever killed her really wanted her dead. The lady though, true to form, managed to complete the entire makeup job complete with mascara and a few accessories.

That's right Kitti, it appears that Miss Notacat's lipstick of all things was poisoned. Certainly this killer had thought things through much further then your run of the mill murderer! Our sources from the Notacat Police Headquarters have let us know that there was nothing robbed from the premises and it appears that there is also no trace of the murderer. Is this the start of something more sinister? Keep your station tuned in to the Kitti and Zypher newscast, right here on Notacat TV
[align=right]Day 2[/align]
Hello everyone, this is once again you "Victim of the Day" report and I'm Kitti, here with the ever marvelous Zypher! Another murder has been discovered, says the Notacat Police Department. They were deeply shaken and with good reason - today's murder was none other than village sheriff, Mister Rock Holmes (better known as Slyen to his close relatives). His death comes at a most inconvenient time, the town has never before needed the swift hand of justice so deeply. However, this does not mean that the search for the criminal will come to a halt! In fact, from reliable sources, we've received word that there is a new investigator whose identity shall remain anonymous. Zy?

Thank you Kitti, and might I say you look quite pretty tonight. It has come to a shock that Sherriff Holmes has been lost tonight, through a toaster having dropped into his bath earlier tonight, and it seems that we indeed have a serial killer on our hands. Will the town be able to stop the rash series of murders or will everyone perish? And that's right Kitti, the new investigator will indeed remain incognito, in fact our sources refused to comment to even allow us privvy to that information! That's it for the murder of the day news story, stay tuned tomorrow night when we reveal who you, the voters, decided to remove as a possible murderer! From the office of Notacat news center, this has been Zypher and the ever rapturous Kitti! Thank you and good night.
[align=right]Day 3[/align]

This is the third day folks, and panic seems to really be setting in on the townspeople after the second murder was discovered! Currently, the overwhelming consensus has dictated that one Isabella Notacat will receive the full brunt of the blame for killing his sister Diana, as well as the death of Slyen. Motives on killing Slyen are, yes, less defined but it is guessed that Slyen was on the verge of some important discovery about the identity of the killer. Whether this is true or not, well, you be the judge. Isabella has been hung, which occurred at sunset.

Oh! It has just been discovered, another murder! This is hugely significant, that means that Isabella was in fact innocent! The crime is no closer to being solved since the body of Ramses "Curly" has just been unearthed in his modest fabric shop strangled with a length of polyester. There is a public outcry for the police department to step up and catch this criminal!