Very anime-isque plot group art rp?

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  1. So I was wondering if anyone interest in a group art rp with this plot?

    if anyone doesn't know what's a group art rp, means that we RP while drawing~

    SO it's like (sorry to use your post @Meiima ~!)
    Group ART RP? |


    There was once a man who dreamt to unify all Japan to its peaceful state from war, but the attempt was a failure as he only conquered a third of Japan. That man goes by the name of Nobunaga Oda, a brutal warlord who wrote his name through the Japanese’s history. Eventually his successor, Toyotomi Hideyoshi, continued his ambition and succeeded in unifying Japan.

    Shogun Gakuen, is an elite school located in Tokyo, Japan that’s famous of its mysterious way of teaching. Students who graduate from the academy have turned into someone that excels in their field. Nobody outside the school figured how they would be able to effectively teach the students and make them grow as the end result.

    Shogun Gakuen’s virtue and teaching philosophy were all based on the famous warlord Nobunaga Oda, a person who almost succeeded to unify all Japan. Students in this school must join “Shogun’s Ambition” time, where the student learns the way to survive in society and win through battles. The “Shogun’s Ambition” time itself cover 85% of the school time.

    The Principal has set this unique subject as to what modern kids preferred these days and that’s through a virtual game-like world. Students will be given a special phone that have “Shogun Gakuen” app on it as soon as they get enrolled into the academy. Inside the app contains things of what you usually see in video games; a status screen, inventory, and gacha.

    With that, the whole school will be covered with virtual forcefield as soon as it's "Shogun Ambition" timewhich enable the whole school look different from the inside. The interior of the school would have much freedom to walk into as the scale would be upped by 200:1 than it's normally do and time will be slower in the virtual field, It'll be ten minutes in virtual field time for every a minute in a real life which mean "Shogun's ambition" will have 80 hours worth of time.

    @Meiima and @Alexstrasza ~!
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  2. I like it ^^ count me in~
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  3. Wohoo~ well now we all need around maybe 3 more at least ^^~?
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  4. yo kay~
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  5. Definitely ouo
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  6. Whether I can draw or not, I'm partaking.
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  7. yes we are~! >:3
  8. Can I have a dragon familiar.............. Or is itmore modern sci fi than fantasy....?

    Also this is set in japan right?
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  9. It's more of modern fantasy high school, try to think of it as a MMORPG school~!

    Also you won't get a dragon familiar at first yet though maybe sometimes in the future~ (like in event mwahaah!)
  10. *rolls in the ground in frustration* I wanna draw an animalllllllll can I draw the random dog that just happens to be in the school grounds???
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  11. yes~ yes you can XD~ as soon as the RP start
  12. *dies of happiness* I can draw animals.........
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  13. XD~! you animal lover~! Spread the word my sister and see if there's anyone interested~!
  14. don't really many people yet but yeah will do!
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  15. Wohoo glad you join Crow~!

    thanks X3~!
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  16. I mean't .....

    I don't really know too many people yet but I will see
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  17. XD~! well still you're helping so it's great ^o^~!
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  18. X9
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  19. Woot. You know I'm in lol. We need what one more person?
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