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  1. This is really my own rp, but it is for Vianne and me!
  2. Name: Camryn Age: 19
    Arrogant and careless, and never backs down from a fight. She can be a bit cruel to strangers, but you can befriend her once you find her weak spots. Camryn can hide her feelings, and is very stubborn and secretive when people ask about them. She is an excellent swordsman and loves a good challenge.
    Well, Camryn isn't very amiable.But deep, deep, deep, DEEEEP inside, she'll just a normal, humorous, and sarcastic person. She carries her twin knives everywhere with her. It has a lightning bolt on the hilts, and its totally B.A. She has black, stick straight hair, and dark brown eyes.
  3. Abandoned city? nice.
    Start with just one oc right now. i also put everything on, just so you know.

    In the middle of a harsh city layed a rundown hotel. The windows and doors on the first floor were bordered up with wood and sheet metal. There was foor floors of the hotel and each floor had a few survivors, a little more than a dozen in all.
    Around them on the streets where the undead. they marched, walked, and crawled in bunches. They wandered aimlessly and even bumped into each other, but they were a big threat.

    (oc time! just do one for now!)
  4. (Lol I already did)
    Camryn stands up high on the roof of a rotting building, she sneers down at the zombies. "Why me, Lord?!" She mutters. Her whole front is coated in dry blood and rotting flesh. She wipes herself clean as she sighs in annoyance. "This was my only white camisole.." She said. "At least I didn't end up Cassia.." Camryn paused for a moment and looked back up. "Alright zombies, prepare to die twice.."
  5. (and Cassia's dead? well, i'm sad now....)
    Damain smirks, "what the hell are you doing up here?" he was walking up to her from behind. He wore his usual black hoodie with a zipper and ripped jeans with holes for the knees. Black shoes walked across the concrete. He had a pistol in its holster on his right side, in case he ever needed it. "everyone is on the first floor, newbie somehow got back alive and un bit..."
  6. Camryn turns around and smiles faintly. "Hey. Glad I'm not the only idiot here.." She walks towards Damian and nudges him gently. "Lets go check up on them then.."
    (In this RP, would he turn to Cam afte Cassia died?)
  7. (I would say yes to it, but they weren't as serious.)
    Damain smirks, he pokes her chest. "You got a little something on your chest...." he jokes and turns back to the stairway.
  8. Camryn blushes faintly and wipes her chest. She walks behind Damian and stares down at the floor. "If this whole thing wasn't happening right now..or if it ever ended..would we.." Camryn stops, she bites her lip. "Would we ever go steady?" She asks quietly. She stops before entering the room.
  9. Damain turns to her, he sighs and smiles. He reached out and held her shoulder. "I would go as fast as you wanted me to go. And who says wr have to wait?" He walks into the stair well, without turning around. "Shut the door behind you."
  10. Camryn nods. "Right.." She walks in and shuts the door. "So this is the lucky bunch huh?"
  11. Damain nods, they had to walk two floors in the stairwell. "Yeah!" His voice echoed. "Max seen him at his post. The fire escape in the back." He points to what would be the back side of the building. "Pulled him up, he had several runners on him. He says at least."
  12. Camryn nodded. "Ah." Her eyes wandered to two huddling figures in the back, one cradling the other. Camryn walks over to them, dragging Damian gently by the arm.
  13. Damain smirks, letting her drag him along. His eyes looked up and down at her backside, then looked to see the figures.
  14. One older, muscular adult is cradling a little girl. The man is aged about 23, and the girl about 9. They both shared a strong resemblance, having scarlet hair and striking blue green eyes. The girls eyes are glinted with tears and her brother's as well. They both look up sullenly. The man wipes his eye. "You're the leaders, yes?" He stands, and the girl clings to him tightly.
  15. Damain looks at Camryn, then back at the man. "it matters on who you ask..." he notices the girl, he studies her. "you new here? who are you?" he puts a hand over his gun, just incase.
  16. The girl whimpers, she hides behind her older brother. "I'm Cane, and this is Mira, my little sister. We weren't bitten, and this was the closest haven we could find..." He looked at Camryn and Damian with pleading eyes.

    Camryn walks back and whispers in Damian's ear. "Do we even have enough room for them?"
  17. Damain smirks, "plenty...third floor rooms are all but vacant.." he looks at the siblings. "i'm sorry, to trusts you both..i must ask you both to strip...just to see that there are no bites.." he releases his grip of the gun and stares at them studdingly.
  18. Camryn walks to Mira and puts on the best smile possible. "I'll check you, and Damian will check your brother.." Camryn took her into another room and checked thoroughly.

    Cane began to strip, awkwardly. "So what's with the tall one?"
  19. Damain looks at him, slightly confused. "the tall one?" after he's done stripping he checks him and nods afterwords. "you're clean...put your clothes back on..." he crosses his arms and waits for the man response.
  20. Cane dresses himself and sighs. "You know, that tall woman you were with.."

    Camryn is checking Mira quietly. "Are you alright? You were crying before.."

    The girl nods in response.
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