VAULT WAR - The Hall of Fame

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    For as long as we have been inside the Vault, we have known about the Hall. Like a memory lodged and half-forgotten, its presence is felt, always, in the corners of our minds.

    Just close your eyes and think of it... and you are there.

    The Hall inhabits a dimension all of its own. Beyond the walls we see only clouds and blackness . And once there, we are unable to do harm. To even attempt violence is to fade away and be sent back to our homeworlds.

    On pillars and walls are written the names of Iwakuans and the worlds they have conquered. The progress of the War, laid out for all to see.

    Here we meet... make alliances... make threats... and seek audience with the one creature who dwells within the Hall.

    The Oracle... Polaris...


  2. For four hours he had sat, in the darkest archway of the Hall. He had watched and he had waited, his helm concealing all expression.

    A day like any other... some would say. Iwakuans had come and gone - lovers meeting to embrace, warlords conducting business, worshipers hoping for a glimpse of the Oracle. The Hall was the hub of all exchange in the Vault, be it bitter or sweet. And so it had been since the Server Crash.

    But today... today the universe had changed... and Asmodeus was the first to feel it.

    Well... maybe not the first... after all, this was the Oracle's realm.

    To put it simply... the Vault had unlocked itself. Now every world was open for conquest, every pathway open for navigation, every prize up for grabs. And all the Iwakuans, trapped till now on the worlds they had landed on, today beheld the entirety of the Vault.

    New empires would be carved... new battles fought...

    It would be the first day of the Vault War.

    Such things were inevitable.

    And if Asmodeus remembered one thing about himself... it was that, in times of war, he was not one to be idle.
  3. Along the way to his next conquest Chronos feels a strange presence it was not one of the abyss however, the feeling made him feel almost at ease. With his intrest peaked Chronos moved towards the sensation. What he found was something so surreal and astonishing he could barely comprehend it's beauty, he felt like he had been here before but could not remember the last time he'd ever seen such a magnificent place. He continued further exploring the great hall curious as to what memories this place might hold for him.
  4. ThE_DeAd watched cautiously from a crumbling balcony overlooking what was left of the central hall. From his vantage point he could see the two mighty beings who occupied the ground level. A large goat headed beast with a mighty wings and a well dressed skeletal figures immense power radiated from both of them and their auras were so black they seemed to dim the light around them. A trait he recognized as rare among Iwakuians.

    "Asmodeus and Chronos..." he muttered under his breath, weezing his words slightly as he doubled over in pain. Clearly their data hadn't been corrupted as his had.

    ThE_DeAd had shifted to this plain to rest from his small victory over the ninja clans, his body still weak. The energy he had managed to reap from his conquest was enough to sustain him for the time being, but sooner or later he would have to defend himself and the fragile surrogate body his soul currently inhabited was still little more than a rotting mortal's corpse. Making allies was necessary for his survival, and if this meant taking on the role of subservient to a greater demon he was not afraid to do what must be done. It wouldn't be the first time he had sold his services.

    The risen spectre nimbly leapt and slid his way down from the broken columns and fallen arches until he stood somewhere between these horrifying creatures prostrating himself at one knee. His eyes directed at the ground feet before his face.

    "Greetings to you Lord of Chaos and Master of Fear; may you bring countless worlds to their knees with the mention of your coming and your feet leave nothing but flames and ash in their wake."

    He was always good at grovelling, respectful but not fearful of the repercussions should his words be ill received He was aware that he was rolling the dice approaching beings of such great power without being addressed, but creatures such as he had faced eternal torment before and in his opinion it wasn't really as bad as everyone made it out to be.
  5. Lord of Chaos? Master of Fear?

    Faulkner didn't recognize anything about this place, and certainly none of the people--beings--he saw here, turning slowly in his spot to take it all in. He'd been operating almost entirely on instinct and whim since he first woke up, and truth be told, wasn't entirely certain how he wound up here, wherever this place was.

    He was kinda wondering what it was with people and horns. Two dudes with huge-ass horns; weird.

    But his attention lingered on the one with what looked like a goat's head. He didn't approach him, not yet, but... He seemed familiar. The first thing in this place that did.

    Maybe if he continued to observe, he'd learn why.
  6. An address to one of them? Or both of them? Perhaps even he had not decided.

    Asmodeus peered at the man who knelt between himself and the wandering Chronos. If ever there was a triangle of ghouls then it was here. A demon, a skeleton and a wight.... like the beginning of a necromancer's joke.

    He rose from his lotus position and brought dark wings around his torso, veiling the infant faces that strained beneath his flesh. And from the arched alcove his seven foot form approached. Inside his helm, a human voice resounded. "And so it begins..." The eye-slits of his helm, white and searing, fixed on ThE_DeAd. "The weak digging trenches in the shadows of the strong. You are much in need, Dead One."

    He circled, but kept to the side opposite from Chronos, a being for now more powerful than himself. Yet in this place he did not fear the horned skeleton, and the Prince's eyes were only on ThE_DeAd.

    "But what need have I for you? Another plant to grow till treachery is seeded?"
  7. Chronos looked down upon the kneeled figure before him ThE_DeAd, what did he want? Before Chronos could utter a word Asmodues stepped out from the shadows, and began addressing the the weaker entity. Chronos merely watched as the demon began dissecting the beings true intentions, it was not uncommon for the weak to try and cling to the strong. Leeching off their power before stabbing them in the back and taking what ever power they had for themselves, "No need to be so cruel Asmodeus, while it is true the weak at times cling to those stronger then them. They can offer some use before being exstinguished, and as it stands right now he could still be of 'some' use to either of us."

    The sockets where his eyes should be began glowing a vibrant red color, he knelt closer to ThE_DeAd "Do not try to sway me with pretty words, if it weren't for the Oracle I would have crushed under my heel the moment you tried groveling up to me. I have no need for flattery if you require my help then prove you are worth my time." He stood casting his gaze towards Asmodeus the demon's eyes were still fixed on ThE_DeAd, while Asmodeus may be weaker than him at the moment he knew it wouldn't take long for demon to build up enough power to become a threat to Chronos. If anything Asmodeus was one of the select few that Chronos respected in the abyss. Chronos made sure to give him a wide breadth for the time being.
  8. Excesmyr has appeared in the corner of the structure, out of sight and out of mind. He had halted his attack on a world he was conquering. It seems that the inhabitant of the world wanted to negotiate. He wasn't heartless, but his rational side has agreed. He tried to keep his insanity under wraps, but the longer he held it there, the harder it tried to get out. He needed to be sane for the negotiations to work out. Since it was his first conquest, he might have mistakenly underestimated the enemy. Right now, allies would be more helpful that unused resources.

    He tried to stay from the view of the major players in the war. Those figures in the middle may seem strong now, but soon they will fall. They all will. He shuddered at how this war made them so grim. They all seem so fixated on death and killing. It was depressing. But they couldn't help it. It's all they could do. They were trapped in the abyss and the fight for worlds have begun.

    He crouched and leaned against the wall. He hoped that the inhabitant would meet him soon. His felt his mind tearing itself apart in his own internal war.
  9. ThE_DeAd continued to kneel like a statue, one arm resting upon his higher leg, his expression unchanged by Chronos' threats. When serving sadistic beings of immense power, this behaviour was one of the many employment hazards, cowering was never a good idea, such creatures thrived on it.

    "My worlds have little value to me beyond the energy I must reap from them in order to rebuild and sustain my form. I have no fear of defeat, or loss. My murderers took everything from me long ago. What better way to delay your enemies than by using my worlds as cannon fodder while you take the precious worlds of the vault for yourselves? A first strike on your enemies by my small raiding parties can occupy their forces and prevent them from pestering you with the need for defence keeping your forces on the offensive will allow either...or both of you to expand your empires faster. As time passes I assure you my uses will grow and I will not disappoint."


  10. A chuckle, short and strangely gentle, echoed inside the demon's helm.

    He turned his gaze to Chronos as ThE_DeAd finished speaking. "Out of the mouths of babes and dead men." The Biblical line seemed to echo around the Hall, getting caught and carried in the stone corridors. "I see two realists before me: one weak, one strong. Perhaps the Oracle speaks in this."

    Stepping closer, his wings unfurled, ruffling, resettling. The gesture offered but a glimpse of the wailing infant faces that shifted beneath his torso flesh. Between the trio no torch nor starlight could venture, as if by their collusion shadow had bled into the Hall.

    "It is given me to know that War is coming... and that the Vault now opens to the interplay of opportunity. And in the chaos of colliding worlds one truth abides..." He looked to each of them. "True power is counted in one's allies."

    He shot a glance to either side, his gaze finding Excesmyr and Faulkner, warding them away. Then he returned to the two before him. "So let the Dead and the Demonic here conspire. I will join my power with yours. And we shall ensure, from the outset of this War, that it is WE who are masters of the Vault."
  11. Chronos questioned this alliegnce at first, he was no stranger to treachery and forked tongues. But for the time being it was a good chance for him to get a leg up on those who still and eventually would become a threat to him, so for the time being he would accept the demon's offer of a truce. He nodded to the demon "For the time being I'll accept...but should I sense even the slightist feeling of betrayal from either of you; I will not hesitate to make everyday one of suffering for the both of you. This should make for the intresting experience." He extended his hand to ThE_DeAd "But you still need to prove your worth to me sure to a mass your power as quickly as possible I will not wait forever."

    He looked around the hall noticing faulkner and Excesmyr, Faulkner was one of the few still stronger than him. Chronos would have to move fast if he wanted to surpass the shapeshifter, his gaze began to shift back to Asmodeus "For the time being I will allow you access to my home world seeing as how you are almost strong enough to harvest the power of the worlds around it. So long as you do not turn on me I will give you free range to the other worlds and grow as strong as you want." This was going to be a very intresting venture indeed, he could not wait to see the havoc this dark alligence would reak upon the abyss. "With this we shall destroy any who dare would stand against us."

  12. The return of to her own territory caused her to feel a bit unaccomplished. Inkling wanted to start chaos, wars, and just trouble in general. Yet, something was off. It didn't seem like the appropriate time. Taking it slow and steady while everything else where turns to ash, just seemed the best way to go. The vault may have been broke and full of confusion that gave no answers but it was much more than that. The portal to different ways of life, races, cultures, memories, and whatever else. Why take it all for granted? That'd be a foolish choice.

    Upon arrival through the worlds to a place that seemed as neutral grounds. Change of pace. Maybe it'd be good for her. Inkling looked over the individuals who had already entered. Each had their own feel for their surrounds and even the way they were going to go through the abyss. All left with nothing to really live for besides this... war. She sighed while walking to a pillar leaving foot print like color blobs with each step. Hoping for someone to possibly connect with, allies had already formed in the room with another group. Intriguing and not a bad idea. The alliance looked dark and even a bit intimidating, though it wasn't anything she was worried about. No matter how more powerful, the woman had a stubborn wit about her; refusing to go down easily and quietly. War for her as of the moment, though, was not an option, at least not a wise one to let commence.

  13. Excesmyr murmured to himself. It seems that everyone here was hellbent on conquering the vault. While this may be true, the doom and gloom hung over them way too much. They needed to let off some steam, if only for a little bit. Though, partying with your enemies would be the most cheerful thing. Still, they needed to lighten up, even the newcomer.

    He carried a conversation with his own self. His insanity just dying to come out.

    "I say we just kill them all, let God sort 'em out. Wait, there is no god here. We all have to fend for ourselves. Don't trust anyone."

    "No, we came here to make peace with whoever we were attacking. Let's just focus on taking unoccupied worlds. Fight others later. Besides I think the truce between our victim may prove fruitful."

    "Don't do it."

    He continued going back and forth between himself, probably soliciting gazes from the others. He hoped he hadn't scared away anyone, and if he did he hoped it would ward them off for a bit while he gets his bearings. A man who argues with himself is obviously insane and not to be trifled with.
  14. maydayse0_large.gif A rush of water swirled over her, engulfing her body in a whirlwind of bubbles. When she opened her eyes, she found herself in a great hall. Distant clouds were the only sky. There were others in the hall, beings that brought traces of times long past to her mind. She drifted over to a figure curled up on itself. It muttered to someone that either she couldn't see, or wasn't there at all. She stretched a hand out to the being's shoulder.
  15. Well. That was... intriguing. An alliance of three already formed--was this how it would soon be for everyone? Faulkner hadn't really had any intention yet of attacking others, even with what he'd heard now, as the others spoke of war. He was simply... searching. For what, he didn't really know. But if war it was to be, then being caught out in this abyss alone was probably just begging for trouble.

    Could he seek an alliance with them, the dead and demonic?

    ...Perhaps it was better he didn't. It didn't seem like he'd fit in with their crowd, anyhow.

    So Faulkner turned and looked to the rest of the hall's inhabitants. Maybe another could be found that would seek a similar alliance. The pickings seemed pretty slim yet, though; strange creatures and some dude talking to himself--the last amused Faulkner for some reason, he wasn't sure why, only that it seemed familiar somehow. Still, this party was only just getting started. Others would come soon, he was sure.
  16. The feeling of a new world's energies linked to his own was intoxicating for Tian, more so even that the drink he indulged in from time to time. It was such that he couldn't distinguish between whether he was taking over worlds for the power or for the rush he felt when he absorbed their lifeforce. It was with this giddy feeling that he decided that he would gaze upon others who were absorbing worlds within the vault, curiosity coupled with a feeling of power singing through his veins.

    The travel wasn't difficult for him, it felt as though his body were being pulled at from every angle. Just when it began to feel as though it might tear him apart, he was there. The Hall of Fame, the convening point for those who were dominating the vault. It was a grand place, outside of the vault and yet still tied to it on some deeper level, an enigma none had managed to completely understand.

    The first impression that Tian had of the place was that it was filled with the timid, the clueless. He wondered if they would crumble easily beneath his boot as well. There was a young man who appeared to have decided against talking to others and was simply discussing matters with himself instead. At least, Tian decided with a bemused expression, the man would know if he had his own back in a fight. For some, that wasn't assured and was quite important.

    Stepping forward, his gaze slid over the body of another present, a woman by the looks of her. Even she seemed uncertain of her place and nervous. Crossing his arms, Tian leaned back against a pillar. The only others who seemed certain in their place were a trio of three, already formed. An alliance larger than three could prove uncertain at best and volatile at worst. Tian would wait, to see if more came to this place. While he did so, he lifted a cigarette from his pocket. They were a human invention, not something that the demons had thought to do, but from his time at Fayth Landing, Tian had picked up the foolish things as they eased his nerves.
  17. Excesmyr had just finished mumbling to himself when he looked up. There seemed to be quite a lot of people staring at him. He flushed red. There was even a tentacled girl extending her hand out to him. At first it surprised him. The hall was certainly filled with an interesting cast of characters. He relaxed a little and stared at her hand. It was obvious she meant well, at least he thought, so he nodded at her.

    "I'm fine." he said in reply, even though she didn't say anything. She seemed to be from an aquatic world because she looked out of place with her tentacles.

    "So, who are you? I'm Excesmyr, but people just call me Tai." He tried to keep himself under wraps and civil. This was no time to make enemies. He wrapped his cloak back over his shoulder, covering most of his body aside from his feet. He shoved his hands in his pockets to keep from fidgeting around to much.
  18. She smiled at him, and drew back her hand. "Tai, then. I am..." she paused. The word-or words escaped her. She knew they had been there, once at least. So many things forgotten. "I am," she repeated, "Afraid that I can't quite recall my name. As if it were stolen out of my mind. Out. Out! That's it, GeekOut. I am GeekOut!" She twirled upwards, swimming in the air with delight. Having a name felt right. Words were powerful, wonderful. She drifted back down to eye level with the Tai, resting her chin on her arms. "What are you doing here, in this place of legends?"

  19. "I remember much of the wars, of the myriad fables and myths that make up Iwaku's history." A ghostly figure stood next to Faulkner, his hand raised as though tracing the words engraved on the wall. Had he been there a second ago? Perhaps, perhaps not. His translucent form suggested it might be difficult to tell where he was if he didn't want you to. "And yet, for all the people in this room, for all the Power and Age they exude, I believe only one of us here has ever played a part in them." Porg turned to look to the room at large, the direction Faulkner was already facing. He though his form was that of a ghost, insubstantial and transparent, he wore a mask, the kind one might expect to see at a masquerade, and it was wholly solid.

    "Though I have no doubt that a few here will eventually stain the pages of history with their mark. Whether that ink will be red or not, and whether it will be their 'ink' is something I'd rather not speculate though." He glanced at the man standing next to him before turning and extending his hand. "I'm Porg." He said, before hesitating a little. "Oh. Sorry" A gauntlet materialised over his outstretched hand, as solid as the mask he wore, making an odd contrast to his etherial arm. "Still forget about that sometimes."
  20. Within her realization stirred. The Hall’s name danced through her mind like the world whose humble people she had taken under her wing. Her locks of pale rose burst into sapphire luminescence, and color consumed her. Aqua, the Alice of the plutonian Vault, descended from the depths of her heart until her eyes opened once more. She was in the false refuge of the Hall of Fame.

    On the visitors' breaths were power and weakness, confidence and insecurity. But, what made Aqua tremble? Well, the darkness that lurked within. In the distance, a tenebrious trio’s presence repelled the Hall’s light. Aqua momentarily closed her eyes. A season of prayers began. To the source of her magic she prayed, even though she had no idea whence it came. Within her, a minuscule fragment knew it was in vain, for it was not some higher being, but from within.

    A mad man stood away from them with a tentacle woman. In accompaniment of these two were an angular youth and a specter in green attire. An indecision most sudden gripped her legs, forcing her to remain where she had awoken. To whom shall I speak?