Verismo de Molto

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Summer walked alongside Art wondering what do to, she knew Diablo drew a lot of attention but she needed him in case a fight broke out. She turned to face him as they arrived at the buggy " i don't know but i have to have him with me otherwise ill won't be able to defend myself very well in a fight, maybe we could try and pass him off as an assistance dog or something." As soon as she said it she shook her head it was ridiculous he was a wolf there was no denying it, and even if she could pass him off as one why would a worker have one in the first place? But he had to be with her otherwise she would be useless in a fight, she patted Diablos head while she thought.
He replied to Summer,"I understand. I can't blame you. We'll figure out something here in that case.. First of all, we have to..catch some of these guys off guard.."He then looked around and watched the mine workers closet to the entrance of the mine, waiting for them to go on a lunch break or something.

Finally, two of the workers went outside and further off from the mine, they sat by some rocks as they began eating lunch. Art said quietly to Summer, "This is our chance...Allow me to handle this, just follow me.."He began sneaking around, near the rocks were the workers were eating. He crept up behind one of the workers while the other was distracted eating a peanut butter sandwich. Art choked the man and got him in a sleeper hold, easily, waiting for the man to faint. He soon did and Art moved behind the rocks, getting in position to sneak attack the other worker as well.

The other worker then spoke,"Hey Ivan..What the h-" Art attacked the man from behind and knocked him out with a few powerful punches to the back of the head before the man could see Art or shout loudly enough to attract attention.

He then dragged the unconscious bodies of the guards further away from the mine.He muttered to Summer, "Heh, this isn't my style but this is necessary. We should be good to go here..Let's just take their uniforms, put em on and head in there. These guys won't wake up anytime soon, so that should give us enough time here to get in. There's no name tags on these uniforms or anything, once we get in I doubt they'd be able to tell we're not real workers without asking for ID cards or whatever they use..."

With that, Art took off the uniform one of the workers and put on the worker's hardhat. Art then said to Summer,"This getup is ridiculous but it'll work. As for Diablo, we'll have to wing that. I almost thought of one of us acting blind and pretending Diablo is a seeing eye dog but...Don't think they'd buy that idea and we'd really have to act really convincingly. Just tell me when you're ready and we'll go."

It seemed like things were coming together now...No one had seen what Art did and no one was looking for the two workers he had attacked yet.
Summer put on her own uniform "I've passed him off as a seeing eye dog before, and i was good at it but are they really going to believe a blind girl is working in the mines?" "Let's go" she stepped over casually to the entrance to the mine Diablo at her heels, she was almost in when a tall muscular worker called out to them "Hey!" He rushed over, stood in front of them and looked them up and down before returning his eyes to Summer. "What is that?" he asked her pointing to Diablo, "he's my guard dog, he protects me from those awful musicians. After all a girl like me needs to take care of herself right?" She gave him a flirtatious smile and twirled a strand of hair around her finger "he very well behaved, i promise." He smiled back at her "OK but keep it in line" She smiled "i will." with that she passed by unheeded drawing the attention of the other male workers. She slowed down so she was alongside Art she lowered her voice so only he could hear " i am ashamed at what i just did, although it did work." she said flashing him a grin.
Art grinned back as Summer had done quite well in getting them into the mines. He didn't say anything to her though because he didn't want to risk giving them away. He could say thank her later. He moved through the mines with Summer, eventually coming to the section where some other workers were mining the red soil stones, hacking away at walls with pick-axes, using drills sometimes and filling up some carts with red soil stones. There was so much going on, no one really reacted to Art and Summer, nor did anyone notice that they didn't belong.

Trying to blend in, Art grabbed an empty cart and handed Summer some tool as he looked around for a rather uncrowded spot so they could talk and find some stones as well. He began using a drill on the wall but stopped as he saw red soil stones were on the other side due to the hole he made. He said quietly to Summer, "Allright! That's a lot back there, well could be more but I don't want to get greedy here...this stuff is strange. What on earth could they see in this stuff? Hmm."

He carefully broke down the rock wall with smaller tools and grabbed all the stones he could find. He put them inside the cart. Art said to Summer, thinking deeply,"More importantly though..We're gonna need some kind of get away plan here. I don't have any ideas for how we'd leave here with the stones. I didn't see anyone taking these carts outside but they can't just leave them in here, they have to take em out at some point. If we try to leave with one of these carts, they're gonna be upset and wonder what we're doing. it'll blow our cover though. Man this is hard.. Do you have any sort of ideas we could try for this, Summer? I mean what you did worked last time but doubt he'll let us get away with a cart." He tried thinking other options in his mind while he awaited a reply.

It just didn't seem easy, he couldn't have brought in the bags he had in the buggy, it would have been too obvious. He couldn't fit too many stones intact in pockets either and of course they'd stand out. Yet just trying to wheel the cart out and take it to the buggy seemed obvious as well.