Vhats your pain tolerance?

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  1. Yesterday, I vas involved in a little dare-chalenge vith some guys at my gym. The chalenge vas simple, if a bit stupid (but I'm a sucker for those hehe :P ). Basicly, one of them wuld hold a lighted cigarete-lighter, and we'd all take turns, holding the palm of our hand above the flame, the flame actualy touching it, as long as we culd w/o flinching avay.

    Wel, long story short, I won the chalenge, I held it over the flame for about 8 seconds (2 seconds longer then the second-runner) before the pain got too much. Actualy that vas about 4 seconds too long, since I got my skin burned enogh that I stil have to apply ointment to my palm today and keep my hand wraped-up until it heals. So yea, not the smartest thing I ever did... :P ...but stil a fun litle dare!

    But aniway I'm curius if anyone has ever done something similar, and vhat have you discovered about how sensitive (or lack of same) you are to pain.
  2. Nope. Never gave into stupid and needless acts of self-flagellation for some 'omg ur so kewl' points.

    As for tolerance? Shattered wrist without painkillers or a doc for 2 days as a kid (7-10). Parents were horrified since I'd not cried or anything as the bones in my wrist shifted and moved when they found out about it.

    Second time was 3/4 inch splinter under my fingernail. All I could do was laugh because it didn't hurt as bad as my mind thought it should.
  3. Hehehehehehhehehehehe

    Out of my entire group of friends at school, I'm probably the person to have the highest pain tolerance.

    If anything, when I get hit on the head or something like that, I just break into a laughing fit, especially when friends are around to see me 'suffer' in pain XDDD
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  4. I have no clue...I'm no accident prone and I don't do dares that involve me possibly getting injured.

    The only two examples, or things I can think of, that come to mind is when I was 7 years old.

    First story. I was at School, being a kid, playing outside. Blah Blah. We dared each other (the other kids and my friends) on who could jump off this fucking massive slide our school had for some reason. (Like ten feet up to the top.) So we jump off halfway down, blah blah. I'm at the very top, rethinking this idea before some impatient ass wipe shoves me and I fall head first, somehow I didn't land on my head and snap my neck, I fell on my arm and fractured it in so many different places. After I hit the ground, I laid there for a few seconds before getting up, I wasn't crying or anything. I felt some pain, but I ignored it and went to the nurses. (I had a shitty nurse.) She said I was fine, nothing broken (She isn't a fucking doctor, no x-rays. That bitch). She made this assumption simply because I dropped my ice pack and picked it back up with my fractured arm (So I was moving this thing around.) I then went seven more hours with this fractured arm, just cradling it but not really feeling too much pain and moving it around and shit at times until my mother came and picked me up from the babysitter. (Right after school I went to this babysitters house since my Dad was overseas because he was in the Military, and my mom had her own job.) Taken to the hospital, blah blah. I almost went twelve hours with a fractured arm before getting a cast and all that shit on it.

    Second story. Same year, I finally got my cast off and I go hang out with friends. Running around, goofing off, being a kid like last time. This time I trip and fall down onto one knee...right onto this like 2-3 inch sharp rock that dug all the way into my knee-cap area. It was almost all the way into my knee, slowly bleeding out around the wound and I just stood up and looked down, and I was more confused about it than I was in pain. Got it pulled out and I still have this scar on my knee because that was how deep and big the rock was lol.

    Those were my two worst injuries in my life, when I was 7 years old. So I have no idea what my pain tolerance would be. Maybe high, maybe low. Maybe in between.
  5. Aww your no fun!
  6. I actually have a really high pain tolerance. Back in ye olde days when I was in the army, I was going a graduation 8 kilometer rucksack march, for which I was a dumbass and wore 2 pairs of socks, thinking it would be extra padding.

    Turns out, that just rubs the bottom layers of skin right off your feet and all that remained was bleeding, excruciating raw skin that I had to go to the doctor for. Makes me twitch thinking about it. I finished the march, even though we had 3 others collapse from the heat, I didn't realize how bad my feet were until I got my boots off.
  7. I'm not sure how my pain tolerance really rates compared to others, seeing as how experiencing pain is a subjective thing that is different from person to person, but I do know that at the very least I probably appear to have much higher pain tolerance than many people. This is done through the magic of stoicism: if you don't put on any kind of display of being in pain, then people tend to assume that you're not all that hurt after all. I've just never seen the point in crying and carrying on just because of some pain, so even in the midst of the two most painful things I've ever experienced people said I just looked pissed off, not in pain.

    For all I know I have equal or lesser pain tolerance compared to other people and I'm just good at hiding it. :P
  8. Only thing I can tolerate is burns. I suppose I just plain and simply dislike getting cut, but can tolerate it none the less. Really though, it's a difficult thing to really put a label on ones pain threshold. Like getting hit in the head, I'm a big old baby in most any case. But I've sliced knives down to the bone with only the reaction of, "Oh. Shit. I think I need a band-aid." Which is hardly the appropriate response, but I suppose that says something about a pain threshold and just one of the many deep cuts into my dislike of being cut in any way, shape of form. Though through things like the occasional kidney stone, I suppose I've learned to just suck it up and put up with pain; though that's a totally different kind of pain than slicing a finger open or being knocked on the head.

    Maybe those of us who are accident prone simply deal with pain on a regular basis due to being clumsy. I guess in the end, most of us surprise ourselves when it comes to just how much pain one could actually take without freaking the fudge out or whining like a baby who knows nothing else but to, well, whine. Save for some instances where I suppose all you can really do is cry because it just fudging hurts.
  9. I actually don't know O.o I THINK it's low, but the one time I've been punched in the face, it didn't hurt. Allot of things sting, but it never really goes beyond that. I think my body is quick to numb pain as when I get burned, it stings for a bit, and then it just becomes an inconvenience.

    I've done things that SHOULD have put me in a large amount of pain (At least that's what i'm told by others) but it didn't really hurt me.

    So in other words, I don't think I "hurt" or feel pain, But I do sting and feel VERY unpleasant. XP
  10. This woman 'lightly punches' me and thinks it doesn't hurt but I'm writhing in pain. Yup, pretty much explains our relationship.
  11. Nearly chopped my thumb off, it pretty much hung on by a sliver of skin and meat. Much like Windsong, I basicly just laughed. Didn't hurt nearly as much as I thought it would. Luckily the axe was super sharp, or the damage and pain likely would have been worse. Been stabbed in the shoulder, while it hurt, at the time was to high on adrenaline to notice. Got my shit kicked in by homophobes, that shit HURT. Generally, I'd say I have a pretty high tolerance. I have gone with pain that most people around me been unable to tell untill I make a comment about it. My family in general deal very well with damage. Mom was super calm when she broke her foot, directed and called the ambulance herself, managed to limp home (She slipped not far from the house), and was clear and level headed untill the ambulance came. Alot of that was shock though. But still.

    I mean. Ok. cards on the table. I am likely a masochist, so even if does hurt, I am not TO bothered.
  12. I'm a bit accident-prone, so I think I've gotten fairly good at dealing with pain or discomfort. ^^ I fell down the stairs (or slid, or whatever the hell I did) while holding aloft two very breakable plates. Landed on my tailbone, and it did hurt but I was too much in shock to do anything. Got some bad bruises on it on my back and my bum and I think I hurt my hand a little, but that was it.

    Back when I was in elementary school I tripped and scraped my hands and knees a lot. I was a crybaby back then about it, lol. I also got a door slammed on my elbow and knee in two separate occasions as a kid, and yeah, that made me bawl.

    Oddly enough, I can't stand shallow papercuts or wounds. Those sting like hell, and I've already had like, minor incisions made on my foot a few times already in the past.
  13. One thing I discovered, vhen it comes to pain, is that its largely a state of mind. Mind controls the body. Specificly, if you expect pain, if you anticipate it like "oh shit this is going to hurt...", it IS going to hurt, alot. If it catches you "by suprise", if you dont see it coming, it hurts alot less.
  14. Well this really depends on the types of pain. I trained for 10 years as a gymnast so I have a lot of injuries that cause me pain on a regular bases I generally see them as an annoyance rather then painful. However, some days it's so bad I can't walk without taking doctor prescript pain killers, but those are the worst days. New pains on the other hand tend to turn me into a big baby because I haven't grown a slight tolerance to them. Like I'm that girl who will tear up when they get a paper cut. ><
  15. I've boxed and done martial arts, and experienced my slew of accidents and injuries as well. I take well to pain, I think. I have a high endurance level and pain threshold. But...

    Haha, I do NOT respond well to the sight of my own blood gushing out of gaping wound. Busted nose or anything, meh. Half-open finger from a a floor tile accident? Oh man. I'm taking care of it, but having a meltdown over all that blood all over the floor.
  16. Yes, it certainly depends on vhat kinds of pain your used to. Most kinds of "external" pain, I can just literaly shrug-off. Blunt trauma, bruising, bone micro-fractures, even most cuts, I barely feel it (and on some parts of the body I actualy dont feel it at all anymore, totally dead nerve-endings). But, "internal" pain, like head-ache, tooth-ache, stomach-ache, things like that... OUCH. Especialy tooth-ache. That shit literaly drills thru the brain!
  17. I'm terrible when it comes to headaches! They absolutely can floor me, and I'm a nut for painkillers when I get a headache. I have a small cache of prescription-grade painkillers, just in case I get one of those headaches that not even a Tylenol can handle. I don't get many toothaches, but again... Yow. I have too many stomach issues for me to even notice anymore; having acid reflux really builds that "tolerance," as it were. :P

    But yeah, the external pain? I shrug off most of it. Only broken bone I ever had, I was maybe 6 or 7, and I just sort of stared at it... Then tried fixing it. I had no conception of broken bone, so I tried to "put it back in place." I blacked out from the pain, but woke back up all, "Huh. What do I do now?" Then I had to wait HOURS at the hospital before anyone would even look at me, because of insurance. Finally a doctor who had been there nearly as long as I had said, "You? Come here," and he fixed me. :D

    Oh, setting the bone was excruciatingly painful. I blacked out during that, definitely.
  18. ITT: Everyone pretends to be a hard ass.
  19. Pretty high.
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  20. Wel for head-aches, I generaly use the simple acupuncture-press I described once in another thread (2 fingers presing-in at the inner parts of both eye-sockets, diagonaly above the nose). It works vonders, no matter how intense the head-ache is. Few seconds of pressure, and the pain is gone. I just wish I known a similar trick for tooth-aches, but unfortunatly I dont. Those, I have to suffer-thru, and visit a dentist.

    That is barbaric. Lol am I glad we have a state-funded healthcare system here....

    Oh and yes... trying to set a broken bone w/o a painkiller must have been hell.