Very new and very nervous.

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  1. What do you prefer to be called?
    Generally zeroth, but it depends on the rp.

    Boy, girl, or a mystery?
    I am a boy, however I can role play as either.

    How old are you?
    As of this message 20.

    Are you new to the site but not to roleplaying?
    I am new to the site but definitely not roleplaying. I used to role-play all day every day but that was five years ago. I used to role-play with my ex girlfriend but unfortunately something tragic happened to her which changed her. I haven't role-played or talked to her since. I have had other partners but they kind of faded away. I had a few friends that I would try to role play with even though they weren't into it :P. All my friends moved away and don't talk to me that much anymore.

    Do you like group Role-plays or just a single partner?
    I prefer to role-play with a single person. When I role-play I like to have my attention undivided. I also would like to only role-play with females, I feel weird roleplaying with males unless they are my friends. I don't know why.

    When I role-play I like to be open to anything. I'm okay with pretty much anything and I like to explore what my partners into. I'm also fine with sexual stuff randomly popping up. My role-plays are very open. I am into unusuall stuff but I wont get into that until I'm more comfortable with you.

    I have my own world set up, and I have spent years building it. I have written stories about it and have drawn a lot of stuff relating to it. I literally think about it every day. I spend most of my time roleplaying in that world but im fine with whatever universe my partner likes especially if its a video game.

    The main reason I am roleplaying besides missing it, is because im looking for some friends. Like I said all my friends are pretty much gone. Sad I know :blah:.

    It appears I am rambling so ill finish up. If you have any questions send me a message or something. I have only role-played from cellphone texts, aaaaannnnd I am an introvert to the extreme, so this whole computer thing and coming out of my shell is very hard on me. its going to take awhile to understand what I'm doing.

    If you have any questions for me send me a email or personal message. There is a lot I did not cover.

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  2. Hi welcome to Iwaku, I'm a bit new to Iwaku myself but I think this community is great and it's easy to make friends ^u^
    I hope you enjoy role-playing here >w<
  3. Aw mayne! Don't be nervous! We're all great here... I mean especially the cool kids... We're all pretty damn cool.. So everyones great! Wow, full cycle. :) welcome!
  4. Welcome to the community! I'm sure you will find tons of friends and even more RP partners!!

    It's never too late to have fun!
    If you ever have any questions or anything, feel free to give me shout. :)
  5. Am I the only one confused as to why this says it was edited eight months before he joined..?

    OH WELL!

    Hi! Welcome! Enjoy! :D
  6. Hi Newbie!!!!!!!!!! *Gives cookies and smiles* No need to be nervous. We dont bite... Well..... >_> some of us do. I've been roleplaying since i was 12 and now at the age of 18, my skills have gotten better. Anyways!!! Welcome to Iwaku. You can message me if your up for an rp. Im always down. HAve a good day. ❤
  7. Hello and welcome! I'm pretty new here too and you can always PM me if you want, for a roleplay or just to talk! We're all friends here. ^.^
  8. Welcome to the site~

    Hope you finda lot of friends ^-^
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