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Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Hienlao, Oct 22, 2014.

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  1. Hieu Le and his other orientation members stood among the freshmen crowd coming to his school. He looked at their faces and observed their facial expressions full of excitement and anxiousness. Hieu was their orientation leader and a junior and he was going to introduce them to the beginning of their high school lives. He was almost done with high school and felt like he wanted to provide his experience to the other students. At least provide them with some directions.

    With a smile, Hieu introduced himself.

    "Good morning everyone! Welcome to the beginning of your high school lives at Washington High! My name is Hieu and I will be your orientation leader for the day!" Hieu looked at the crowd as he speak. "For majority of your four years here, you'll try to find yourself, not just 'what career I want to be in,' but yourself. You'll meet up with old friends and make new ones and learn from each other in many ways. Do what you want to do here. Try different things. Join many clubs and organizations. You have four years to do it here. Make them count."

    Hieu stood as there was the typical applause he gets after every speech. He nodded his head and presented the crowd his orientation members.

    "You were given numbers from one to four. Each orientation member has a number on their chest, so you know what to do! Your orientation leader will introduce themselves as you go! Ask them questions whenever you want! Don't cheat and trade numbers! We will know! Meet new people!" Hieu shouted out as the freshmen began to line up with their numbered groups. As the four groups walk off, Hieu sighed in relief and began walking to his Leadership club.
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