Vicious City


Cosmic Orion

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Silvery hair glowed under moonlight as it flowed freely in the air while a young man descended to the ground. Having just vaulted over a fence the world seemed to speed up and slow down all at once as the adrenaline pumped through his veins. First to touch the ground were a pair of black dress shoes before it turned into a crouch, causing his knee to touch down next. Crimson slacks were what he wore to cover up athletic legs. Finally a left hand with strange rings on each finger braced him against the asphalt, the trench coat he wore matched it and fluttered in the air. Meanwhile the white the white button up shirt underneath starkly contrasted it. Obviously he had some sort of training or an extreme amount of luck to land in the classic starting pose of sprinters.

I'll never give up until the bitter end. . . they'll have to drag me to hell in chains.

All around him the darkened alley's shadows seemed to writhe with vicious intent as if merely awaiting the right moment to attack. Yet the way this young man started to sprint again indicated something had already started the attack. Or else this was simply one heck of a work out routine. It would certainly explain how he stayed so fit. But all the young man cared about right now was reaching the street lamp up ahead at the end of the alleyway. So close and yet so far away. Another fence awaited him as a silent obstacle but that would prove little challenge at this point of the chase.

From behind came strange howling noises as whatever chased the silver-haired one started to catch up. The sound of metal being torn apart soon followed as though it were being chewed through by an ungodly set of jaws. Clouds moved to cover the moon, sending the alleyway further into darkness. Glancing just once behind him with those chocolate brown eyes granted the chance to see a pair of green glowing eyes which seethed with a deadly energy. For a few moments they merely stared down one another until the clouds parted from the moon once more. Moonlight granted a better picture of the creature which resembled a large dog but with a few key differences. Namely that this dog was covered in ebony scales instead of fur along with the fact it's fangs and claws were three times the normal size. Around it's neck was an ornate looking collar from which an alluring gem hung.

Damnit! You're still following me?! Bastards just don't quit once they get a scent!! I'll have to take you down if I can. . .

Sprinting toward the fence now, silver hair flowed with the liquid grace of the sea once more as the young man leaped up into the air. A split second passed when it looked as though he would not make it over the ten foot fence. Climbing would only slow him down at this point. Miraculous was the only way to describe what came next, as he cleared the chain link fence topped with barbed wire, seeming to jump a second time on nothing but the air itself. Whether necessary or showing off for no one in particular, he also performed a somersault mid-air to land into a forward roll which left him in a crouch once more underneath the yellowy illumination of that street lamp.

"Dirty little relic thief! Even with your stolen power you cannot escape me! TONIGHT YOU WILL DIE!!!"

Roared like the demonic hound it was came those raging words as it approached the fence which the young man in black, red, and white had just cleared. Now it started to tear at the chain links which gave way to the unholy fangs which tore it away with such a terrible might that it was like watching a child eat spaghetti for the first time. Soon enough the beast would tear a large enough hole to pass through. Could he truly survive an encounter with such a beast? Until now it appeared all he could do was run away quite well.

"So you DO know who I am then. . ."

"Yes. You are the relic thief Shiketsu. A foolish human that believes demonic power can be used by mere mortals."

"It's true. I've taken relics from five other demons so far. They have granted me abilities that no human was meant to have. And yet I have them."

"Not for much longer!!!!"

Bloody tendrils burst from the ebony scales on the demon dog's back, each one growing spikes in certain places until there were four of what appeared to be living barbed wire covered in crimson. Writhing under the moonlight they seemed to transform from bloody sinew into an actual alloy that was no doubt supernatural. This was the long range attacks of these demons when they could not shred prey with their fangs and claws. Constricting opponents who were captured before tearing them apart was a common tactic. Most of the time one hit was enough to rend flesh and ensnare unlucky foes to an untimely demise. All four were launched at Shiketsu as the demon dog lunged with a haunting howl that could send a shiver down the spine of even the most stoic soldier.

Each one was aimed at a specific limb in an attempt to capture him.

A grim, serious expression came onto his face as the fight began with just enough warning to react. Jumping up into the air, the relic thief then performed what looked like a poorly executed mule kick. It was over four feet away from even the tendrils which sought him out. But all was not as it seemed as Shiketsu was suddenly launched backward from the empty air he had just kicked. Stolen from an winged demon, one of the abilities he had come to possess was in fact the ability to 'double-jump'. Up to now it appeared to be the most useful ability combat and exploration-wise in this cursed. . . vicious city of demons.

Ever since the day of that Earthquake. . . this whole area has been possessed by demons. But why? Why now? Why during MY lifetime?

Landing on his back just behind a car, the tendrils pierced right through the old automobile before coiling around it and lifting it up in the air to reveal him to the dog demon's seething eyes of jade. Moments later it was crashing down in an attempt to smash him underneath the abandoned automobile without any remorse but it was to no avail. Shiketsu had rolled out the way just in time.


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Hollow sounding clunks echoed through the empty street save for two. This area was mostly abandoned, and those that remained were fleeing for their life. These streets had become dangerous since something had been released from the gates of hell. This world was paying for it dearly but at the same time people should have taken care of it. Too little too late, it was time to clean up the mess.

Laurana walked calmly down the street as though she were enjoying an evening stroll and not walking up to an overzealous boy taunting a demon. She had one hand in her pocket and the other on her belt. Her steps were solid but they sway of her hips was smooth. She was on a mission and she knew what she was doing. She licked her lips revealing her toothy grin, her eyes shielded by her wrap around glasses. Laurana side stepped reaching to her second left bullet garter, six from the side and loaded three into her gun.

She looked over at the kid on the ground and shook her head at his failed attempts to use the harvested powers of the demons. She knew who this kid was and she was slightly surprised, expecting him to be bigger. That didn't matter so much as he still had a reputation and he also happened to be getting his ass kicked. She chuckled softly under her breath.

Raising her arm she fired three times and then gun disappeared into her clothes. Both of her hands were resting on her hips as it lit on a fire colors people have never seen outside of chemicals. She watched it burn into ashes, as she slowly moved closer. Her attention turned to the kid on the ground as she stared him down.

Cosmic Orion

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One minute there was a death-defying battle ahead of him. . . the next it had been ended for him.

Suddenly he found himself getting stared down by a strange woman he had never seen before in his life. Not knowing the blonde's name only aided in adding an air of mystery to the ordeal. The gun she had was definitely powerful though. Definitely no doubting that after what had just transpired right before his eyes. Luckily her interference had not robbed the thief of the prize sought from the demon dog.

Quickly getting up off the ground he dashed over to the ashes of the dog, unashamedly sifting through them with his bare hands. Just sixteen seconds had passed by until finding the prize. Lifting it up out of the ashes the relic was revealed as none other than the demon dog's collar. But what powers would it grant him? Unfortunately that was the learning curve that came with these forbidden powers. It always turned out to be some form of what the demon had done while living. . . but to what extent or in what way varied.

"Thanks for helping. You made this go a lot faster."

Shiketsu had finally spoken to her and even wiser. . . expressed some gratitude.