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    Light years from the nearest populated planet, glowing in the infinite blackness like a beacon of hope to lost ships, space merchants and bounty hunters is Vegas Centauri.

    Three hundred and seventy six floors of gambling, debauchery and luxurious suites.

    Located ever so conveniently just outside the jurisdiction of intergalactic law.

    Anything is available here, pick your poison name your pleasure!


    TO THE


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    The 2,500 member, all android staff is here to make sure you
    have everything you need. They operate on a 'hive like' mind system, so once you check in, your information is stored and processed and your preference saved in the mother brain computer that over sees the entire operation.

    So relax, dust that space debris from your shoulders and join us!

    Check out our world famous space bar, with views of Pluto and beyond! After a couple cocktails head on over to the tables for a game of Jupiter 3 card poker, or some good old fashioned Black Jack. Don't forget that between the hours of 9pm and 3am single deck is offered, first hand on the house! After you're done playing, have a meal in our Galaxy buffet, where everything under the sun is readily available! We accept all forms of payment with special rates for space truckers!

    No OOC!

    Jump-in anytime!

    Character sheet skeleton
    (To be included in your intro post)


    Don't forget to dock your ship in our multi-level docking station, or have it docked for you by our five star valet service!

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    Name: Dean Prima

    Job: Bounty Hunter


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    Race/species: Human

    Beneath the canopy of stars a lone ship cut through the black atmosphere. It was an older model, bought and paid for by bounty hunting, but more importantly piloted by Dean Prima. He was by no means as famous or renowned as other space bounty hunters, but he did have a reputation for being a wild man, a drunk and a last resort for when you absolutely 'needed the job done'. Dean knew the rumors and stories about him that haunted many a fuel station and 'last stop' bar buried on some god forsaken planet, and all in all he didn't care. There was little time in the bounty hunter's life for the thoughts of others, and that was especially true today. This evening he and his one traveling companion would be staying at Vegas Centauri. Dean only hoped that he wouldn't receive word of a bounty that needed capturing while on vacation.

    Dean enjoyed the resort, more than he enjoyed the staff. High concentration of androids freaked him out, ever since he was a boy and the family butler malfunctioned and slaughtered his father after serving him his morning coffee. Needless to say he would remain civil, but not without a loaded weapon on his person.

    He pulled up to the valet and had the ship docked.

    "Enjoy your stay." Said a medium sized service droid as he and his companion disembarked and headed to the shuttle that would take them to the front desk of the fabulous Vegas Centauri
  3. Name: Gloria VanDell
    Occupation: Bounty Hunter
    Species: Human

    If there was one thing the golden clothed woman loved was seeing a lot of money being thrown around. For a woman like Gloria, Vegas Centauri was the best vacation spot ever. Of course she knew the house always won, but she believed in luck and especially her own enough to be pulled to the tables. After all it was easy to make the less sophisticated gamblers underestimate her.

    Gloria glanced at her partner and smirked knowingly. He never was completely comfortable with androids. Not that she blamed him, but sometimes it was fun to tease him about, just a little. But not right now, and of course never in the middle of a job. He was one of the few men she actually had respect for after all.

    The lights and glitter of the casino called to Gloria and she couldn't wait to get her hands on some dice. "So what first once we get settled?" she asked, hoping for something fun and not an Ultimate Cage Match. That was better after dinner.
  4. Name: Akasha
    Job: Drifter
    Race/species: unknown

    She hadn't been at the casino long, but long enough. After countless days of drifting around in the vast confines of space alone, things got to you. Or they should. Akasha sat quietly at the bar nursing her fourth drink of quite a potent mixture. Yet, she seemed perfectly fine, if not a bit lost in her own thoughts. Her eyes stared at the swirling liquid before her with great intent. What was she thinking?

    The androids knew enough to leave her be for now, and she was fine with that. Her thin fingers wrapped around the glass as she finally brought it to her pink lips and downed it in one shot. The burn of the liquid going down her throat and settling in her stomach brought a tint to her cheeks. Lifting the empty glass in the air she motioned for another. The bartender approached, "Are you sure? That will be your fifth one and generally those would knock a grown man off his stool" It was a procedural caution, and the service bot awaited her response.

    Akasha was silent, instead her eyes slowly lifted to meet the gaze before her, "Give me another" she said, her v coming out almost like an f. Her eyes almost seemed to shift and change color, the iris swirling into a thin cat or snake-like slit. But it would soon pass as she lowered her gaze and rubbed her temples. She couldn't run like this forever. She would need to get food soon as well. Another drink was brought as she calmed some.
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    Name: Brendan Ford

    Job: Thief, con-artist, escort, and hitwoman. She calls herself a money-earner.

    Appearance: Shoulder-length red hair, golden brown eyes, and a very youthful face that can be made up to look beautiful and more mature. Short, thin, and a little boyish in shape, and usually wears baggy old clothes.

    Race: Altered Human

    She had a love for simplicity. When things were not simple, they were complicated and when things were complicated... well, that's when things seemed to go very wrong. A sleek, compact black ship docked and only one passenger emerged. Very red hair was the only thing about the young girl that was noticeable, and it was just a mess of straight tangles that was pulled into a short ponytail. No makeup and no fancy, stiff clothes was the ideal look for the simplicity-loving Brendan Ford, but her childish face was scrunched into a scowl because of the complicatedness she would likely encounter soon.

    Brendan ignored the two androids gathering her luggage, but she quietly greeted the fancy droid that welcomed her and lead her swiftly through the check-in process and then to her room. The droids unpacked the two bags she had allowed them and then left her alone soon enough so she could finally collapse on the fluffy bed and yank the tiny metal chip out of her ear, wincing at the loud pop she received for that. Brendan threw it at the dresser across the room and flopped back onto the cloud-like covers with an ugly frown on her face.

    If only it was really a vacation where she could go the entire time without being plugged in, perhaps relax and really talk to people. For a few minutes she allowed herself to relax and daydream, but after that she got to work. Shower, make herself up, dress herself in a stupid short black dress, arm herself with all the weapons she would need... "prettification", she called the whole process. At last, she was ready to plug back in to her current bossman. She sauntered over to the dresser and shoved the little chip back into her ear, then opened a tiny drawer to stare at its contents. That, that, and that; she plucked three objects out with manicured little fingers. And her least favorite plug was among those things.

    It was all routine. Very simple, but still loathsome. A plug in her navel, the back of her head, and the center of her chest were all inserted like she was simply brushing her teeth. Combined with the chip in her ear, she was ready for business.

    She prayed it would be simple before strutting out the door looking ten years older and five times more attractive than her true self. Simplicity all depended on whether or not the target was cooperative and stupid, and she had a bad feeling this was would be difficult and intelligent.

    "Ford, I expect you to come through for me. I suggest you start in the Pluto 'Relax' Bar, floor two-thirty-two. Don't get distracted by the views, either."

    A fizzle and a pop from her ear chip signaled the beginning of her mission.
  6. [​IMG]

    The sounds of slot machines and electronic gambling echoed around as she took a few careful sips of her fresh drink. The service bot at the bar had gone back to minding his own business. Fine by Akasha. Hearing laughter and voices behind her she slowly turned around and leaned against the counter as she scanned the growing crowd of hosts. So many of them idly floating around and lost in their own adrenaline rush. Akasha had never really seen the enticement of gambling, but something of that nature was a foreign concept for her kind. Turning again she downed her drink once again and set the glass on the counter as she stood, "Credit it to my account" she spoke quietly and simply walked off.

    Akasha was bored. Bored and hungry. Not a good combination for her next meal. She could hold off the hunger a while longer, but the boredom was a different story. She needed something to liven her senses after being alone for so long in the quietness of space. It was enough to drive one mad, but perhaps she'd been mad to begin with? Who knew. All she knew was that for now she was safe. The law couldn't find her, and whatever was after her would have a hard time tracking her in such a large facility with so many scents and signatures. Still, on the run or left on her own she was entitled to her own little fun.

    Wandering to the elevators she went a few floors up to the entertainment quarters to see what she could find. Gambling might not be something she was interested in, but performance was a different area. She'd heard someone speak of an open mic? Sauntering through the crowds she found a spot to enjoy open mic karaoke. They certainly did have everything at this place. A smaller crowd was gathered at the participants garbled their words and songs out to the audiance who was mostly drunk anyways. Choosing her song, she stepped up on stage and took hold of the mic. Her appearance reminiscent of the olden days when lounge singers were a popular form of entertainment.
  7. Name: Jian Ru'garth

    Crime Lord

    Kind of like this:

    Trel Donian. A cunning yet meek race. Jian, for example, was far past his prime and very sickly.

    Jian's two right hand men had assisted the old crime lord so he could go down to the buffet for lunch. He groaned with effort as he settled into his wheelchair, his old knees suffering from the momentary strain and effort this required. The Trel Donian was 49 years old, which was far past the prime for his species. He had earned his fortune fast, and he lived hard. All of that was evident now by the look on his wore out face. He spent his remaining days here, letting his underlings do all of his dirty work, and enjoying the fruits of his unlawful labors.

    When his hands settled onto the armrests of his chair, they lit up beneath his hands, and a control panel appeared at his fingertips. This piece of equipment was very expensive. Jian felt he deserved the best though, and that's just what he got. The Trel Donian headed out of his room and towards the elevators, his two men, younger Trel Donians, armed of course, and the weapons were well hidden. They were simply there to serve and protect Jian. Their work was relatively slow paced and easy. Jian hardly got into trouble anymore in his old age. They usually spoke for the old Donian and made sure he was comfortable.

    Jian waited in front of the elevator for his men to open the doors and work the controls. He boarded with them and the men punched in the floor they wanted.

    "What may I get for you, sir?" One of the androids asked almost immediately after the elevator doors opened. One of the men, Itun, leaned over as Jian whispered something almost incomprehensible in his ear. Jian's voice was hoarse and unpleasant, and he could hardly speak above a whisper. "A table for three, please, and please bring some of your best wine." Itun said as the other man, Reit, followed Jian to his favorite table before the android had time to seat them properly. Of course, it was empty as it always was. The table sat in the corner of the room, allowing Jian to sit and watch over the events of the whole room as he dined.
  8. View attachment 10237 Dean already had the cap spun off the flask in his pocket as Gloria spoke. He choked down some of the cheap booze he had picked up at a transfer station the night before last. He and Gloria had been traveling for about a week, more or less, and it felt good to be on solid ground again.

    “Black jack!”
    He answered her “I’m gonna hit those tables and make the dealer short circirut!”Dean grimaced after taking another swallow of the swill liquor.

    The two bounty hunters walked through the shuttle bay as the twin doors vacuum locked behind them with a solid “schhhunnnkkk”.

    “We’re here! Damn it feels good to be back, seriously.” Dean dropped his bag to the floor.

    “Room 1226!”
    He barked at the nearest bell-hop-bot.

    “Ahh, Mr. Prima and his lovely guest.” said the bell-hop-bot in it’s emotionless tone. “I am here to see that your stay…is..” The bot twitched slightly before finishing it’s sentence “ satisfactory.” It took the luggage to the nearest elevator, just as Dean grabbed Gloria by the arm.

    “To the tables!”
    Dean was in a hurry to burn through the last of his earnings from their previous bounty. He was as much addicted to the thrill of the game, as he was to the rush from the alcohol. Three card poker was waiting. And if he lost it all? No big deal cause the room was already paid for.

    The main casino floor was just as he had remembered it. Luxurious, packed with android dealers, slot machines and breathtaking views of deep space. It spanned three floors, connected by escalator and elevator, and had a staggering 3,200 game tables, 1,500 crap and roulette tables and more bars than an alcoholic with a thirst could ever want.

    The android laid out his cards, then it’s own. They played, Dean lost. He was just about to send his boot through the face plate of the bot when an announcement sounded over the multi-plex loud speaker.

    “Attention! All recent guests! If you are in the mood for some Karaoke, Vegas centauri style, then head over to the entertainment quarters. The Pluto relax bar is offering happy hour along with karaoke presented on our galaxy famous ‘Trinitron’ deluxe mega screen! Come join us now! First 30 guests get 20 tokens free play in space keno and a drink of their choice”

    The announcement ended and Dean shrugged, turning to Gloria.

    “Why the hell not?”

    It was an easy trip up to the Pluto bar, up the main elevater and down a short corridor lined with images of this months 'big winners'. They went inside and Dean felt his telecom, the device that linked him to the intergalactic jurisdiction, start to vibrate. 'Oh shit', he thought, 'why now why here?'

    There is only one reason anyone would be contacting him on this particular device. Someone in the casino was wanted, a bounty. Dean nearly threw the damn thing in the nearest trash bin, but instead took another drink from his flask and checked the telecom.
  9. Her dress was riding up. Seriously, maddeningly riding up, but in this role she was supposed to be classy, mysterious, and most of all inconspicuous. Amongst the other women being the complete opposite and probably overriding her presence, she assumed she was safe, but she figured that yanking the edge of her dress down would kill any sense of class she'd established so far. But still, it was a few inches from her butt; any higher and her Classy Mystery disguise would turn into a Classy Ho disguise.

    Brendan tried valiantly to keep her eye from twitching, but as soon as she had cooled her rising temper, the locator plug in her navel shocked her. Her entire body twitched at the horrible sensation, but she played it off as a mere cold shiver as she made her way to the wide floor-to-ceiling window overlooking distant stars and part of Pluto. Hopefully she could cringe in peace there. In the dark blue lighting of the room, her eyes reflected a bizarre blue-gold while they observed the room out of the window's reflection. The ear chip activated, thankfully without malfunctioning like the Locator had.

    "Alright, you're in the Relax Bar. Look for your target. Remember the face? Here, I'll remind you. Hold on just a sec--"

    Another shock, this time in the back of her head beneath her hair. Brendan shut her eyes, bit her tongue until it bled. This was not going well, even within the first half hour of her mission. Why were her plugs malfunctioning? A face appeared in her mind like someone had tacked it to a board in a classroom. It was the face of her target; apparently her current employer mistook her unintelligence for forgetfulness and felt the need to send her several images, each giving her a jolt in the head. It was all she could do to refrain from punching the glass or stabbing the nearest passerby.

    "There. Remember that face and find it. I have inside sources telling me that your target is indeed in the Relax Bar. Keep on your guard, Ford, you never know what resources your enemy could have."

    Pop fizzle.

    If that noise hadn't been so familiar, she'd have cringed. In the end if she was successful but got underpaid, she would kill that stupid man, boss or no. Why couldn't he tell her the target's coordinates or specific location? The Relax Bar was massive! It'd take hours to comb through the people and shake off any cling-ons.

    Taking a few deep breaths, Brendan reopened her eyes and turned to face the crowd that had piled into the Relax Bar after the announcement, scanning each face. The fury in her eyes making them mimic molten gold would probably be mistaken for a lustful invitation, a welcome reassurance that she felt could help her in the end.

    Her target probably knew she was coming, but they probably didn't know what she looked like. Most circulating pictures made her out to be a dirty young girl, not a sophisticated beauty. Therefore the more she looked like a smoldering temptress, the better, so she let her fury be misinterpreted.

  10. As the announcement was made and people started moving from the galaxy buffet to the entertainment level for the karaoke, Jian had managed to order his food and get halfway through his wine, already ordering another glass. His two escorts talked quietly and sipped their own drinks. A sweet non alcoholic juice derived from a fruit that was only native on their own planet. They were not permitted to drink alcohol while guarding him. Though things were very quiet, he didn't dare let his guard down. Sometimes, he wish he could. Doubt often entered his mind whether he chose the right path or not, but he was too old for regret now, at least that's what he told himself.

    The old Trel Donian ate very slowly. His hands shook as they held up spoonfuls of food to his withered lips. Reit offered to help him, but Jian waved him away. He wanted badly to retain some sort of independence. The room emptied as more and more as people wandered up to the room featuring the karaoke performances. When Jian had finally finished his meal he decided he should join them. He whispered this to both his men and they obediently stood and waked him out, leaving the room number on their table so the bots could put it on Jian's tab. Despite his strict rules, Jian treated his men well. It was how he kept loyalties. His body was frail, and he was ripe for execution if his men willed it. He had a few tricks up his sleeves though.

    When they reached the room, having to take the wheelchair accessible routes, many people had already had their share of the mic. He sat at the back of the room, watching the performance through the crowd. Luckily the room was large enough so that the crowd had not become too thick, and he could see the woman on stage beyond the people. He could see someone else, too.A man named Dean Prima. He was not as well known as some bounty hunters, but he did not get this far by not knowing his stuff. He discreetly alerted both his men. It may be nothing to worry about, if he was working at all he was probably looking for younger blood. Jian's name was soon fading, and would no doubt be gone shortly after he was dead. He was a successful man, but he payed attention not to attract to much attention. He watched the man's movements with interest, but maintained a look of cold disinterest.
  11. Gloria enjoyed getting the feel of the place again. While she still had a few credits to burn through, she was as interested in watching the entertainment of other people being crazy. Somewhere along the way, Gloria had picked up a decorative chilled glass, with a frosty drink in several neon colors. It tasted wonderful, and she made a small face of miniature ectacy with each sip.

    She barely was listening to the announcements so she was a tad surprise with Dean wanting to go to the Pluto Relax Bar, but she had her drink and as he had said, 'Why the hell not?' Once there she wondered if this was a mistake. The current singer wasn't bad. She was far from that at least. But kareoke was notorious for bad singing. If she was going to listen, or worse go up there herself she'd need a second drink. She signaled a bot over as Dean and her sat.

    "I wonder if I should sing 'Light Up My Rocket,'" she said sipping the remains of her first drink as the second, blood red, drink was sat in front of her. She was referring to a very cheesy love song popular she was at an age to think all love songs were romantic. Now she was much more cynical, though she was not as ammune to a good song as she might pretend.

    "What do you think Dean, hm?" she asked him as she stood up, grabbing her new drink. "Or do you have a better idea?" she was in a good mood, a mood that was shattered in a moment. She placed a hand on Dean's shoulder as he pulled out his telecom device as she positioned herself behind him.
  12. Name: Maznairok Okroa, family name first (though only family members and close associates call him by his given name)
    Job: Heir to the mining industries on his planet Koruk
    Appearance: He's about three feet tall, brown fur all over, humanoid, paws instead of hands and feet. Imagine sort of like an Ewok.
    Race/species: Korukian.

    Maznairok pulled the lever on the coin slot again. There were very few games here he liked to play, but he came for the party atmosphere every once in a while. His family lived in riches, so he often came out to Vegas Centauri to waste some of it. He especially liked staring at people and watching how they reacted to him. Sometimes he turned off his vocal interpreter hanging around his neck and growled at people instead of speaking their language. "Bzzzzt" was a great compliment in his language, though people on Vegas Centauri would look at him in horror if he said it. At least it kept them from tripping over him. The seven foot high giants were the worst. Robot servers at least had sensors everywhere.

    The intercom announced a karaoke party in another room. "Rrrrrk!" Maznairok pulled the lever as hard as he could one last time and collected his coins before jumping down off his stool and looking both ways to find a sign to the entertainment quarters. He made a beeline for the exit, going under tables and legs to get to the doorway. Maznairok rotated his head over his shoulder to snigger at the mess of confused faces he left behind him. "Luuuurp," he gurgled deliciously and made his way to the karaoke room. He would croon a mating song at an appalled-looking female if it was the last thing he did.
  13. Just about the time Brendan made her way towards her target and Jian recognized dean, the drifter known as Akasha took the stage.

    “Son of a bitch!”

    Dean squinted through a fog of cheap booze into the screen of his telecom. His attention absorbed by the information and not at all on Gloria, who’s desirable body was perched just behind his own. He spun on his heels to face her, eyebrows comically furrowed, mouth screwed in a downward smile.

    View attachment 10513 “Why now, WHY NOW!?”

    He jammed the Telecom at Gloria.

    “It looks like we’re back on the clock! WHAT fucking timing! I swear to god this shit has GOT to stop. Every time I feel like I am finally able to relax, a trap door opens and plunges me into despair!”
    Drunken melodramatics at their best.

    Dean scanned the crowd, not taking particular interest in any one person. Surly their bounty wouldn’t be in the bar at this exact time? The chances would be like one in a million.

    “Well, at least we can enjoy the rest of the night.” Dead took one last glance at the girl’s face, the bounty, on the telecom then glanced up at the stage. It was her! He nearly dropped the thing to the floor, but instead stumbled backwards, running into and tripping over a Korukian that had just come through the door. He hit the ground, landing flat on his back, with a solid “TWHAP!” The air left his lungs like a jet leaving a space dock. His eye’s went huge as he stared at the Korukian, then at Gloria, unable to speak more than a wheezy sentence.

    “Bounty…'GASP'…stage….'GASP'….Damn Furball.”

  14. ((Brendan Ford, minus the loads of makeup.))


    Face-scanning was becoming tedious, but it gave her something to think about other than how uncomfortable she was. She felt like she had seen every face several times, and the one that kept flickering in her head was no where to be seen. What a bore. How was she supposed to kill a person she couldn't even find? Did her employer think that her chips and plugs made her a mind-reader or ultra adept target seeking murder machine? Brendan's eyes narrowed. Maybe that was why she wasn't given specific coordinates. She's a Mech, just let her find him herself with her Mechtech, he'd probably thought. Stupid bastard. Now she was never going to find the target, even if he was supposedly in the Relax Bar.

    Oh! Lookie there. Walking, or more aptly rolling, through the door was the target she had been waiting for. Poor old thing looked two seconds from crumbling to dust. Not that she could afford to care; his death would end up being her meal ticket until her next job popped up. If it was her or him... she would definitely take her own side. Later on she might grill her current employer about given her false information, whatever the cause had been. But that was for later. Right now, though, it was time to work.

    Brendan pushed herself off the window she had been leaned against in her most sincere gorgeously aloof pose, then weaved through the drunks, gamblers, and drunk gamblers. Her eyes briefly flickered to the girl on stage singing. It was odd, seeing someone probably as young as herself at a place like this. At least she had a lovely voice. Though her own singing voice made children and adults alike whimper and plead for mercy, Brendan could still appreciate a talented singer and good music. The lasers her eyes had become lost their fire and sharpness for only five seconds before hooking back onto her target. Again, another distraction captured her eyes not seconds later.

    A man had tripped over a little Korukian. For a moment Brendan was so distracted by how cute the Korukian was that she didn't recognize the man who had tripped over it and the woman next to him. Her ear chip picked up something about a bounty, though, which was a word that Brendan hated. It caught her attention and she glared at the man on the floor.

    She had to blink. Please don't be who I think you are, she thought. If it was... this was going to be an interesting night, because her target was standing away from the fallen man, staring at him emotionlessly.

    Brendan rerouted to the bar, glancing sideways at the man that had fallen.

    Damn the galaxies and planets. Every single galaxy and planet.

    She recognized the two bounty hunters, and she hoped they would not recognize her as well. But they had been her rivals in getting clients for quite a while, whether they knew it or not. The two were a team, but just as disfunctional as Brendan was in all her dense glory because of their bad habits. Either way, they had taken a few of her clients away from her and caused her significant trouble in doing so.

    If she had the chance and she was confident in her ability to quickly kill the old man that was her target, she would definitely stir things up for them. Served them right. But first things first.

    Brendan downed a shot of something that made her eyes water. There. Liquid courage. Now she was ready.


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  15. Akasha was already starting her next song when the announcement about karaoke began. The bar was starting to fill up now as she waited for the song to start. The spot light was on her as she started to sing a slower version of an old time earth song called Tainted Love. Her voice carried out across the crowd and was almost hypnotizing in a sense. Her eyes scanned the growing crowd carefully as she sang. The light making her eyes almost seem to twinkle as she set her eyes upon the males trying to find her next victim. Hunger grew in the pit of her stomach as she let the song drift through the crowd and take its hold. Her crimson lips formed each syllable as the men would feel themselves drawn toward her.

    There was a young fella in the back who her eyes finally fell upon. Young, sweet, and full of life. He would do fine for her needs. It would keep her satiated for a while at least. Perhaps long enough to find something else to do. Akasha simply continued her spell binding song until the last note slipped from her lips and the lights faded. When they came back on cheers erupted from the men as she gave a faint smile and sauntered off the stage. Simply making contact with her next victim was step one. Step two was to reel him in, and step three was to finish him off. Plain and simple.

    As expected he waited for her as she wove silently through the growing crowd to find him. Her fingers found their way to his shoulder as she engaged the male in some frivolous chat. He even took her to the relaxation bar and ordered them a few drinks. Playing into his charms, she accepted the drink as the games began. Her fingers slipped across his skin as the two flirted and danced around one another with words. Finally, Akasha stood and leaned forward whispering something into the male's ear. His face flushed some as he gulped but nodded. Their empty drinks were left aside as they linked arms and silently strutted from the floor. They passed by Dean and his crowd, but she only gave Dean a passing glance before they were off.

    Akasha would take the male to one of the many private rooms to complete her business. Satiating her hunger was a ritual in a sense. Things needed to go just right for her to feel..fully satisfied. The room was paid for as she slipped into the room with the male, "Just relax..." she whispered softly into his ear as the lights were dimmed...
  16. Jian tilted his head back with effort, laughing silently at the fallen bounty hunter. His two guards smiled, seeming to share the same mirth. Jian looked at the young girl as she sang, her words seemed to draw him in. But only slightly. The effect on him was minimal, as his species didn't do much crossbreeding. Especially with humans. That was what this woman looked like to him after all. There was hardly any attraction. Not to mention... Well, he was an old man after all. His two guards were able to resist because of their own distaste for human women as well. Not to mention they were too sharp on their guard. With one bounty hunter being spotted, and the possibility of more being around, they couldn't afford to be dazzled by anything.

    Jian touched Reit's leg, a signal for him to lean down while Jian spoke. "I feel like playing a few games." Jian knew that there was always a huge crowd in the gambling rooms. The confusion often worked for their benefit. Plus, it was one of the few places where Jian could procure any enjoyment. The trio turned from the scene in the entertainment quarters, and headed toward the elevator, Itun and Reit keeping their eyes on the fallen bounty hunter, and the woman beside him who seemed unable to take their eyes off of him.
  17. Name:Natasha Chambers
    Job: Soldier for hire, mercenary.
    Race/species: Human.

    Natasha made her way into the docking area after her speeder like Space Ship ported itself automatically within the nearest and most open placement area. Watching the pure black ship get attacked-not literally- by mechanical arms to hold it in place she turned and walked off, holding a single handgun upon her right thigh, the galaxy was a dangerous place after all and she knew it was aloud here as long as it was used properly, in self defense mainly. Taking her time she walked on over to the door, letting the automated system open it up then entered, hearing the music playing in the bar and smiled to her self, this'd be fun.
  18. Gloria was a little slow on the uptake, trying to juggle drink, telecom, and dancing out of her partner's way as he started ranting. In fact she didn't even look at the telecom until he started to storm off, only to trip over another patron. Gloria bit her lip to keep from laughing at Dean he wounding appreat it after all. Especially now that he was yelling.

    There was only one problem, there want anyone on stage now. How strong was that drink in his flask? Gloria looked at the telecom as she walked over to give Dean a hand that he really didn't need. "Oh," she finally realized Dean had meant the woman that had been on stage. She wasn't there now. Gloria looked around, but fate was on the bounty's side as it escaped Gloria's notice.

    What didn't escape Gloria's notice was a woman scowling and looking at Dean. Trouble was what this woman looked like as she took a shot of a drink. Was she the love of a previous bounty or a rival? Either way Gloria felt certain she was hating tonight more and more. A bounty while on vacation and someone giving death glares, that might turn to laser fire!

    "Sorry about him, he never watches where he goes," she told the furry alien as Dean got himself up. Then a serving droid came by. Of course they wanted to be sure no fight started between patrons. "Ooooooh," she said getting between the droid and her partner. "You muuuust tell me where to find that amazing singer!"

    "I'm sorry but patron information is strictly confidential," the automaton told her in the dead computer voice.

    "But, but I reaaaaally want to meet her! Please?" Gloria started to sniffle and her eyes watered. The beautiful thing about luxury programmed robots of any stripe was that a patrons pleasure was near the top of any orders, even at times a patrons privacy. Gloria would use the water works on anyone and anything she thought she had a chance of convincing.
  19. Maznairok sniffed in disdain at the human who had drunkenly tripped on him. He was in the karaoke room in order to croon, after all, not make that much trouble. He turned on his voicebox translator to start berating the human for tripping over a high-class Korukian such as himself. Static came out for a moment, then a crackly voice translated his thoughts into a more human language than his normal one. "You! Drunken human! You insult me! This is a challenge to my honor!" After all, he thought slyly, he hadn't been getting in the way this time.

    He noticed the other human, the one the drunken human had been talking to, head off a serving android before the android tried to settle the guests down. Maznairok appraised the woman for a moment out of the corner of his eye, admiring how she made sure the android would be no trouble to the two of them. He approved of the commotion she was making. It would give him time to make sure the drunken human knew he was not going to mess with Maznairok again. He drove the point home to the human. "A challenge, I say," the voicebox creaked out again. "We shall duel to the karaoke box." Maznairok pulled himself to his full height and used his fiercest stare on the drunken human. No, a human would not mess with a Maznairok. They were too important in their world.
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