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The world is full of sounds, great and grating. It is said that all emotions can be reflected by sounds and with that music. This is a world ruled by music, it is power. This power is not respect, it is not fame, nor is it riches, the power is through fear. The controllers of these powers, this fear, are called Musicians. But not anyone can be a Musician it is far more interesting than that.

The Musician is accompanied always by some object, some person, or animal. This partner is their Director. A Director plays host to a soul of what people only can describe as demons. Although the soul inside is completely neutral the new found power is usually used for evil. If a Director is destroyed, the soul will be set free and can from there be chosen to be kept, destroyed, or consumed by another Director. If consumed the Director who has benefited from the meal will increase in size and shape and generally look meaner, nastier. The Musician also benefits from the Director's consumption and becomes more powerful unlocking hidden abilities or furthering those they already know.

So what kind of power can a Musician wield with a Director? So long as they are in tune with their Instrument the powers are nearly limitless. Anything from energy ribbons to a shadow figure can be created simply by the sounds created through the Musician's Instrument. There are five types of instruments and five elements that these instruments can manipulate.

The five types of instruments are Wind, Brass, Percussion, Strings, and Vocals. The elements to choose from are Water, Wind, Fire, Earth, and Darkness. Each instrument type will control each element differently in its own way making Musicians that much more unpredictable when fighting them.

The Adagio Soldiers of the government often find themselves in battle against them. Their weapons actually use Directors in the guns and hum single notes to create energy balls to fire at high velocity. One could describe these as really cool versions of tuning forks. The other group inside the government is the Verismo, a group of Musicians seeking peace in the world rather than war. Even though they are fighting for the side of "good" they still are looked to as outcasts.

The world everyone lives in is pretty barren. The few places populated are large cities all guarded by walls from earlier wars. The creation of the motorized vehicle has allowed travel between Wall Cities to become much easier. The only real concern is running into a Musician along the way. Of course there are a few villages outside the cities. These are neutral places born out of previous battlefields. Most news of the Musicians comes from these towns.

Now for Character Sheets:





Director: (Can be an object, another person, or animal)


List of Powers: (List your powers, categories in this one are Offensive and Defensive)

Affiliation: (Rogue Musician or Verismo Soldier)


Name: Art Jones

Age: 17

Appearance: Art is 5'7 feet tall. His build is rather average, not particularly muscular but not overweight. He has short red hair in no particular style and brown eyes. He is dressed in very unappealing cheap clothing, his usual outfit consisting of a brown shirt and black pants. He typically wears boots.

Instrument: Bag pipes

Director: Nero, a small green Iguana creature.

Element: Wind

List of Powers:


Air Compression: Energy is stored in the airtight reservoir(the bag) and released as waves of air that Art can control. The power depends on how much he releases at once. Not a safe technique when allies might be in range of a wave but it can cover a good distance generally.


Air Boost: The bag-pipe energy inside the airtight reservoir is instead used on Art himself to propel himself forward with a burst of air. The downside to this is it is very hard to control or move out of the way of objects. It generally works best in wide open areas and is rendered dangerous in closed quarters as the risk of crashing is too high.

Affiliation: Rogue Musician

Personality: Art is a stubborn young man who is rather rash and times. He primarily seems to act more on emotion than logic. He cannot stand to see injustice and never hesitates to fight if it means protecting the things or people important to him. His main flaw is he tends to bite off more than he can chew at times, picking fights with people he has little chance of winning aganist at times.

History: He was born into a family who opposed and openly fought aganist the Adagio Soldiers and fought back. During an attack, the Jones family home was demolished. Art's parents demanded he escape while they held off the Adagio soldiers. Art at age of ten managed to survive by escaping the home but he had no idea if any members of his family made it out alive as well. He became something of a wanderer, looking for his family and honing his skills as a Musician. It seemed he eventually gave up, finding no leads and settled down in a small village called Zeno and befriended a girl his age named Ceana, with whom he lives with. He does not seem obsessed with revenge.

Now he just spends his days trying to survive, taking odd jobs for money to support himself and Ceana. Lately these jobs have gotten more dangerous and involved fighting using his Musician powers, dealing with things such as the local thugs abusing their powers. It seems it is inevitable the government may set it's eyes upon Art and see him as a threat.
Name: Summer Ramirez

Age: 17


Instrument: Vocals

A wolf named D


List of Powers:

Summer can manipulate water to her will when she sings, creating different shapes freezing it, making whirlpools, energy blasts. ((i might add some more later))

Summer can use water to create a kind of cloaking device which leaves her almost invisible, unless she moves too much or something like sand is thrown on her. She can also heal minor injures like cuts and scratches, she can't heal broken bones but she can help them heal.

Rogue Musician

Summer is sweet, kind and caring, she use her powers for good. She is intelligent, tough and a total tomboy, she always speaks her mind and never holds back. Shes loyal, creative, fun to be around, laid back and easygoing.

History: Summer was orphaned when she was 6 and was forced to live on the streets, she discovered her powers and Diablo at age 8 ever since then she has been practicing her powers in secret. As she grew up she used them for good and is now fighting for peace despite being an outcast.
Like the bio Kitty Kat, yep most those are okay...just energy blasts will be more like water balls for you. Also I'd like everyone to remember consuming other Directors is always an option in this RP so leaving room for your abilities to expand might be something you want to include. Your history is also fine as I did only give sides to go on in the OOC. The world is very intricate in its politics and those will be shown throughout the RP developing as our situations are created. I'm helping Weavel with his bio and Miru should be joining in eventually as well. Anyone else seeking to join all I ask is for the ability to post enough to keep your character in the story as it flows.
Name: Liliette

Age: 7


Instrument: Vocals

Director: A choker around her neck, a tiny flower in the center.

Element: Wind, I suppose.

List of Powers:
The ability to strengthen an allie and herself through song -Offensive and Defensive
The capability to take on new forms of fighting, such as the knowledge to use knives effectively-Offensive
Affecting an opponent's mind through song, forcing them into feeling various emotions, such as despair, terror, happiness, regret, etc.-Offensive

Affiliation: Verismo Soldier

Personality: Liliette is terrified of death, and this is how she is controlled, fearing the same fate that she has to cause. She is usually quiet, but may enter fits when met with the thread of dying.

History: Liliette was born into obscurity, abandoned shortly after birth by her mother. Her father was in places unknown, perhaps leaving before she was born. She was found by a high-ranking commander, and since then, her life has been hell. She is regularly fed Directors, and is severely punished should she fail a mark. To the government, she is nothing more than a living weapon, lower than a pet. She has possessed the choker since she was found, and has never taken it off.
Her fear of pain and death keeps her in check, currently being used to hunt down Musicians.
Alright Miru's accepted and I think I can probably begin the IC quick enough. Although I believe four people is plenty I'm always open to more characters if you want to join. (I'm kind of suprised at the lack of violinists and guitarists XD) Anyway here is my character, I will warn you that his powers will be kind of "god moddish" simply because his instrument is immobile and when he isn't around his instrument he is near defenseless.

Name: Demte Ca'besco MCRT as Blue Dragon

Age: 25


Instrument: Piano

Director: A blue tattoo that grows as it consumes other directors. It starts on his left arm.


Element: Darkness

List of Powers: Offensive: Black tendrils with a red aura dance around the base of the piano until certain notes are played. When these notes are played they will strike and deliver a deadly blow. The range of these tendrils vary on the power of his director.

Defensive: Shields are easily created by his instrument and only take a single key to create. Currently they are able to only deflect low powered energy blasts from the Adagio Soldiers but potentially become near invincible.

Affiliation: Rogue Musician

Personality: Demte has a commanding personality. He lives his life in riddles that he seems to have solved. His righteous attitude makes it easier for him to enact justice. However, it seems that his Director has a constant effect on his personality and slowly seems to be changing.

History:The Blue Dragon, the highest threat to the government thus far. His history is known only to himself. The tattoo he got on his arm was acquired at the age of 9 after he was declared a child genius for playing his first Beethoven piece. The director had started out just as a mere line on his arm. Now it is a small design about the size of his palm.

The reason, his battles with Verismo have always ended with him as the last man standing. Rumors of his powers are told far and wide throughout the Wall Cities and the surrounding villages. Despite his instrument people still play a piano for the music it creates. Some admire this Musician as a legend and others fear him as a demon. The Verismo look at him as a disturbance to the natural order and should be eliminated. Demte has lived his life in the shadows since they caught wind of him, and that has been his life. One city to the next, doing what it takes to survive.
Alright IC is up in the modern section here. Hope you all enjoy this one.
Ok, my post is up. I kept it somewhat simple but vague as to what sort of job Art is going to take. I realize he's probably gonna have to either leave the area and go somewhere in the city or take a job that catches the attention of the government and meet up with some of the other characters that way.
Sounds exciting! Count me in. :)

Name: Vallerie Martin
Age: 20

Appearance: Coming soon

Instrument: Violin
Director: A panther named Serge
Element: Darkness

List of powers:
Offensive: Shadow Crows- Vallerie's playing can summon a flock of dark crows that are sharp as blades. The faster she plays the more crows she summons yet the weaker they are. The slower she plays the crows are stronger and fewer.

Defensive: Black Hole- Vallerie can create black holes with a single haunting note that she can step into and out of like a teleporter.

Affiliation: Verismo Soldier

Personality: Coming soon
History: Coming soon
As soon as you get the rest of your stuff edited in your welcome to post Mary nothing I see wrong so far. With that said I'd like to know a little more about Serge (probably coming in history) that would be awesome. I'll have another post up soon, Miru won't be able to post for a little bit but he's still on board.
Allright. I shall post here tomorrow. Glad to see we're getting moving now.
Ok, got sorry for the delay on that post. I was busy Wednesday, NO internet access on that day and today well, just got internet access now. :P So I took the time to get up a post.

I am in the middle of a move however...So won't have internet for a few days it appears. So feel free to hijack my character if necessary to try to speed things up a bit....but it's all in place for Art and Summer to head to the Red Soil City.
Damn Piro, I've been trying to find a way to do a rp where music equalled power but I could never get a solid idea to form. This though looks almost exactly like how I wanted it to be. I'll form up a profile soon if you're still accepting.
Sure sure we're still accepting. And lucky us nothing of major importance has happened yet. So welcome aboard as soon as you get up your sheet.
Eh double post but I feel I should update this with our own dictionary, or rather Terminology.

Musician - A Musician is someone who has the ability to channel energy through themselves and their music. However, by themselves Musicians find themselves unable to channel much at all. Only through the use of a Director are they able to get that powerful and threatening attack going.

Director - These things are usually very quiet and are quite interesting. Their souls remain neutral on situations and only help the Musician in giving them power. They eat other Directors to grow stronger and in turn make their Musician stronger. Director's never share a soul with a Musician but do sometime share them with normal humans. The reason they do not share souls with Musicians is risk of overamplification (Will be explained soon).

Adagio Soldiers - These are the normal slay twenty at a time soldiers. However, they do command respect with their lethal Director based weaponry. Agitating the Director correctly will allow their weapons to fire a deadly blast of energy. Seeing as a Director is a living thing the ammo is considered a renewable resource and never runs out.

Verismo Soldiers - Now these are the "main character" type of people. They are also Musicians but in the employ of the government. They push for justice and some even took the job just to stop being hunted. Their job is to take out any higher ranked Musician threats that are too much for the Adagio Soldiers to handle.

Commander - This actually has two terms. 1. The second highest ranked official of the military government section. 2. The highest ranking officer in a squad.

Overamplification - To be explained.
I shall post in the IC tomorrow, sorry for the hold up there.
Ok, posted again. Sorry for kinda speeding things up there but we needed to get there, Piro needed us there ASAP so he could post again and advance things.