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    ^there is the board itself; the plot is long so it will not be reposted here. This board will concern the characters and their filling rather than the plot, for the most part.

    Currently, the character list is as follows:

    28 | Archmage Caeca Luma: Ex-lover of Isolden. Attempted to overthrow him and received terrible facial mutilations for her attempt. Later became lover of Zephaniah and successfully overthrew Isolden. Sent into a coma due to his magic entering her body. Awoke and made her own bid for the throne based on her killing of Isolden and magical prowess. (played by myself)
    30-48 | Prince Zephaniah: Only two when his parents died and only three when taken away from the castle to be raised in secret, he spent most of his childhood preparing for the rebellion and very little for what would come after. Married to Giselle for political reasons.
    27-29 | Prince/ss _____: First and only child of Isolden & Ishbel. Does not have magical ability and was rejected by father for that reason. Brought up as a ruler, has made a claim to the throne based on being the firstborn child of the deceased Queen. Currently having a whirlwind romance with the Lieutenant.
    40-55 | Lady Giselle: Made a wealthy widow by an arranged marriage at twelve, she remarried again at sixteen just days after her prior husband's death, this time to a man she hated. After years of abuse he mysteriously passed away, leaving her bitter, jaded, and unwilling to marry again. She's a strong woman, fiercely protective of her son and very good with politics, a good match for Zephaniah.
    16-26 | Lordling ____: Son of Giselle and her second husband, he was coddled by his mother and never intended to inherit her position as head of household. Nevertheless, with two strong parents, he surely can't be as weak as she treats him- or can he? Currently having a secret relationship with Ferox.
    26 | Magi Ferox Luma: Younger brother of Caeca. He was raised as a mage by Isolden, and quickly rose through the ranks. He tentaively supports his sister's bid for the throne, but worries more for the other mages, especially the children. Currently he is the clandestine lover of Giselle's son, but knows that as a commoner if he is discovered that it will likely end in death or other serious punishment for him. (played by myself)
    21-59 | Lieutenant ____: was the second in command under Zephaniah during the rebellion. Very capable and talented, good with battle but unfamiliar with politics. Having a somewhat-secret affair with the prince/ss which has put him/her in a tough spot.
    23 | Spymaster Magnolia Dupuis: She's had her position for a while now, trusting no one and trusted by no one. No one knows who she supports, but the suspicion is that whoever this shadowy figure throws their support behind will win the race for the throne. (played by Evie(

    As it's so new, character details are still very flexible, but as more roles become filled the flexibility will decrease as the possibility of conflicting ages/histories increases.
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  2. Hello! I can play the spy master. Her name will be Magnolia Dupuis. I don't know what other information you want so...tell me if you want more
  3. For right now I'd just like to know her age and what I should call you. ^^
  4. She's 23. You can call my Evie. :)