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  1. Hello, Iwaku Role Players.

    Recently I took a little break from this site, simply to wander the sweet internet and what not, but I've returned in hopes to find new writing partners (or reconnect with old ones), as well as create a great story. In case you were wondering, I am an 18 year old, female university student. I know age and gender matters with some of you. If you want to get more acquainted with who I am, feel free to drop me a private message. I don't bite.

    What to know about my writing style:

    • I play both male & female.
    • My length varies between 300-1200 words. Quality > Quantity.
    • Sometimes I do enjoy sitting down to a meaty post, but it is not mandatory. If you're uncomfortable with writing a lot, let me know. Tell me what you are comfortable with. I'm flexible, and I want to set the right pace so that we can both enjoy ourselves.
    • Same goes for mature topics. I do not shy away from higher ratings. Sex, gore, violence, drug use, and incest are all good in my book (but only in writing! D:). Just remember that we may have to go offline, or to another location to role play if that's what you want.
    • As for character sexuality, I've never done strictly MxM, or FxF. I'm not opposed to giving it a shot.
    • I don't write fandoms. Or, more specifically, I always use original characters. Make sense?
    • I write in third person, past tense. I'm not afraid to try different perspectives, or formats. I.e: First person, letters/emails, etc.

      What I would like from you:
    • Communication. Tell me what interests you, if you don't like the role play anymore, if what I wrote makes you uncomfortable, or you just don't want to continue. I can respect that.
    • Creativity. Muse. I would like our role play to revolve around more than just one genre. Nothing strictly romance, or strictly action. That type thing. Breathe life into your characters, and make suggestions if we plot together.
    • Contribution. You can say you suck at plotting all day long, but you came to me. If I ask you what you're interested in, and you just say the general idea, but have I have to come up with everything besides your character, I might get frustrated. Role playing is a collaboration, guys.
    • Drive. It's okay to add plot twists, or further the story without me having to suggest so. Time skips are okay (if they're appropriate). Don't be scared.
    What I'm craving to write:

    • Post-Apocalyptic! - Being the type of girl that I am, I have an unhealthy obsession with The Walking Dead and Fallout games. Would you like to combine the two? Or make something up on our own? I'm down.
    • Macabre/Horror Themes - A girl falling in love with the god of death? Or death himself? Things that go bump in the night, and a realm of nightmares?
    • Virtual Reality - Based loosely on an Indie film I started watching but never finished. Think hunger games meets video games. The world's top gamers are chosen to play at world-wide, broadcasted tournaments. Their characters? Criminals. Whether it's a first person shooter, combat, or strategy game, these men are controlled by gamers they do not know, who ultimately have their life in their hands. What happens to the winner? Freedom.
    • New Frontier. This could be sci-fi, fantasy, or whatever. Our characters, for whatever reason, are colonizing a new world, a strange, and dangerous location. This has a lot of reign for creating new creatures, plant life, etc. Think about it.

      Note: I am not limiting any of you to these ideas. They're just what has caught my interest recently. Feel free to suggest your own plots, genres, and pairings.

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      Contact info:
      (I like to get to know my partner. Sue me.)
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  2. I love Fallout also if you want to work something out.