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  1. Synopsis: Venture Into Darkness is a Naruto themed story about a young ninja who uncovers a plot to dominate the world as we know it.

    Note: This is a story based around a huge percentage of Naruto. Thus, some Naruto characters may be featured or mentioned within the story.

    The Kagura & Madara Arcs doesn't take place prior to the story. I thought of this before both Arcs had finished but I probably wouldn't have added their Arcs within the story regardless. Mostly for the negative reception that they were given.

    The story takes place 20-40 years after the Fourth Shinobi War.

    Venture Into Darkness will be divided into chapters and parts. Parts will usually represent a 2- 3 year time-skip since the last chapter or major event has occurred, while chapters will usually represent the event that is happenening currently.

    As of currently, there are 6 parts and ???? chapters.

    Since I'm about to be in college, I will be updating this periodically.

    Pm or send me a status message about anything regarding the story instead of posting it here. This is so the distance between chapters isn't disrupted in anyway.


    Part 1 Protagonists: Nayerie Akizawa(Main), Baron Koiya, Misa Rei Konasa & TBR
    Part 1 Antagonists: TBR
    Part 1 Neutral Characters: Risa Rose
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  2. Pt.0(The Prologue) Chapter 1: Midnight Fire

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    - Sometime After Midnight -

    A single boy walks from out of a village burned to flames. While attempting to brush the tears away from his eyes, the boy speaks. "" He softly calls out but unfortunately, it is to no avail. After taking nearly an hour to dry his tears, the boy begins walking in the direction of the nearest village. Hours soon turn into minutes and the boy finally reaches the village; only to find that the village had suffered the same fate as his. With no other place known to go, he walks in what he believes in to be the safest direction. That direction is back home, but home is engulfed in flames. The boy turns back and forward, indecisively trying to think of his options. Eventually, he screams out,"I want to go home!!", before collapsing.

    - The Previous Day, Akizawa Household -

    "I finished my artwork mommy!! Come see it!!!" A boy calls out while putting the final touches on his stickman calligraphy painting. "You can show me after lunch Nayerie! Go get your father and tell him it's time to eat!" Nayerie quickly acknowledges his mother with an "Ok" before leaving from out of his blue and dark red striped room. He rushes toward the front door and proceeds outward after putting on his sandals.

    After exiting the house, Nayerie could see many people walking about. Foreigners could be seen delivering important packages that couldn't be delivered through bird, while kids close to his age were playing near the outskirts unattended. The skies were also sunny to the point that just by being outside for a good minute, the boy told to find his father was already feeling invigorated. "Nayerie?" A man in his late twenties soon caught the boy's attention. "Yes dad?" Nayerie replied with a somewhat distracted look on his face. "Didn't me and your mom say that you couldn't go outside?" "Yes but mom told me to come find you." The boy said in response, which caused the father to look at him with a puzzled face. "Oh she did yes? Well what did she say?" Nayerie cleared his throat,"Well she wanted me to tell you that food eating time was here!" The boy notified with a happy expression. "Well let us go then son, and just be careful not to wander off into these streets alone." The boy nodded in response before him and his father headed inside for lunch.

    - The Morning After The Fire -

    Two kids who in age, look like they're crossing over to their teens, approach the collapsed boy.

    "Wakey, wakey kiddo."*
    "Don't bother, the kid's probably already gone."**
    "Well if he hasn't been caught within the fire then he migh-"* Nayerie immediately pushed off of the ground before lifting his head up to see the individuals. "Back away from me you bastards!!" The boy yelled while swinging his arms sluggishly at the pre-teens. "Hey, watch the foul mouth boy! Only bad things can come from using words like that!"** One of the teens said, in somewhat of an irritated tone before stopping the boy's moving arms with little effort.

    "Or else you'll kill me as well!!!?" Nayerie immediately rushed in to bite the teen's arm right after, causing the pre-teen to release his grip on the boy's arms before he could. "What's your problem?"** "Just leave him be."* "Bu-"** "But remember that you were the one who suggested not to do anything."* "But that was before we found out that he was alive."** "Doesn't matter. You chose to leave him be, and by doing that, you forfeited your privileges in this matter. "* "I really don't care about what privileges I forfeited in the matter. That boy just called me as well as you a bastard for checking to see if he wasn't dead. Not to mention the obvious fact that he tried to attack us."** "I'm sorry but those were too lousy swings to even be considered an attempt to harm m-"* "I'm still here ya'know!!!" The pre-teens stopped talking amongst themselves before turning to the boy; only for one of them to toss a kunai in front of him.

    "Is this what you've killed everyone else with?" Nayerie asked angrily, which made one of the teens stare blankly for a few seconds. "I suppose...if that's what you wish to believe. However, I would reccomend you hold on to it, if you want to survive."** The pre-teen noted before walking off, with the other teen following in his footsteps. "Hey, I'm not done with you two yet!!!" Nayerie shouted before running after them.

    Nayerie Akizawa Prologue(Both eyes are blue)
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    **: Tsuja
    *: Ozoro
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  3. Pt.1 Chapter: Suspected Treachery

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    - Within a forest set a short distance away from the Hidden Mist Village -

    "It seems we're far enough." A hooded middle aged male ninja wearing a Kirigakure headband noted before halting. A blue haired girl turned back with a questioning look on her face. "Eh, what for Karubasa? We're still miles away from reaching our location." The ninja known as Karubasa chuckled darkly. "Me and my men already know who your alliance is with, so you don't have to play stupid with us...Risa Rose." Karubasa soon made a whistling sound, causing more than a dozen ninja to jump from out of the shadows. Despite the seemingly low odds of her survival, the girl did nothing but laugh in response. "I hope this is some kind of joke Karu. And if it is, you might want to refrain from proceeding any further with, unless you're asking for a death sentence." Risa informed before facing the surrounding ninja.

    "Had I actually aligned myself with them, your insides would be smeared across all of the branches of the forest by now. You know it, I know it, as well as all of the elders, so you best return to your duties before you all become missing ninja. " She explained with high confidence as she brushed past the frightened group of ninja. The ninja knew that the girl was right but just because they lacked the skills to kill her would not mean that they wouldn't try when the order came. "Um, Karubasa sir! Should we proceed with the operation?" One of the dozen ninja asked in a rather scared tone. Karubasa placed his hand on his headband nodding left and right. "Negative! Return to Kirigakure immediate-" Before Karubasa could finish, a ninja wearing a slashed Sunagakure headband revealed themselves from a nearby tree branch.

    "Sorry but I'm afraid no one's going anywhere!!" The voice wasn't deep for a male but based on the sinister tone carried along with words, the individual held murderous intentions. Everyone including the blue haired girl to face the mystery figure. "Just who do you think you're talking to!!!?" Karubasa asked angrily. "A pawn on a mere chessboard." The individual responded right after. Risa's face formed a grin on it before responding to the man's answer. "And if he's a pawn, then what would you be?" She requested in a tone that suggested that she already knew the answer to what she was asking. The foreign ninja clasped his hands together hard, triggering Karubasa and his men to take an offensive stance as the ninja replied once more. "The King!!"

    Risa Rose
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  4. Pt.1 Chapter 2: The King

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    "Wind Style: Fiery Vortex!!!" The foreign ninja began inhaling an enormous amount of air, causing all of the other ninja to be slowly pulled towards him. "Everyone on my mark!!!" Karubasa started performing various handsigns with his group mimicking their leader's actions. Risa on the other hand, pushed away from the mystery man's suction pull in an attempt to escape the predicted blast that was sure to come afterwards. Those fools are too distracted to notice that I'm the one they should really be worrying about. Hmph, it's such a shame that they'll have to figure that out when it's already too late. The girl said under her breath as she continued to create even more distance between them.

    After Karubasa finished performing his required hand signs, he shouted the jutsu's name right after. "Water style: Aquatic Jet Stream!!!" The middle aged man fired off a large stream of water at the mystery man, with his group releasing their smaller versions shortly afterwards. The mystery man responded almost immediately by exhaling a large vortex of fire, causing his attack to collide with the synchronized Mist ninjas' water jutsu. Upon colliding with one another, it became very apparent that the many water streams wasn't a match for the fiery vortex and that the clash would soon end in the mystery man's favor.

    Realizing this, Karubasa stopped firing his jutsu before quickly turning toward his group. "Everyone!!! Break off and get out of the way now!!!" He shouted, causing the group to cancel their jutsu before making a run for it. With nothing no longer standing in it's way, the fiery vortex proceeded to swallow up a huge portion of the forest. In less than a minute, it seemed like everything went to hell. Most of Karubasa's men were devoured by the fiery blast and even the ones that remained were badly charred up.

    "I wasn't expecting this little of a resistance coming from someone of your rank. But, I guess if you had lived up to my expectations then you would probably still be in the position you're in anyway. It just wouldn't be as early as it is now." The foreign ninja said with a sense of disappointment, while remaining on the tree. Karubasa stood from out of the charred rubble with an exhausted look on his face. Half of his body were covered in serious burn marks but he still was ready to fight. " bastard! You won't get away with this!!" The middle aged man proclaimed as he pulled a pair of kunai from his side pocket. "Your eagerness to fight despite knowing the end result is admiralable. However, this is the en..." The mystery ninja suddenly stopped before disappearing. Two hidden Mist ninja soon arrived on the scene shortly after. "Karubasa!!! What the hell happened here!!!?" One of the ninja asked with a sense of urgency. Karubasa turned to the Mist ninja slowly. "Tell the Mizukage...that it has begun." The man said before succumbing to his wounds.

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  5. Pt. 1 Chapter 3: Self Progression

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    - The Hidden Leaf Village, Midday -

    "And I hereby present you with your ninja headband!! Wear it with honor Nayer-Nayerie!? Why the long face?" Merinetsu with a touch of concern in his voice. The boy tilted his head toward his special jonin in a depressed type manner. "'s just that...I figured it would be hard. So...if I attained such a rank this easily, then my life will probably be just as easy as this...and that's not much of a life worth living. I might just need to get used to relaxing now sinc-!!! Owww!! What was that for!!?" Nayerie began massaging his head after being hit by his angry sensei. "That was for making me think you had an actual problem for once!" Merinetsu said in a irritated tone before tossing the boy his headband and walking away.

    "Wow, that was rude." Nayerie said casually as he began tying the headband around his head. Once the boy finally put the headband on his head, he started walking in the direction of the training grounds. "At least on the bright side, I get to see the weak people I've been paired up with on day 1, instead of having to wait until whenever. Otherwise, that would've been a bit of a let down if I had to wait like some of those unlucky people." The newly appointed ninja spoke under his breath as he continued on his way.

    - Training Grounds -

    Upon, reaching the training site, Nayerie noticed immediately that four people were there already. One of the people had red hair and was resting calmly underneath a tree. The other three could be seen patiently sitting on the ground together which was weird. It wasn't the way the way they were sitting but just the amount that were. Only his group had permission to use this section of the training grounds and there were only three genin per a jonin, so why were there there four people already here?

    The boy needed answers and as to be expected, he began walking towards the three for them. However, as Nayerie got closer, it became obvious that only one of the three were real but what were the other two? He finally was close enough to speak but before he could, the real one of the three spoke. "They're puppets...if you're wondering." A girl with purple hair answered nonchalantly. "I wasn't wondering!!" Nayerie responded defiantly, knowing exactly that that was what he was curious about. "But you might as well tell me what they are now, since you've already started." The girl looked at him with a happy stare in response. "They're large dolls outfitted with various weapons that can shred anyone their respective masters choose to kill to pieces in short. Do you want my descriptive explanation or was that enough to satisfy your simple little mind?" The girl questioned, being sort of intrigued by the boy's interest while feeling a bit annoyed by his stupidity.

    However, Nayerie wasn't very interested in conversations that didn't revolve around fighting. "Umm I'll pass but thanks anyway." The second he turned away from the purple haired girl, he could see a man with blonde hair. One could tell that he was of importance since the blonde man stood out by his height alone. Plus, he wore a green vest that most jonin were known to wear on a daily basis. "I see that everyone's here." The red hair boy jumped from out of his slumber upon hearing the jonin's voice. "And I see that everyone's awake as well. Well I've come to inform you all that we'll beginning a test in a few hours. The hour of midnight to be exact and I expect you all to be prepared. ...because if you fail, then I'll have you know that your genin statuses will be lost in the process. Good day to you all." The blonde haired Jonin disappeared before anyone could respond.

    Nayerie Akizawa(Pt.1)
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    Baron Koiya(Pt.1)
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    Misa Rei Konasa(Pt.1)
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    Nema Namikaze Uzamaki(Pt.1)
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