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  1. Hello,

    my name is Variable, but feel free to call me Vari or even X. I am a Veteran roleplayer, who for a very very long time has been doing one rp boards. (Or a board where it is centred around a single roleplay.) I have found out that doesn't work for me. As now for the fourth time I have been kicked off a board. (Different reasons, all come back to one thing I hate - drama.) Regardless I am hoping to get a new start here.

    I am a 16 - almost 17 year old, who has a passion for writing. Though I know I'm not the best writer, I think my idea flow is solid, and can work to my advantage. I live in Canada, in one of the capitals (you can guess amongst yourselves which one!) I am dealing with a lot of real life stress, and this may or may not interfere with my rping life. Hoping that it won't, but you can never be sure.

    Random tidbits about me are...:
    • I like gaming in my spare time. I am a HUGE BioWare fan.
    • My favorite softdrink is Coca Cola.
    • I have been roleplaying for close to eight years now, I started when I was 9 (and three quaters!)
    • I can be a bit abrasive, I hold my tongue a lot of the time, but if someone insults me or a close friend, things might not become so good.
    • I H.A.T.E drama, and all the roleplaying sites I've found are stocked full of it.
    • I will gang up with Diana, and throw rocks at you if you say the word 'literate' in my presence.
    • I hate smut. Even though I'm technically too young to roleplay it, I have before. And I won't be going back to it anytime soon. (Even when I'm legally allowed.)
    That about sums it up! Thanks for listening to my ranting introduction.
  2. Welcome, Various. Hope you find a nice place in the community for yourself.
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  3. Thanks fellow Titanfall player!
    I've been itching to own the game myself. Played it at my brother's.
    I went with a PS4 instead of X1, newb mistake.
  4. I got it for PC, because PC master race :P
  5. Yay! Throwing rocks at people is the best! Welcome to the community Vari! <3
  6. Hello there X, It's a pleasure to meet you, Welcome to the community and enjoy the stay :)
  7. *takes a bow* Welcome and I hope you have a wonderful time here!
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