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  1. Does anyone else watch this wonderful YouTube channel? I highly recommend it if you're an animal lover, or even just someone who wants to build their faith in humanity. It's one of my favourite channels to watch, and I hope one day donate to it as well.

    Here's a video below. Note many of the videos have graphic surgery. So if you're squeamish, don't watch!

    And if anyone's into firearms, well, Dr. Matt has Demolition Ranch as well ^_^

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  2. This guy is one of the greatest things on YouTube. Demolition Ranch is hilarious
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  3. 100% agree! I haven't stopped watching his vids since I discovered him back in 2014 ^_^
  4. Why you no say so earlier?

    Creepy Cooter is disappointed.
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  5. ^_^' Lol I always had it in mind to mention! But then I'd forget and get distracted by other stuff.
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