Vending Machine

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  1. Bringing back Rhomboid's game!

    This is how it goes:

    [Insert item here]

    Next poster

    [Insert what they get]

    [Insert item here]

    I insert a diamond ring.
  2. tf2-special-valentines-gift.jpg

    I request something to kill big game with more efficiently. And by efficiently, I mean "I don't have to aim with this because the rounds are huge/have a large spread" efficient.
    (A shotgun that fires rockets, basically)
  3. Gets greed.

    Puts in a panada backpack.
  4. Gets bamboo shot out at you.

    puts in some bacon
  5. gets a hair dryer

    put in a puppy
  6. Twinbellows_Uprising.jpg

    Three bags of stupid.
  7. *Gets the United States* Wait a minute. . . . . .

    *Puts in zombie kittens that explode if touched*
  8. Gets

    Puts in a rubik's cube
  9. *Gets a nerd*

    *Puts in candy!*
  10. Gets Rory's attention span.

    Puts in, Rory's attention span.

    What was I doing again?
  11. *Gets a five year old child with ADHD* Oh lovely. This will be fun.

    *Puts in pure sweetnes!*
  12. Gets out Splenda.

    *Puts in a microphone*
  13. get a pop star

    inserts a kitchen kinfe
  14. [​IMG]

    A cup of flour, a little something - sweet, not sour, a bit of salt - just a pinch. A teaspoon of bologna, a little more, then count to four.
  15. [​IMG]

    inserts a monkey
  16. Gets a human. Pfft.

    *Puts in a hat*