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  1. This is simply my idea for a roleplay. If you have any ideas, please say. If you are interested reserve a spot now as spots will be limited.

    To reserve a spot simply say reserve and you're charecters name, full sheets will be done later.

    If you have any questions feel free to ask here.

    Earth as we call it is a peacefull and tranquil place, at least this one is.

    This earth is ruled and created bye four gods.
    Inferness. God of fire
    Areo. God of wind
    Aqua. Goddess of water
    Gea. Goddes of earth

    The gods left four crystals on the earth. These crystals kept the elements in balance.
    These crystals were also considered holy. As such to each crystal was a vessel a holy priest or priestess that lived in the temple with there crystal.
    The vestal a spent all of there day in prayer to the crystal. This has gone on for years.

    5000 years after that cycle has begun. The vestals and gods have been forgotten by the people. The vestals still watch and pray to there crystal. But one day, the moon turned red and darkness floded the land. It destroyed the temples tht the crystals were in and polluted the crystals. All the vestas ran to there sanctuary, the radiant garden.

    The crystals are corrupted, so are the elements. The seas rot and cannot be sailed upon. Flowers and plants die and won't grow, no wind blows anymore and fire is unable to be controlled at all.

    The vestals are remembered again, but they are hated. The people belive that it is there fault for fleeing.

    The vestals must know returne to there temples and release the prayers trapped inside there crystals, they can't do it alone though they need the help of heros.

    This is where are story begins

    Open spots
    Air vestal
    Water vestal
    Earth vestal
    Fire vestal

    Heros 1-4
    Grand Sage
    (The grand sage has access to all 4 crystals and aids the vestals along)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.