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    Every 24 hours of Iwaku Time, you may move your character through the Abyss.

    You can move to a Thread that is either one above or one below you.

    Simply post a link in this thread showing THE PAGE in which your current location and destination are side-by-side.

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    EXAMPLE POST (open)

    With his Nazi peons now in control of the Carnivale World, Asmodeus departs on a zeppelin amidst the victory celebrations. Passing fireworks and artillery salutes, the airship lifts into the smog-clouds of the death camps, folding into black and departing from reality.

    And in another world, next in power to the Carnivale, the inhabitants of Floor 13 behold at last the object of their terror. In the basement of the building, the Dark Prince nests and draws each tenant to their doom. Their minds undone, their bodies broken, the residents of Floor 13 are enslaved to Asmodeus's will and become his first prophets in the End of Days. Carrying his power far and wide, it is but weeks before the governments fall and the nations crumble. Every floor of every building in every land becomes its own twisted nightmare.

    And in the basement where it all began, Asmodeus holds aloft a Tarot Card, newly formed from the psychic horror around him.

    The Card of the Tower... the symbol of ruin and dissolution... somehow familiar to him... and the first of his Absolute Weapons.

    World defeated by View tie-break.

    Absolute of Power 15 forged.

    Conquest earns Asmodeus 1 Power and 1 Age point

    Player Rankings (open)

    <table><tr><TD><td>FANTASY - The Dream Weaver<TD>SCIENCE FICTION - The Reality Bender<TD>MODERN - The Confluent Pillar<TD>UNALLIGNED - The Soul Artist
  2. Moved to CONQUER "Mechs!" on this page: (Moved UP:SORTED BY THREAD NAME)

    Jonathan found himself being enveloped into the new and strange world, how much time had passed, he knew not. He could only notice as the "Earth", that he was leaving behind began to float away from his vision that the other world became more and more clear. Suddenly without warning Jonathan found himself floating above the scene occuring before him, again another world trapped, frozen in time. What was it that he was witnessing? Robots? An army of mechanical beings? ...It mattered not, the first thought on Jonathan's mind was to take control of the world, to gain its power and become stronger.

    The power from his former world did not stop following thru him, even as he had clearly moved over to an entirely new world. Rather than question the power, he immediately began to channel it as his body raditated with a white warm light. His eyes aglow with the same light as a large pair of white majestic wings exploded forth from his back. He could sense it, he was stronger than this world, and so he willed the world to come under his control.

    (Power Attack: 19)
  3. Current location to destination Left 4 dead rolepaly


    Looking for new means to to sedate his blood lust, Chronos moves on to a near by moon where there are still a few signs of life. He moves quickly to his soon to be new world, while this expidetion may be a short one it was merely the first on his on his rampage throughout the universe. With his blood lust growing he wastes no time punging the moon and it's inhabittants into pandimonium, as the chaos unfolds he feels his stregnth increasing this world will be a vital stepping stone in his advancement.

    (Power Attack: 23) conquer
  4. From: Dragon Stone
    To: Mount Moru
    Mode: I

    Words coming soon!

    Travel Modes (open)

    ONE: flying through space in dragon form
    ALIAS: Thread Title (I)

    TWO: dissipating through space in True Form
    ALIAS: Last Post Time (II)

    THREE: wormholes
    ALIAS: Thread Start Time (III)

    FOUR: shock waves
    ALIAS: Number of Replies (IV)

    FIVE: asteroids
    ALIAS: Number of Views (V)

    SIX: spaceship
    ALIAS: Thread Starter (VI)

    SEVEN: light
    ALIAS: Thread Rating (VII)

    APPROVAL PENDING - Not sure if conquering, destroying or passing through... >_>
  5. [Editing move, since View-based travel is BALLS]

    Sensing a shift in the power waves passing through the Vault, Asmodeus spreads his wings and lifts into the storm clouds of Kanto. He is tossed and twisted in the nightmare breeze, joining black to black, and in a peel of thunder is gone from his world.

    And that very night, something new appears inside the dark cages of The Travelling Carnival. At first the circus folk think it one of the animals panicking in its captivity. But when the first gypsy peers into the cage his mind is enslaved by what he sees. His hand moves to his keyset. He lets the monster out of its cage. And within the hour the Circus has fallen to a new master. Asmodeus makes Idaho his headquarters and, channelling godlike power into the Carnival, unleashes wave after wave of freaks and horrors upon the wartime powers. The conflict is long and painful, but in time Asmodeus wins by forging an alliance with the Third Reich. With the added reinforcement of his Corrupted Pokemon, the world of the 1940s is transformed into an urban, demonic dystopia.

    Asmodeus leaves the Nazis in charge of the world, and ensures that Hitler knows his place as his servant and prophet.

    The Dark Prince's empire expands.

    [[Hmm... changing Views is not good for evidencing movement. I'll see if one of the Admins can freeze the view count in here]]
  6. Start: What do you desire? -----> This Crazy World
    This is where I start and move:

    Issac, sensing that he was coming up on a new world. It felt identical to his. He needed to know who it was. He went into the tattered tent that housed his surviving members. "It's time." He nodded as he the circus troupe brought to him a box, plain and simple on the outside, but on the inside it was a fantastical traveling device similar to the TARDIS. It was damaged in the server crash, but he managed to keep it with him when he was stranded on the reality he was in. He waved and hopped in the box.

    Being damaged, the box was a shadow of it's former power. Still he was able to travel in between close proximity worlds. And in this case he found a world that felt strong as him. It seemed to be a city. On the surface it was weak but still it could stand up to it. He decided to test this out. He drew power from his own world and even an adjacent world (Using the sleeper world ability to up his sanity attack) and made his attack on the world he was preying on.

    He called on the power of one of his troupe, summoning a vision of the demonic clown in attempt to drive the inhabitants crazy.


    21 PWR
    49 SAN

    21 PWR
    49 SAN


    49(MINE)-49(HIS SAN)+ 49 (ADJ THREAD)= 49 SAN ATTACK VS. 21 PWR
  7. From: Desecrated God Pit
    To: Redemption OOC: Hell
    Page: [/COLOR]

    The air tightened, as if suffocating any individual that dared to land on it's crater, from the transfer to her base the next world. Inkling traveled by Thread titles so it wasn't that far from the pit. A grand figure flew down before her just as it surely had for any who entered. He went on and on about sins and returning to heaven. Why did it matter to her about going to this "Heaven." All that was needed were answers and a bit of power. It couldn't help right? Her crimson eyes rolled realizing she merely alone wasn't enough to conquer this place; the place he called Hell. Hell wasn't as dark as she had pictured. Dustier, sure... Spooky? No. It's age succeeded it self to an insanity of no return. That's it!

    Sanity: 52
    Power: 4
    Target's Sanity: 27
    Target's power: 9

    With mixes of words between the one she'd already conquered clashing into Hell, it's meaning was corrupted and no long in service. She promised the revenge, those sinful creatures longed for against the heavens, people, anything. The demi-gods, gods, and humans were now added to the reinforcements of hell.

    What was next on her list?
  8. Who am I? -> The Underbelly of Calmoria

    Shown Here:

    28 (My Power) vs 11 (Threads Power)

    Hunter waited silently sending tendrils of thought sensing for what he could see, other world he could feel, but many where insignificant or much to powerful for him to take on at them moment. Once he had shifted through all he could sense he choose his target, and launched himself off the edge of The Palace letting the dark tide carry him to his prey.

    The Jameson Fishing District stood no chance against him. No army was at his back, but the low life's of that place stood not a chance as soon as they saw him the attempted to kill, him he swiftly defeated all of them and in a short amount of time the fishing district was his. He towed the fishing district back to his palace lashing them together with his will he had the beginning of a city. A city for an empire. He renamed the fledgling city Keandur.

    Move approved - we'll just say it's drifted off on an irregular orbit since then. I'm still working to sort out the View-count problem.

    Moving from here to here.

    A change, a shift, like a current in the void; it drew him away from his world, towards one very close by. This was a world much more to his liking, a world of magic and wonder, of mythic monsters and legends.

    It was a world that bowed before an entire pantheon of gods. But he would fix that, quickly.

    It was one thing to believe in intangible gods, respected and revered as statues that speak through priests. It was another to behold a god descending upon your world in a storm of winds, rain, and lightning, a fearsome, proud dragon unlike any this world had seen before. He razed the temples, destroyed every holy place, leaving a gaping void in their spirituality as their gods were proven powerless and impotent before their very eyes.

    A void which he would fill, claiming all the races of this land as his disciples as they quickly bow before their new, living deity.
  10. Moved to CONQUER "A Tale of the Pure and Fallen" on this page: (Moved DOWN:SORTED BY THREAD START TIME)

    After conquering and bringing the Mechs world back to life from its frozen slumber, Jonathan wasted not a single moment in seeking out another world. His power having grown, he simple willed a world in need to come to him, and so it did. Jonathan found himself upon another earth like world, and again the world he found himself in was frozen in time. Jonathan viewed the world from high above and saw that it was filled with many angels like himself. He also found himself once more moved by the love that the world contained, and then horribly shocked as he learned of the terrible war that was occuring. The frozen scene before him gave forth to images of angels in the middle of ripping and tearing the wings off of one another, many of the people locked in the middle of combat.

    Having grown in power, Jonthan once again easily managed to infuse power into the world and will it under his control. This was the time that Jonathan learned of the so called "fallen" angels, the angels that were different from the others with thier black wings and the sole cuase of the war, the angels who considered themselves "pure" did not live peacefully with thier fallen bretheren. Jonathan used a bit more of his power to heal the injured and with a few simple commmands wiped the ideas of war and racism from the angels minds, thus bringing the world back to a time of peace.

    A strange thing took place once Jonathan collected the power of this world and added it to his own...the sights of the "fallen" angels and thier black wings had brought a puzzling feeling to him at first, but now suddenly, Jonathan remembered of the darkness he contained within himself. He was not a perfect soul, the whole hearted goodness he was able to portray and act upon was due to the fact that he had all along kept his sins and darkness locked away in the far corner of his soul. For a moment, Jonathan worried a bit, but knew that even if he was no actual god with a perfectly good soul, the darkness within him was still very tiny and so he returned to focusing on gaining more power and helping out other worlds in need.

    (Power attack: 34)
  11. Moved to: Multiple Ideas (For both Males and Females!)

    Up From: Twisted Little Mermaids

    The page:

    The tapestry was beginning to take shape now. It flowed through her mind and fingers, words and voices weaving together. The realm didn't cry it's pain quite so loudly anymore. She was so drawn into her task that she didn't notice the stay thread at first. She teased it apart from her work. It had a loose way to it, and fraying tendrils that waved in the current. She sent her thoughts racing along its length. A bright flash of energy caught her, spinning her mind. She focused on the thread and pulled. A tangled knot came loose. A small realm, one without direction. She cradled the remnants in her hands. This too, she would heal.
  12. From to ->

    Movement : Thread Title -> Up

    Occupying 'Drooam' using standard power rules.

    Paorou-sama, now filled with the burgeoning wills and dreams of untold millions of innocents, looked to the stars. Then, like absurd imagery out of a dream, he tore apart time and space. Before him, it was like a mere curtain, revealing a different world just a step out of his reach.

    He stepped through, and the blinding light normalized about him. He saw a world of monsters and fantastic creatures - as well as the men who lived in a brutal, wild world.

    Yet, compared to him, such things were as mundane as ants upon his bread.

    So in a single night of fire and blood, he subjugated this world. With his command of reality, he consumed its will and its essence, adding it to his raw power. The world itself carried hidden truths, even things he did not yet understand.

    This too would become useful to the mad king, making him ever wiser in this game of cycles.

    (Occupying World- +7 Power, Older Thread - +1 Age)
  13. Got the hell outta Gorror town
    And ended up in A Maidstone Production


    There was a ripple, and for a minute the fog around the dilapidated and blood-soaked town cleared, and there stood, down a forested path, a great manor. Porg had no second thoughts as he strolled down the path, a chance crossing of worlds, but this one looked far more civilised, if a little.. transparent.
    It appeared to be a masquerade ball, and as he approached the front door of the manse a sword materialised in his hand, which swiftly shaped itself into an elaborate eyemask. the men at the door did not notice him but he almost didn't notice them. Everyone it seemed in this world was a ghost. Or perhaps it was the world that was a ghost. Every last member of this mansion world was a lost soul, But Porg could do souls, he was good at souls.
    It wasn't long before he was being noticed by the residents, this solid man where they were all not. But the energy coming off him, it was warming, hopeful even, and they could not resist the offer he proposed. He would make them real again, make them alive. And they could dance across the endless vault, as weapons of soul and spirit, if it come to it.
    Porg suspected it would come to it.

    Sanity attack:- 56-39 = 17

    17 > the world's 4 power.

    Can I do an Absolute type change on it too please? I assume a banned account means a ghost world? It has 4 power and my starting world had 3 so..
  14. Moving from Lost House ( ) to Restoration Cycle ( )

    Movement Type:

    Chou simply stepped on the dead planet and simply claimed it as his own as it was a sleeper world. He simply got bored and hoped the next world would have a better apperance but he did not enjoy it anymore so he decided to conquer it and maybe sell its conquering for future gains.

    My stats
    Power: 35
    Sanity: 49
    Views: 363

    Opponents Stats
    Power: 35
    Sanity: 31
    Views: 114
  15. Current Location: Tavia's Ambitions
    Destination: Three Behrs
    World Alignment: Post Starter

    Power Attack
    Tavia's Ambitions: 44
    Three Behrs: 29

    A dark head of hair tilted back, turning a disinterested expression lit by the pale glow of far-distant stars toward the heavens. From his mouth, Tian removed a slender cigarette whose tip was still smoldering, consuming the paper encasing it. Finished, he exhaled a cloud of soft gray smoke and flicked the butt of the cigarette onto the ground of the planet he'd chosen to make his first conquest. It was another world that held no interest for him and no real challenge, filled only with more bland humans. He pressed his boot down onto the dim flame, rubbing it into the earth. That was how he felt about the planet, an ashy and pointless mess to be stomped beneath his shoe.

    Still, Tian thought idly, there was something oddly alluring in the prospect of creating his own empire. A grin stole across his lips, exposing a row of sharp white teeth to glint in the starlight, and he pressed his palm to the trunk of a tree. This world would be the first of many, the first in a long line of worlds to fall beneath the might of Tian Kitt. His dreams cast him an interplanetary emperor, a king amongst those who would walk the worlds. Pressing his hand still harder against the bark, his hand began to form an indent into the solid wood, the impression of a handprint on it.

    "Yes, you will do nicely."

    Stepping away from the tree, Tian strode with purpose toward the bustling sounds of the human city. They constructed steel towers to keep them away from their world and he doubted highly that they would miss it. They wouldn't even have to sacrifice much, so long as they accepted him as the new ruler of the planet. He wouldn't even have the time to stay and enforce his will on them, truth be told. He had more important things to do. Not that he couldn't take a little time from his day to slaughter them if need be, of course.

    Approaching the nearest inhabitant, a woman from the looks of her, he lifted her into the air easily by her slender, delicate neck. She squirmed and her eyes were wild with fright, though even her struggling didn't so much as give him inconvenience.

    "This is the face of your new ruler. Now, you will show me where to find the ruler of this planet. I'm going to fire him personally."

    The world folded to Tian. With this planet in the palm of his head, he turned his gaze toward the alignment of the planets once more, contemplating which he would dominate next.
  16. Starting location: Phantom

    Destination: Just Another Day - Hushabye and bluberriexD

    Objective: Conquest

    Method of Transit: From the Beginning.

    Orion had left the frosty, haunted village of Rendvour behind after his day of reckoning within it. Soon enough he had grown strong on the planet itself to conquer the spirits. Enough power was gained that he could use his board again to travel through the stars to a nearby planet. Here his human disguise still blended in, so there was no reason to discard it just yet. A covert, one man invasion force, set out to take control of this planet as well. Once the customs of this planet were known to him he set out to single-handedly eliminate those who brought terror and fear into this world of limited technology and no afterlife. Ghosts did not encumber him here.

    Using his cosmic powers he removed those that prevented peace and prosperity from their lofty positions. No manipulation of economies or any under-handed methods had their place in his tactics. Dawn came to a planet now prepared for peace and order. All were thankful for this intervention from outer space. But what could this Dying Star consume from here to make up for the energy expended? Rewards soon came from the world population in the form of newly released breakthroughs in energy research. Each one from scientists who had been kept silent through fear-mongering and bribery. No more would their progress be halted or lost altogether. Bathing in various energy sources across the planet not only returned energy expended, it increased his raw power.

    Orion heard the sound of cheers from every city across the planet as he surfed off into the skies above in search for more power to stave off his own demise.

    Just Another Day.
  17. Back To: Redemption of the Gods- Desecrated God Pit
    From: Redemption OOC- Hell

    The new world began to get boring as it typically would. She wanted to move onto a new world yet she didn't want to go from this place called Hell. Inkling shrugged off her over boggled thoughts that had begun to intertwine. Something new from the other direction. Maybe going through the madness this way was best. Though soon, she'd need to change way of traveling.

    *Just Traveling through own territory (Base) to get somewhere else.*
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