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  1. *kicks Darkness in the balls*

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    Location: Bartering Hall
    Time: Afternoon
    Interactions: Zealots, Neaby Unity Fighters
    Meandering the market streets and alleys, Allie's mind was completely absorbed by the task at hand. What had meant to be an idle stroll the day before had turned into something entirely different. Seeing the man dying, spluttering, covered in his own vomit, Allie had spent the rest of the evening somewhat down-trodden. When Clo got permission from the Heads to investigate the issue, Allie was one of the first to volunteer to work alongside the girl. So, as she broke off on her own, she made the decision to investigate near the bartering hall to get some background on their victim.

    As she got closer to her destination, she noticed people flocking in the same direction as her. Emerging from the densely packed canals of people that was the outer market, Allie happened upon an even bigger gathering at the bartering hall. It was no surprise people were gathering so eagerly. The place was occupied by zealots preaching about something or the other. Activating her radio transmitter, she spoke over the communications network, "All Unity Fighters this net, be advised, we've got a zealot gathering in the Bartering Hall. Requesting all Unity Fighters in the region move to the Bartering Hall ASAP, over." The second she had finished broadcasting, her ears locked onto some of the words spilling from the preacher's mouth.

    The Purge of Terror

    It only took those four words for caution to cascade into the wind and Allie to see a figurative red. How dare he demand redemption and forgiveness...

    "Deaths to right the wrongs of deaths?" Allie called out, loudly, as she emerged from the crowd. She began to hear whispers behind her. People had recognised her from the posters, clearly. "That hardly sounds like a solid strategy or do you truly believe that two negatives always make a positive? Spilled blood taints your name because the blame lays at your feet. Misconceptions and lies imparted by your religion on twisted minds - your responsibilities!"
  3. Little Venice is burning!
  6. Helen

    My brow furrows in worry "But I do owe you. Even if that sounds odd. Fine...I need you to accept what I offer because I am grateful for what you did. I am grateful for you saving me, and in my gratefulness, I need you to accept what ever I can offer you. If it's love and support so be it. I will offer whatever I can." I try to smile at her. I don't think she realizes how much I care about her. I don't think she realizes that I know she's got a fucked up part to her, but we all do. She should see me angry. She should see me scared again. But not with the facade bravery. If she saw that, the raw horror...if she saw how I truly panicked, how morbid my mean thoughts could be...

    I shake my head. I don't want to think mean thoughts. Happy thoughts happy thoughts.

    I suddenly feel heat under my fingers and before I know it she's rolled away from me. With great hesitance I place my hands back at my sides. I understand if she didn't need me to comfort her like that anymore.

    My serious pondering are taken off my mind as she asks me if I want to see something. I hope it's not gross, I can't handle human bodily function outside the body(but after all the blood I saw today I don't think anything can make me vomit.

    "Sure!" I say enthusiastically. If it makes her happy I'd literally let her do just about anything. "Um...what is it?" My head tilts, my mind almost concerned about the possibilies
  7. I think Asmo has won this battle... just the war remains to be seen.
  8. lol wut war
  9. The war for Iwaku's soul.
  10. Iwaku has no soul.

    Diana ate it.
  11. “I don’t have Lucy’s number.”
  12. No, we are stabbing her from INSIDE.

    One day, Iwaku will emerge from her gullet victorious, covered in the digestive fluids and the blood of its devourer.


    No wait, that's what we already have.

    Oh my god why am i so witty