Venom And Smell

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  1. Name:

    Name: Sabrina Love
    Age: 20
    Race/powers; A witch/neko. She has the powers of freezing things/time and to use the elements.
    Personality: She is a very sweet girl, who is caring, but when she gets involved with demons, she tries to vanquish them, for some reason they are after her, but when they come, she means business. She doesn't stop without a fight.
    Wants/other; She has been seeing alot of demons that are trying to get her, and she doesn't know why.Has white hair and a twin that the demons took some time ago
    Looks: [​IMG]\
    Name: Stacy Love
    Race/powers; A full neko, but can sense when something bad is going to happen
    personality: Is a very caring person, and is not really sweet, and innocent, she is very... active and not afraid to show herself.
    Wants/other: was taken to the prince when she was younger.
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  2. Name: Drake
    Age: In a way Drake doesn't look a day over 25, he has just 'Celebrated' his 2 centuries mark.
    Race/powers; Demon Lord ▬ Controls the shadows around him and also c
    Personality: Drake is cold hearted and ruthless he rules his world with a iron fist,his subjects respect him out of fear. He loves a good fight, knowing he will always come out as the winner.
    Wants/other: Drake body is covered with ancient text,Passed down through generations of demon lords, He nor any demon he has come across can decipher the language .He believes it is the key to ultimate power.He sends his man to the land above to kidnap a Witch he has heard about that knows about the ancient language.
  3. want to start it? the twin is chained up next to him and waiting for witch neko to get brought down
  4. Drake sat impatiently in his throne as he listened the neko cries and pleas for freedom as she knelled in the centre of the chamber chained in shadows. "Shut up" he yelled in frustration as he had enough of her her annoying pleas, any other day he enjoyed the sounds of someone begging or there cries of pain but he just wasn't in the mood for it today. Pathetic they all were pathetic he had asked them to do one simple task, go to the land above and collected the white haired witch and bring her back to him. "Please Lord we didn't know she had a twin, we thought she was trying to trick us with her black hair" the lower classed demons pleaded as they bowed down before him. They were ugly creatures unlike him they couldn't take on the form of a human, there skin was a sickly green the oozed purple slime in combat, four tiny beady gray eyes sat on each side of there face making room for the large mouth in the middle of there faces. "remove yourself from my sight before i kill you" he shooed them away as he turned his attention towards the witches sister, "Now now child don't cry, this will only hurt for a while" he laughed as he tightened the shadows hold on her.
  5. Stacy, which was the black haired sister, the one with the moon necklace. She winced in pain from the shadows that was holding her. She frowned and when she heard him. She glared at him, attempting to get away, but she was stuck. She glared at him. " let me go!" She whined, she then looked around, she didn't know what to do. She said, " you are not going to get my sister..." She said softly. She didn't want him to get her sister. Her younger sister. But soon she heard a let go of me!!
    Sabrina was grabbed, she was also being dragged by not so friendly creatures. She whined and she closed her eyes. She shook her head. She gasped as she was pushed towards the lord. She gasped. She stood up, she had her white hair out of hte pony tail and she had really long hair. She gasped as her sister was in pain, " Stop it!!" She said, " Don't hurt her." She said softly.
  6. Drake was having fun with the black haired sister "Oh i will get your sister" he smirked as he walked over to her "then i will have no use for you any more" he laughed as he grabbed a fistful of her hair as he yanked her head back by her hair. "And when i have no use for someone, i expose of them by feeding them to the dragon" whispered in her ear, enjoying the feelin of her tremble beneath him. He turned his attention to the entrance of the chamber as he saw the white witch strangle for a freedom "Finally" he muttered underneath his breath "What a pretty site" he let out a menacing laugh "Now the party can begin" standing he walked over to the white witch, easily towering over her small body.
  7. Stacy gulped. She closed her eyes she was terrified she felt him grabbing her hair, She looked up at him. She didn't know what to do. She frowned. She was so scared she started trembling. She couldn't possibly die. She looked at the demon Lord. She sighed lightly. Looking down and she'll to her knees when he let g of her.
    Sabrina needs her sister. She blinked and noticing the demon Lord, she looked up at him. She didn't know what to do. She went to step backwards when he began to come towards her. She tensed and looking around, she frowned. She was stopped by the demons that brought her she looked up she didn't know she looked up when he towered over her. She fixed her outfit trying to bleaching up but when the darkness came back together he was there. She sighed, " dammit!!" She frowned.
  8. Tendrils of shadows curled themselves around the white witch's ankles, holding her in place. "Finally she makes a appearance" Drake sarcastically laughed as he grabbed her hand tanking her against his cold hard body. "Now you are going to be a good little witch and obey me or else.." he didn't get to finish his sentence before a cry of pain filled the room, the shadows tightened around the black haired twin. "Take the other one away and leave us be" he ordered the demons as he moved towards the library, dragging the white haired witch behind him.
  9. Sabrina was about to run but the blackness held her in place. She looked up when the Demon lord had spoken. She closed her eyes and gasped as her hand was grabbed and she felt her against his cold body. She heard Stacy, " sabrina!! please... don't do this.." Sabrina broke her contact from the demon lord, looking at her sister. She tensed.
    Stacy frowned trying to get out of these and said, " Sabrina!! Please don't do this!!" She frowned and gasped and a cry of pain from Stacy because the darkness has tightened on her. She gasped for air. She didn't know what to do. She closed her eyes softly.
    Sabrina blinked and hearing him, she tensed. She didn't know what to do. She looked around and seeing and hearing him. She felt her hand grabbed once again and she was being dragged behind him, " Stacy!" She said softly.
    Stacy blinked she frowned as she being dragged and freed from the darkness. She looked aroundm she said, " let me go!!" she whined.
    Sabrina looked at Drake and frowned. She didn't know why she was here. " why am I here?" She asked.
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