Viceroy's Partner Search (Probably Open)

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  1. Hello, everyone! I decided to take a kick at trying to find some more partners, since messaging them over PM sent chills down my spine because it felt so unnatural and weird. Anywho, I'd like to say that if you're reading this thread, welcome! I'm Viceroy and I literally forgot to introduce myself at the beginning of this thread, but, uh, let's overlook that mistake and continue on.

    I also should have started this thread off by saying that I only play submissive males, which means I probably just wasted the time of someone who was looking for a dominant partner, huh? This thread is a mess..

    Onto the pairings!

    1. Cleric x High Priestess
    2. Travelling Merchant x Succubus
    3. Prince x Queen
    4. Friend x Friend
    5. Librarian x Barbarian (Hey, they both end in ''an''! That's, uh, funny. Just sayin'.)
    6. Prince x General
    7. Master x Slave
    8. Teacher x Student

    That's all the ideas I have for now, but I'll come up with some more later! Well, that's the end of the thread. I hope it caught someone's interest.
  2. Teacher x Student!! :)
  3. I accidentally put the posting level to ''Advanced'', but I'm actually more of an ''Elementary'' level. Sorry, PinkArrow. >~<
  4. Oh, no worries!! (:
  5. I don't really need to bump this, but I'm extremely bored and I need a partner, so.. Bump?
  6. I'd be glad to take the funny one, LibrarianXBarbarian, under one condition. You play the barbarian, as a sub of course, and I play the librarian! Muahahahaha!
  7. Very well, then! Would you kindly PM me? I'm a bit busy at the moment~