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  1. Snowpoint began to fade into the background as the captain came over the intercom once more to contact the newest additions to the voyage.

    "All the new trainers that don't have a pokemon, and the remaining ones from before that haven't received their pokemon yet, please report to the deck immediately."

    Two elite trainers were waiting for the four children, that remained, on the top deck. One of the elite trainers approached the only male of the group. He handed the young male a yellow and blue colored pokemon egg.

    "Your professor asked for me to give this to you."

    As the pokemon egg was handed to the trainer, the other elite trainer handed a pokeball to each of the three girls remaining. With everyone on board finally equipped with their very own pokemon, the trainers were allowed to roam the ship with the time that was left. There was still three days left of travel before the ship arrived in the Veritas region, and the rule forcing all trainers to keep their pokemon in pokeballs was lifted now that everyone had a pokemon. While the ship was large, the children and trainers were limited to what they could do by the resources available to them. Some of the veteran trainers could be seen flying off into the distance to explore some while others could be seen riding next to the ship on their pokemon. People littered the top deck where they were walking around or fishing, the cafeteria where they talked and ate and other friends' rooms where they simply hung out. Now was the time that everyone was getting to know each other. The last three days on the ship could be as eventful or dull as the passengers made it.

    Each player is currently in their room. Feel free to roam the ship in the designated areas mentioned. If you would like to explore an area that hasn't been mentioned in this post, feel free to get in contact with me, and we can make a collaboration post to figure out how your "exploration" turns out.


    Events that occurred:
    • All trainers now have a pokemon
    • The ship has three days left of travel
    • The ship has been declared free to explore, for the most part
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  2. DJ sat on his bed only starting at the egg he had received just a little earlier. He want back to his room in order to grab some things while he explored, a little notebook he would be keeping some contacts written down in if he really needed. Accompanied with that would obviously be his backpack which he had left in his room previously. Though his newest accessory would by far be the hardest to lug arround.

    Contemplation of not only what pokemon would be hiding in the egg, but of how long it would take rushed through his head. At the moment he had finally gotten everything together the egg was cozy on his bed practically laying on the pillow. He smirked at the thought of the egg trying to get comfortable in the bed. DJ sat down on the bed gently. His demeanor had changed just a little to be more accomodating of the very delicate object that was in his presence. He put his hand on the egg again to remind himself what it felt like since he last touched it.

    It's still warm

    He could only marvel that his very first Pokemon was just on the other side of a thin shell. He knew not to rush it, the expression from the trainer he received it from surely made that clear. Three things stormed through his mind: That elite trainer was so cool, I can't wait to see my Pokemon, and I'm so hungry.

    He felt that this would be just as good an opportunity as any to grab a bite to eat possibly get to know some people. Picked up his egg, securing it with a firm and gentle grip, secured his leftover belongings, locked the room, and headed to the cafeteria. He would be very upbeat and smiles as he went, if anyone wanted to stop him and strike up conversation he would stop and enjoy the company. In the event that he saw someone that he knows he would dash over to that person, even in the middle of a conversation, to go greet them. He would excuse himself of course he wasn't entirely rude.
  3. Dashe eventually found his way back to the ship. The new rule that Pokemon could be out of their balls on deck surprised him. Now, he and Jehuty had more room to move about, but that also meant that new trainers could recreate battles that they've seen on television. Pure chaos was liable to happen.

    Turns out, new trainers mean new Pokemon, and new Pokemon meant nothing more than scratching and tackling. It was a bit chaotic, but not nearly as bad. Jehuty stuck close to Dashe as to not let any of the runts hit either of them. Thankfully there weren't many open flame Pokemon to scare Jehuty.

    After dropping his backpack off, Dashe went back to the deck, the curiosity getting the better of him. By now the boat would have likely departed.

    Dashe was amazed by all that he saw. Some inexperienced trainers making their Pokemon tackle each other, then crying over losing their first fight. He saw some flying above the boat, making him a bit envious. And there were trainers surfing on Pokemon around the boat. There was something really cool about the ability to be so close to your Pokemon that you could ride them. He turned to Jehuty, who was watching the Pokemon around him without saying a word.

    Oh well. He had a really cool friend in Jehuty, and he couldn't ask for much more than that.

    This caused him to think of his other new friend. He hadn't spoken to Leon or Stella since snow point. The last time he saw him, he got into a snowball fight with the kids in the town. He knew it would be a matter of time before he saw him.
  4. Laying out his items and clothes on the single bed in the room; Jimmy quickly took a mental note of what supplies he had and what might be needed. Five shirts; two black, one red, one grey, and one blue. Three pairs of pants; black jeans, blue jeans, and red shorts. There was of course the jacket he was wearing over top of the grey muscle-t and black shorts. A pair of sandals, extra socks and underwear, hair-gel, a white scarf, some groovy sunglasses, the volcano necklace from Cinnabar and his wallet with very few pokedollars left.
    Jimmy began packing these items back into the large bag his parents gave him for the trip. A quick glance to the pillow would reveal his lone pokeball with his brand new Charmander inside. The captain had a rule of not having any pokemon out at that time so Jimmy had to put the little fire lizard in the device.

    "Well looks like I have plenty of clothes for this journey." he exclaimed rubbing the back of his head and pushing his bag under the bed.
    {blrrughhh} Echoed into the room from the small boy's bowels.
    "Hehe looks like I forgot to eat this morning. I should go grab so..."
    Jimmy's monologue to himself was cut short by the Captain over the loudspeaker asking for any trainers without pokemon to join them up on deck, and finally that everyone could let their partners out of their pokeballs.

    With a gleaming smile on his face Jimmy grabbed Smore's ball of the bed and held it up, pointing towards the door.
    "Come out Smores!" The device opened and with a flash of light the small lizard with the flame on its tail appeared.
    It stretched its arms out and yawned letting out a small half enthused "char"
    "Well now that you are awake how's about we go grab some food. Hopefully there is spaghetti or steak or a burger."
    The Charmander looks up at his trainer, and with a simple nod.
    "OK! Lets go eat and check out some of the pokemon around here!" Excitedly Jimmy grabs his sunglasses and places them atop his head. After, picking up Smores and cradling it like a baby, making certain to keep its tail away from himself and flammable objects, Jimmy set out into the hallway locking his door behind him and walked to the cafeteria.

    There were a few different pokemon and trainers in the hallways, but nothing to important to take note of.
    "Most of the people are probably hanging out up on deck huh Smores?"
    The Charmander shrugged with its tiny shoulders. "Cha Cha Char"

    As he approached the cafeteria, Jimmy saw a trainer battle take place. The fight seemed quick and boring, nothing he hadn't studied about before. Yet there was something a bit more interesting not too far ahead of him and it wasn't a pokemon.
    There was a boy that seemed to be carrying an egg and he had a familiar air about him but Jimmy wasn't entirely sure. He wasn't about to call out any random name and see if the kid would respond, that would be obnoxious and he would bring unwanted attention to himself.
    "Charmander Char" Smores said pointing his small claw towards the visible part of the egg.
    Jimmy squinted his eyes and nodded to the lizard
    "Yea Smores that's like how you were before you hatched, although I didn't know anyone else had an egg...." The Charmander would pipe up at this point "Chaarrrr Char"
    He picked up the pace to attempt to 'casually' pass by the boy and be curious. "I don't think that guy is Sean though, unless he got a new outfit and grew a bigger head. Well lets check it out" He whispered to his partner.
  5. DJ just walked around, it seemed as though a lot of people were either getting to know each other or starting their very first Pokemon battles. Those all seemed to be the newer trainers though. DJ was far more interested in the Elite trainers, the ones that were already getting off the ship, to a certain extent, to do some exploring. He was getting excited just thinking about all the exploring that he would be doing; then it hit him. If he didn't make some friends on the ship soon he would be traveling alone, well without any other humans. He gripped his egg just a little tighter at that moment as he realized a small portion of himself becoming depressed, but he was one to never outwardly show it. Though he did stop for a second staring off into the distance thinking about what he would do.

    "Hey! What kind of pokemon is in there?!" As DJ turned to face the voice that spoke to him, he would see a young white boy wearing a red shirt and black jeans. In his hand he held a red and white multi-colored sphere. He seemed excited to find out about the egg that DJ had in his possession. "Do you have any other pokemon? Where did you even get the egg from?!"

    "..." DJ was quiet at first before realizing someone was talking to him, and excitedly at that. "Oh! Hey!" He snapped out of his state of bewilderment to respond to everything the boy had said. "I don't actually know whats in the egg, its a surprise from the elite trainer my profes-"

    It was at that moment that Jimmy had attempted to casually pass by him while having a conversation, but DJ could recognize that cocky demeanor anywhere. "Excuse me." DJ said being as polite as possible to the boy who started a conversation with him. "Is that Jimmy?" DJ called out to get the attention of the his friend.
  6. The boy with the large head and orange clothing was stopped by another lad who seemed just as inquisitive as Jimmy was. He inquired quite a few things about the boy in question. Jimmy would take this as an opportunity to sneak by and get a good look at the kid's face.

    His knees had bent ever so slightly as he had began to slink along the side of the wall 'inconspicuously'. He side stepped slowly and cautiously as if he were standing on the edge of a very high cliff. His sleazy and sneaky girl watching ninja days didn't pay off as the boy obviously took note of him.

    The large headed kid called out Jimmy's name, but his voice wasn't that of Seans. With a quick glance past the random kid he was talking to Jimmy determined that the boy was no other than Mr. Big Head, or in this case, DJ.

    His posture straightened and demeanor changed from being sneaky to his normal self once again. Being slightly rude, Jimmy walked in front of the random kid and held out his right fist to his old friend. His left arm tightly cradled the newborn lizard as its tail's flames flickered not to far from Jimmy's left leg.
    "I'm surprised you recognized me after being a loser and leaving Goldenrod and everything."
    He chuckled at his own statement, and without giving DJ a chance to even speak up Jimmy rubbed the head of the baby Charmander.
    "This is Smores. He is my new partner." Jimmy had said with the utmost pride in himself
    "Charmander Char" the small lizard exclaimed holding out its right claw in what appeared to be a tiny four fingered fist towards the person his trainer was speaking to.
  7. Brushing a strand of purple hair out of her face, the young girl looked down at her new partner Chinchou who was standing beside her. The round water Pokemon wasn't very fond of walking on land or a ship's deck, but it was better than being stuffed in his Pokeball. The new trainer and Pokemon had just started to get to know each other; Anne just caught Chinchou by fishing with her prized fishing rod after boarding the ship. However, just in a small amount of time, Sailor Anne had quickly picked up on her Chinchou's hasty nature.

    Her blue eyes peered around the upper deck and took in the sight of trainers scattered about. She noticed a group of boys nearby, one holding a Charmander and the other holding an egg. Anne looked down at her water-electric type: "Chinchou let's go meet some people. I'm curious about where they're from! I want to meet people & Pokemon from all over the world, don't you?"
    Chinchou turned away from the young sailor, "Chou." it said firmly.
    She was beginning to figure out this nature of his. Sarcastically she shrugged, "Okay well, I guess you don't want to ever have another Pokemon battle then."
    Perking up, the angler pokemon's fins were speeding toward the group before Anne could realize what had happened, "Hey!" she shouted while running after the Pokemon
  8. Ariadne stumbled on to the deck of the wooden ship and awkwardly stood, her hands behind her back, searching the nearby area for any indication of where to go. She had heard the announcement moments earlier, and was hoping that this had been the right ship to board at the piers. She recalled how everyone else's parents had ushered them onto the wooden platform to board and let out a sigh. Her mothers would be worried by now. At least she hoped they were, her heart was heavy with regret - Ariadne missed them.

    She wound her hands into her long, pale pink hair. Her emerald green eyes scanned the area, and she tapped her toes against the floor. The sun was annoying her, the chattering dweebs below her were annoying too, and she just wanted to hide in her cabin until she didn't feel remorse over running away from home.
  9. DJ noticed Jimmy holding his new Pokemon and smiled immediately, a Charmander was what he always talked about getting when they were kids. As jimmy raised his fist it nostalgia rained down on him from the iconic 'brofist' he and his friends had done so much when they were only a few years younger. DJ met his fist with the opposing hand but keeping quite the firm grip on his egg.

    "Wow, I didn't-" DJ tried to speak up in order to explain why he left, even know Jimmy already knew why. His friends always knew how to ruffle his feathers ever so slightly. Jimmy introduced his new friend, and his friend seemed to introduce himself as well. They were so similar already. DJ proceeded to bump fists with the little lizard as well with a smile on his face. "What have you-" Before DJ could even continue a statement a blue ball came up to them, followed by a young girl. Chinchou ran right underneath the two trainers talking.

    "CHOUCHOU!" It proclaimed exuberantly. Anne caught up to the group, slowing down as she approached.

    Smiling while giving a friendly wave, she said "Hello, my name's Anne." She looked down at their feet, "And that blue ball of fury there is my Chinchou."

    Her water Pokémon put its fins on his hips, "Chou." Anne laughed.

    "He's a bit feisty; sorry for the commotion. Anyway, nice to meet you. Where are you all from?"
    When Chinchou jumped into their conversation DJ was pleasantly surprised to see a water Pokemon so out of habitat at that moment. This was the first time he had talked to a girl since he had started on his journey as well. He was a little nervous but he tried not to let it show.

    "Uhh, Hi nice to meet you, don't worry about it. I'm DJ and this is-" DJ extended the opportunity for Jimmy to introduce himself.
    The young trainer beamed past his old comrade to greet the charming female.

    "Don't get too flustered DJ." His elbow bent at a right angle, hand raised at head level, and smirked with the most deviance a twelve year old could manage. "I am Jimmy of Goldenrod, Lord of Fire Pokemon, and protector of beautiful maidens. Miss Anne with such a graceful name this ship should be titled after you. Imagine it. The SS. Anne. A pleasure to make your acquaintance." The fiery lizard's face went blank and his little sharp toothed jaw had dropped. A droplet of water ran down the side of Smores' head.

    "" He looked up at his trainer with so many questions that his questions would have questions.

    Anne couldn't help but smile at the two in front of her, "Nice to meet you DJ and Jimmy." Then realizing what Jimmy had said, her interest was piqued and was getting a little overexcited, "Jimmy, you are a Lord of Fire Pokémon? Wow! I really want to meet all kinds of famous trainers and Pokémon. Do you have any amazing fire Pokémon? And who is this little guy you're holding?" Her curiosity spilled over onto the other boy, "DJ are you a Pokemon expert as well? I bet that's a very rare egg."

    DJ planted his hand firmly on his face at the stupidity of his friend. Jimmy never seemed to fail when it came to attempting to womanize the ladies, whether attempt worked or not. Either way DJ still found it embarrassing. It made it even more embarrassing that she believed him.

    “Jimmy isn’t the lord of anything, and neither of us are legendary, but we will be. I can promise you that.” DJ had a uncanny ability to have more inspiration in his words that would normally be needed or intended but when he spoke there was a certain truth about what he said.
  10. The boat was ready for departure by time Leon made it back on board. The departure horn blasted as Leon leaned against the railing of the deck. The vast sea stretched out before the ship was beautiful. Leon's gaze fell on the horizon, the place where the ocean met the sky, and it reminded him of how much of the world there was to ses. He was lucky, too, that he would be exploring a new region. He had a lot of drawing ahead of him, especially since there were brand new pokemon to see!

    "Are you excited, Stella?" Leon asked in a small sigh.

    "Yep! I think we could make a lot of new friends too!" Stella projected to Leon. She was twirling about his feet, hopping around in some sort of adolescent improvisational dance. It was actually really adorable.

    Leon smiled at Stella and nodded. "Yeah, I'm sure we will...speaking of friends, where's Dashe?" Leon started looking around, there were way too many people on the deck, and everyone had their new pokemon out, pitting them against each other. Leon scoffed at the sight. "Why do so many people want to fight, Stella? You don't feel the need to fight, do you?"

    Stella shrugged. "No, not really. I just want to have a bunch of friends! I don't think we need to fight, but maybe some pokemon want to fight?" The young Ralts looked around at some of pokemon. "There! That one!" Stella pointed at Anne's Chinchou. "He likes to fight! It's in his nature to be aggressive and confident."

    With a nod, Leon frowned. "I don't get it, why would they want to fight? I guess if that's what they want to do, then who am I to stop them?" Leon's tone was somewhat depressed. He scanned the ship more, mulling over the idea of pokemon being inherently aggressive.
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  11. Anne took a step back and calmed down, embarrassed at herself as well. Then she laughed, "Oh! I know you guys are going to be legends one day, I already believed you!" She laughed again, "Actually I think it's even cooler meeting legends when they're just starting out. It's like you can watch them climb to greatness."
    Suddenly the young girl was digging in her satchel, and she quickly produced a digital camera. Bounding a few steps back, faster than the electricity running through her Pokémon, she pointed and shot a photo. "There!" She looked down at the screen on her camera and laughs, "Aww this is a good one; Look you guys!" She walked over to the boys and showed them the digital screen.
    ((yay sticky notes at work! lmao. is my art making your eyes scream yet?))
    ((I haven't drawn anything in like........a year? more? can you tell? Shhh))
    ((Quick drawing of the group for now. Drew this a few days ago. OH GOD THE PROPORTIONS ARE ALL WRONG. oh well. And I can't draw arms. And I used all pen. -facepalm- ))
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  12. Dashe: Soon after Dashe turned to Jehuty, another figure would appear. A male around the same age as Dashe stood right in front of Dashe; seemingly sizing him up. After a few seconds of staring the duo down, the male pointed at Dashe and yelled, unnecessarily loud,

    "I challenge you to a pokemon battle! You have no choice but to accept!"

    Without giving Dashe a real chance to answer, the boy reached in his pocket and pulled out a pokeball. Swiftly pressing the button so that the multi-colored sphere enlarged, the boy chucked the ball in the direction of Jehuty, after taking a few steps back. A bright light emerged from the ball as a metallic pokemon with box cutter arms and a blade attached to it's helmet appeared in front of Scyther.

    "Let's just see who has the better pokemon! I bet my Pawniard will wipe the floor with your bug-thing!"

    The boy seemed adamant on his challenge, and he seemed on the verge of calling an attack at any moment.

    Ariadne: With the awkward position in which Araidne stood, most people seemed to avoid her for whatever reason with the exception of two people. One was a anglo saxon skinned female with an athletic build and sun-kissed blonde hair and golden honey eyes who seemed to be in her late teens if not very early twenties and the other was a younger male who seemed to be in his very early teens with a caramel complexion, short dark brown curls that had just started to grow and dark brown eyes. The female was the first to approach Ariadne as the runaway seemed a tad out of place with all the hustle and bustle that was happening around her.

    "Is there maybe something I can help you with? I'm Elise; one of the elite trainers on board."

    The young boy silently followed behind Elise without saying a word to Ariadne.

    Leon: As Leon and Stella made their way to the top deck, they saw countless battles that were in progress. Some battles as simple or quick as a Rattata tackling a Nidoran (m) to a Pidgey flapping it's wings as hard as it could to try and pull off a gust attack against it's foe. The larger battles that took place, which didn't make much noise due to their distance, were off the boat entirely. Elite trainers could be seen battling above or off to the side of the ship. A Lapras could be seen using ice beam as it fought against a Wailord, and a Pidgeot could be seen overheard challenging a Braviary. A yell, however, eclipsed the sounds of the ongoing battles as a boy, seemingly fourteen, challenged another fourteen year old. Most of the conversation was audible, if Leon wanted to listen, and the boy could be heard yelling about how his pokemon was going to beat the other kid's bug pokemon.

    Anne, Jimmy, DJ: As Anne snapped the photo of Jimmy and DJ, the egg in DJ's possession shook violently one time, and once Anne turned the camera to the boys so that they could take a look at the picture, a crack ran across the upper half of the egg like a halo as the egg shook once more. About a second later, the top half of the egg erupted off and a small blue head, with a grey poof of hair at the top of it's head, protruded from the egg looking around at the three human faces that surrounded him.
  13. That uncomfortable feeling that accompanies the knowledge that you are being watched was more than apparent on Dashe's face as the youth sized him up for an uncomfortable amount of time. Instead of fear, which he was accustomed to, the youth seemed to perceive him and Jehuty as rivals for some reason.

    The words of protest arose in his throat, but he wasn't able to vocalize them before the youth threatened the pawniard into a battle with Jehuty. Jehuty stepped in front of Dashe in response to the threat to Dashe.

    "Sorry man... Jehuty doesn't fight and I'm not a battle trainer."

    This seemed to prove futile. For some reason the youth seemed content on battling Jehuty. Dashe was confident in his partner, but he didn't see the point in unnecessary battles. But it seemed you challenger had no intention of backing down. Seeing no choice, Dashe sighed and took a few steps back from Jehuty. At least the pawniard seemed sturdy enough for Jehuty to not worry about cutting him in half.

    "Jehuty, you got it. I'll leave this to you." Dashe said, and crossed his arms.

    Dashe had never commanded Jehuty, and Jehuty was used to hunting small game for food. Dashe was hoping his skills in hunting would carry over to an actual battle.

    A silence filled Jehuty before he crouched low. Then, in a flash, Jehuty was by the pawniard, and swung it's heavy arm down, attempting to smack it upside the head with a Quick Attack to test the pawniard.
  14. The girl they were just meeting was certainly an eccentric and energetic one as he could definitely tell by her demeanor and Pokémon. Though he was getting used to being kept to himself, moments like this really helped him appreciate having friends like James and making new ones. Flash. The camera snapped a photo of the two boys, who were both photogenic in their own right; Jimmy for his over the top over confidence and DJ for his genuine empathy. But something was odd, as soon as the photo was shot a large crack bore into the shell that was being held. The ring shape crack was dawned by the egg as it violently shook, which clearly caught his attention. No more than a moment later though the small piece of shell fell onto the ground only to reveal the head of a newborn Pokémon. The creature let out a little cry and looked up at the people that were surrounding him, but there

    Hey!” DJ said excitedly to the newborn, as happy as he could be. An entire week had passed by as he kept the Pokémon warm at night while sleeping, he never let the egg out of his sight. He spoke to it all the time and now was a very special moment for him despite such a short time. His excitement almost couldn’t be contained, and the Pokémon could sense his expression. Before it could look around its sensitive ears caught DJ’s statement. With perked up ears it looked up at him recognizing the voice of the person who had been coddling him for the past week; the only warmth it had felt in weeks. It immediately attached to him with this emotional connection that has been shared maximized. It blitzed out of the egg and up into his arms clawing his shoulders a little to hold on, accompanied by licking his cheek with its sandpaper tongue. DJ laughed as he let the bottom half of the egg fall to the ground to support him releasing his claws some.

    Nice to meet you too buddy!” The Pokémon responded with a loud purrish-growl as DJ petted his new friend, solidifying the bond that they were creating. It was probably pretty warming for those around the two of them have this moment together.
  15. The boy yelling over the crowd caught Leon's attention. "What was that?" Leon looked around towards the source. "He sounded like he was on a war path." An anxious Stella hopped in front of him with her arms raised, obviously wanting to be picked up. In one swift motion, Leon scooped Stella up as he made his way through the crowd, being careful as to not get mixed up in the ongoing battles.

    After but a moment, Leon could see what was going on. It was Dashe and some other trainer. Jehuty, was just lowering himself into an attack position. "Be careful, Jehuty!!" Stella squeaked audibly. Naturally only pokemon would be able to understand the native tongue, but the sight of Stella leaping from Leon's arms, tears almost welling up in her eyes as she extended a hand toward the scyther, was easy enough to discern. Stella was genuinely concerned for Jehuty.

    "Dashe..." Leon said under his breath. Dashe didn't start this fight, that was clear from the other trainer's hollering. It was different watching Dashe fight. He didn't have the same look on his face, the fire in his eyes, like most trainers did when they battled. It was almost as is he didn't want to battle. Leon had never had to actually battle, so he didn't know what it felt like to be called out.

    "...Good luck, Dashe!"
    Leon said with a small smile. He wasn't keen on battling, himself, but he retained the thought he had earlier. Pokemon are going to battle, trainers are going to battle, that's what happens. In this, he might as well support his friends, especially if they are the ones getting called out to fight.

    Leon pulled out his sketch pad, and started sketching the scene. Stella leaned over the pad with delight, changing her focus, only for a moment, from Jehuty. "Call it, 'Jehuty's Victory'" Stella dropped the thought into Leon's mind before turning back to the fight.
  16. Dashe:
    "Ha! As if there is such thing as a 'non-battle trainer.' What else are pokemon good for if you can't battle with them?!"​

    The Pawniard stood there waiting for it's trainer's instructions, and as Scyther went in for the Quick Attack, the bladed arm of Jehuty collided with the dual type. Being that Pawniard was partially steel type, the attack only did minimal damage.

    "Hahaha! You call that an attack? You really are a weakling!"​

    The young boy couldn't stop laughing as he spoke with Dashe. Choking up on his words, the boy only managed to slash at the air with his arm and point at Jehuty. It seemed to be enough, though, as Pawniard retaliated against the Scyther with his own normal-type attack, Scratch.

    Whether it be the fighting or the yelling, a small crowd began showing up around the two battling pokemon and their trainers.

    It wouldn't take long to find the shouting boy, and the intensity of his speech didn't die down at any point, either. If anything, he seemed to get a little louder after Scyther's first attack. Pawniard, like his trainer, was making a bit of a ruckus as well, once he heard Stella speaking.

    "Ha! He gonna need to be supp careful when dealin' wit' me! Victory?! You's rootin' for the wrong side!"​

    At no point did Pawniard turn to face Stella, but once he was done speaking, he took the hit from Jehuty and struck back with a move of his own.

    As a few novice trainers passed by, a few stopped to hear the commotion that was happening about while some peered over Leon's shoulder to see how his drawing was coming along.

    "OH MY GOSH!!!"​

    A high pitched scream erupted from a young ebony skinned female as she ran down the hall toward DJ, Jimmy and Anne. As the bottom half of the egg dropped onto the floor, the girl had made it to DJ's side. She seemed to be their age and with about the same experience as them as a small plant-like pokemon trailed behind her.

    "He is sooo CUTE! I've never seen a pokemon hatch before!!"​

    Regardless of whether or not DJ gave her permission, the young female's hand shot forth to try and pet the small baby pokemon that just hatched. At this point, the small plant-like pokemon caught up with it's trainer, and it just sat in between her legs waiting.
  17. Jehuty's eyes flashed in Stella's direction, but he didn't motion or verbalize anything to her. It was obvious, he had to pay attention to the fight.


    A non-battling trainer? The words stunned him momentarily. He only called himself a trainer because he was on a trip explicitly for trainers, but he definitely didn't train Jehuty... besides how not to cut up furniture when he walked. The man's words were biting and harsh to Dashe.

    The fighting erupted, and Jehuty would use his blinding speed and his devastating arms to swiftly put an end to the pawniard. This would turn out like the hunting the scyther did around his home with the local game. He was an excellent game hunter...

    ... But it was in this exact moment that Jehuty realized hunting game was not the same as battling another pokemon. His scythe met not with flesh, but with steel, and worse yet, the "game" stuck back with its own blade. It was a first for Jehuty, and the pawniard's blade cut deep into his chest before exiting out of his collar bone area. It was a critical hit, and a large oversight for Jehuty.

    The scyther jumped back and took to the air before staggering and landing slightly off on his feet outside the pawniard's reach. Dashe was horrified as he saw blood trickle.

    "JEHUTY, YOU DON'T HAVE TO KEEP DOING THIS!" Dashe said, taking a step forward with Jehuty's pokeball in hand. He didn't go any further, as Jehuty turned his head to look at Dashe for just a moment, and it was enough to make Dashe's blood turn cold. Jehuty had a fire in his eyes, and a murderous glare. Dashe knew his pokemon enough to know how he was feeling, he just had to shut up and deal with it. Likely Leon and Stella could see the expression too.

    The scyther turned back to the pawniard with the same intense look. The scyther LEERed at the pawniard, body covered in his own blood. It was a gaze that dared the pawniard to attack him. Jehuty's upbringing was one of non-violence to everyone save for the game he hunted occasionally, but now, staring down at the pawniard was nothing more than one seriously pissed off scyther.
  18. DJ was just getting used to seeing the white little tuft atop his new pokemon's head before the wail of a banshee resounded. At least that's what it sounded like given the special moment that was being had. He practically thought someone was dying when he heard it and turned his head to look back from where it came from. More new faces were continuing to arise as he became more active on the ship, and this girl was no different. She did however stand out with skin much darker than his and an mobile root following her. She was quick too making it to his side before the bonding really solidified; despite the innate bond they had already being somewhat linked. As typical of a girl of their age she was going on on how cute the newborn pokemon was and that she had never seen a new born.

    To be honest neither had DJ by this point and in fact this was his very first pokemon so this moment was more special than those around him might think it would be. He had nearly been waiting about this since he knew he was going on a journey. Having to wait even longer due to all of the the professor's pokemon being taken by the time he had gotten there. It was just bad luck, this was a much better alternative after he had realized it. That aside, they fact the girl was about to pet his very first pokemon, without his permission, and still while they were bonding was quite distasteful. Simply by reaction he turned his body shielding his pokemon from her hand, blocking her touch with his shoulder. DJ felt slightly bad about doing so to the girl, fatherly instincts had already started to kick in for his young friend.

    "I'm sorry, he just hatched, I'm gonna wait a while before anyone can touch him." He said justifying his abrupt actions towards the oddish trainer.
  19. Stella cringed when Jehuty took a critical hit. "You can do it, Jehuty!" The glare threw Stella off guard. Jehuty was angry, angrier than she'd ever seen anyone or any pokemon ever. It was frightening, but it made Stella want to comfort him to calm him down. Little Stella, even with her limited wisdom, knows that anger can consume you. With her heart racing, Stella clung onto Leon's leg for security.

    When the Pawniard landed a critical hit, Leon grimaced. He kept drawing though. Making lines that would ultimately show a victory for Jehuty over Pawniard. When Dashe yelled, Leon's heart sank. It was sad that Dashe had to see Jehuty fight. When Stella grabbed Leon's leg, it made him wonder if he would ever have to fight. What would he do? If something happened to Stella, Leon would never forgive himself. It was a sickening thought, and it caused tears to well up in Leon's eyes.

    "Don't be sad, Leon." Stella spoke telepathically. "Jehuty will be okay. Dashe will be okay. We will be okay." She said simply as she squeezed his leg as tight as her little arms could.

    With a sniffle and a nod, Leon rubbed his eyes clear, before any tears had the chance to drop, and continued working on his drawing.
  20. Jimmy stood with a smirk as DJ's egg hatched much like his own. A small fluffy cat looking pokemon sat in DJ's arms. It wasn't a fire type so Jimmy wasn't able to identify it on his own. Smores had climbed up his shirt and hung its backlegs and tail behind Jimmy watching in delight. Jimmy was being respectful of his friend's moment, as he had his own when Smores hatched, but out of the corner of his eye a small dark person darted towards the group. She began harassing the new baby pokemon before DJ could even name it.
    His right eyebrow began to twitch. DJ tried to move away a bit and tell her not to but it was clear to Jimmy that this wouldn't work.
    "HEY YOU!" He exclaimed pointing his finger at the young girl.
    "Don't you know it is extremely rude to harass a baby pokemon when it hatches!?"
    Smores had picked up on his trainers attitude "Charmander char char!" it exclaimed in distaste.
    "Not only that but to approach three elite trainers without introducing yourself first? You are going to have to learn your lesson.
    The small Charmander looked at his trainer and tilted its head. Clearly Smores had lost what Jimmy was trying to accomplish.
    "I challenge you to a one on one pokemon battle. The first to get knocked out or surrenders loses."
    "Char...mander?" Smores hopped onto the ground and puffed out his chest after accepting its fate to do battle.

    Jimmy thought to himself 'Well that is a native Kanto pokemon, it's a grass type so Smores will have the advantage.'

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