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Vending Machine

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Rhomboid, Dec 19, 2011.

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  1. [Insert item here]

    Next poster

    [Insert what they get]

    [Insert item here]

    Get it ok.

    I insert a dog into the Vending Machine.
  2. You get an issue of Guns and Ammo autographed by William Shatner.

    I insert an empty bottle of Jack Daniels into the Vending Machine.
  3. Gets a bottle in a ship?
    Puts in God.
  4. Gets WW3 D:
    Inserts poop
  5. You get an MTV logo! (Har Har)

    *Inserts a box of frozen fish sticks*
  6. Gets stuff animal.
    Puts in polar bear.
  7. gets a chainsaw

    Puts in a zombie
  8. Receives a gorgeous bouquet of daisies and tulips, laced with lsd.

    I put in a black and white kitten, mewing frantically because it hasn't slept for five weeks.
  9. Receives a black and white kitten... with a chainsaw!!

    Inserts a expired driver's license.
  10. Gets a loving white tiger named Nala! (One of my rp jokes)
    Puts in a hot model with only a towel on. Enjoy. C:
  11. Gets punched in the face! XO

    Inserts a picture of a whale.
  12. Get a picture of a whale.

    Inserts Johnny Depp on steroids.
  13. Gets Hunter S. Thompson

    Inserts a Moody Blues album.
  14. gets a flamethrower :D

    puts in a shark
  15. Gets a red fox C:

    Puts in yaoi
  16. gets yuri (xD mohahah)

    Puts in a killer
  17. Gets a sweetheart

    Puts in chocolate
  18. gets chocolate

    puts in a dog
  19. gets a bone
    puts in a guy
  20. Gets a gay friend! YAY!

    Puts in Japan
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.