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    The Vault... the Abyss... the Graveyard... the Roleplay Chasm...

    There have been many names for that dark realm within Iwaku - the crack through which so many things have fallen. Some say it is a well of souls, a psychic repository, a collective nightmare of the subconscious. Others believe it a dimension in which thoughts themselves are forged.

    But whatever the truth may be, one thing is certain. We are now falling through the Abyss.

    There was a crash in Server Space. Reality broke apart. And everyone in Iwaku fell into the Vault.

    Scattered through time and space, through shadow and sanity, we have found ourselves marooned across a thousand worlds.

    All memory of rank and privilege has been lost. We must start again. We must rebuild our legends.

    And only the greatest of us shall escape the Abyss.

    The Vault War has begun.

  2. RULES

    Post in this thread if you want to join

    You will then be assigned your Starting Thread from the Roleplay Graveyard.


    Your Starting Thread will determine the stats you begin the War with.

    <font size="5px">WHAT ARE THE STATS?</font> (open)

    <table align=center><tr><td valign=top width=60% style="border-color:#ff0033"><IMG src= align="left" width=30% style="padding:10px">

    Threads hold different amounts of energy, depending on what stories have occured there and what psychic residue remains.

    Power is your Attack stat. It represents all weapons and abilities that world can give you. The more Power you have, the easier you can conquer other Threads and beat other players.

    Your starting Power is equal to the number of REPLIES your Starting Thread has.​

    <tr><td valign=top style="border-color:#ff0033">

    <table align=center><tr><td valign=top style="border-color:#99cccc"><IMG src= align="left" height=30% style="padding:10px">

    The older the world, the more power it has soaked up from the Vault, and the more time has passed in its reality.

    Age represents how ancient you and your world are. It is your defense stat. Because anyone wanting to conquer your world will have to deal with the history and culture upon it.

    Your starting Age is equal to how many months ago your Thread was CREATED. (See table below)​

    <TABLE style="font-size:10px" style="font-color:#99cccc" align="center"><tr><TD><TD>JAN<TD>FEB<TD>MAR<TD>APR<TD>MAY<TD>JUN<TD>JUL<TD>AUG<TD>SEP<TD>OCT<TD>NOV<TD>DEC
    </TABLE><tr><td valign=top style="border-color:#99cccc">

    <table align=center>
    <tr><td valign=top style="border-color:#006633"><IMG src= align="left" height=30% style="padding:12px">

    This represents how deep inside the Abyss your world has drifted, and how much chaos and madness has washed over it.

    Worlds nearer the Vault's edge are stable and logical, while those nearer the centre have forgotten what they once were. So while older worlds are more defensible, they are also more insane.

    Your starting Sanity is equal to how RECENT your last reply was. (See table below)​

    <TABLE style="font-size:10px" style="font-color:#006633" align="center"><tr><TD><TD>JAN<TD>FEB<TD>MAR<TD>APR<TD>MAY<TD>JUN<TD>JUL<TD>AUG<TD>SEP<TD>OCT<TD>NOV<TD>DEC
    <tr><td valign=top style="border-color:#006633">

    <table align=center>
    <tr><td valign=top style="border-color:#ff9933"><IMG src= align="left" height=30% style="padding:10px">

    Not all worlds in the Abyss are fully-formed. Many are in pieces, trapped between dimensions, or in the first days of creation.

    The nature of the world you start on will affect your own nature and limitations. Certain worlds will be valuable prizes during the War, as rivals fight to possess the bonuses they offer.

    Your Type is equivalent to the USERGROUP of the Thread Starter, as explained in the World section.​

    <tr><td valign=top style="border-color:#ff9933">

    The Age and Sanity Reference Table will display at the top of every page in the Vault, so you can view it quickly.

    <font size=5px>CHARACTER SHEET</font> (open)

    [noparse][b]NAME:[/b]  (You must play a version of your Iwaku Username, unless you can PM me a very good reason why not)
    [b]APPEARANCE:[/b]  (Written or image)
    [b]POWER:[/b]  (From Starting Thread)
    [b]AGE:[/b]  (From Starting Thread)
    [b]SANITY:[/b]  (From Starting Thread)
    [b]TYPE:[/b]  (The Genre and[/noparse] [url=]Type[/url] from Starting Thread)
    [noparse][b]BASE:[/b]  (The Thread chosen as your main base - include the link.  You can only change your Base via the [/noparse][url=]Absolute Rules[/url])
    [noparse][b]CONQUESTS:[/b]  (Other Threads <img SRC= ALIGN=TEXTbottom HEIGHT=10PX> - include links)
    [b]ABSOLUTES:[/b]  (See[/noparse] [url=]Empire Rules[/url].  List all Absolutes and their stats here.)
    [noparse][B]AWARDS:[/B]  (Awarded by GM, based on [/noparse][url=]Rankings[/url])


    Please include the Genre of your Starting Thread. This can be either Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Modern, or Unaligned (if the genre is not clear). You can only change your Genre if you occupy more worlds of that type than any other. Awards will be given each month by the Moderators to the top ranked players in each Type and Genre (see here for rankings).


    <table align=center><tr><td><td valign=top width=640><IMG src= align=right width=150 style="padding:5px">NAME: Asmodeus

    POWER: 106

    AGE: 14

    SANITY: 52

    TYPE: Unaligned Shadow

    BASE: Canto

    Asmodeus awoke on a world infested with Pokemon. It was to be his first genocide. Within months he had poisoned the forests, and those Pokemon not slain by his godlike wrath were imprisoned and buried beneath the earth. Now, from the haunted grove once known as Fuschia Glen, he watches the Vault War through the veil of shadows.

    He has renamed the world Canto, and fused its verdant forests with biomechanical nightmares.

    [V, A, U, L, T]

    <tr><td colspan="2" align=center><IMG src= width=70% align="center" style="padding:5px">

    The Nazi Carnivale: A Burtonesque world of the 1940s, overrun by circus nightmares and ruled by Hitler, the personal prophet and servant of Asmodeus.

    The World of Thirteenth Darkness: a modern earth beset by urban horror, where every floor of every building is infested with psychic horrors. OOC has also been captured.

    The Veil: A modern society in which the internet has been destroyed and all information is controlled by a global supernatural Illuminati put in place by Asmodeus. Many there do not even know that the demon rules them.

    The Tower Card: An ornate tarot card that, when shown to an opponent, causes bones to weaken and flesh to tear. Augmented by the Pentagrammic Wards of Michael Fell. [POWER: 20]



    Count me the fucketh in.

    [size=+1][size=+2]NAME:[/size] Grumpy

    [size=+2]POWER:[/size] 29

    [size=+2]AGE:[/size] 8

    [size=+2]SANITY:[/size] 57

    [size=+2]TYPE:[/size] Modern Shadow

    [size=+2]BASE:[/size] Everwinter

    Rising amidst the frosty isolation of a vast swathe of icy wilderness with naught but a small town for civilisation, the being known as Grumpy had little difficulty utilising his abilities to bend the realm to his will. The werewolf tribes inhabiting the region were the first to fall, with Grumpy's necromantic powers shifting them into terrifying undead beasts that float in between life and death, attacking anyone who strays into their master's realm without leave. The humans of the town fared little better, transformed into undead servants and automatons.

    A vast castle of ice was erected where the town once stood, now housing Grumpy and his forces. From here he watches the progress of the war... and plans accordingly.


    [size=+2]CONQUESTS:[/size] (Other Threads Occupied - include links)

    [size=+2]ABSOLUTES:[/size] (See Empire Rules. List all Absolutes and their stats here.)

    [size=+2]AWARDS:[/size] (Awarded by GM, based on Rankings - see below)

    V A U L T

    Name: Zen

    Appearance: Her head is shaved, but her features are evident: the almond eyes, the high cheek bones, the softness of her lips, they all speak of a female sex. She has a kind face, but the past battles show in her eyes. One can infer that Zen is at least in her early to mid twenties. She has a slender but toned build, meant for speed and agility. She doesn't wear shoes, instead she prefers to cover her feet with white fabric and twine. She also wears orange monk robes, which exposes her right shoulder. When in combat, the attire adds a quality of elegance to her movements. Zen carries with her a long thin sword which she keeps tied around her hip, over her robes. She will never hide the weapon, believing it is best for others to see that she is armed.

    Power: 4

    Age: 11

    Sanity: 50

    Type: Modern/Horror - Shadow world

    Base: Westfield

    Bruised, battered and beaten to a pulp, Zen has no recollection of what has happened to bring her to this strange world. She spends several days meditating on her situation, hoping to find some answer. She returns to reality feeling broken and disconnected, not just with herself but with the other life forms around her. Desperate, the monk takes it upon herself to help this world, hoping that somehow it would bring back her memories.

    Sensing the corruption in Westfield, Zen swiftly got to work, nabbing the murderers and cleaning up the night scene. Despite her best efforts, she knows that the Mastermind for the crime is still out there somewhere. Zen is still actively hunting it down and doing it alone, while constantly fighting off a feeling of hopelessness. While the citizens believe Zen to be a bit off - she walks around wearing crimson robes after all - they respect and almost revere her. She is known as the city's healer and spiritual leader, residing in the former Allen's Bar, which is referred to as her temple.



  6. NAME: Faulkner

    APPEARANCE: A young man of indeterminate age (could be anywhere from 18 to 25). He has angular features, short, messy brown hair, and tanned skin. His eyes are hazel, framed by a slim pair of square-rimmed glasses. He wears a green long-sleeve shirt, a brown leather vest, army camo cargo pants, and a pair of hiking boots. Around his neck hangs an unusual, gaudy amulet; a large, round piece of gold, with a large piece of jade set in it's center, and three smaller pieces of jet, garnet, and tiger's eye set around it at equal intervals.

    He is also a shapeshifter, with three alternate forms: a black dragon, a red crocodile-like monster, and a massive leviathan-beast with a dull brown hide. (He has a knack for reptiles.)

    POWER: 113 (95 + 18)

    AGE: 27 (7 + 20)

    SANITY: 58

    TYPE: Modern Citizen World

    BASE: Perrier (95/7/58; official title "Irreversible".)

    Faulkner is uncertain how or why he wound up on this world. What he does know is that he absolutely loathed it from the moment he woke up. It seemed as though the entire world existed solely to revolve around a couple of ridiculous romances. So naturally the first thing he did was to kill off the idiots the stupid world revolved around, so that he could focus on something more important. Like getting off the wretched rock and finding other, much more interesting worlds to take over. There have to be better worlds out there. Right?


    V A U L T

    • Monothea (Shadow World, 57/27/25; official title "Pantheon - Mortal". A high-fantasy world with numerous non-human races and patron deities. Faulkner laid claim to this world by destroying the temples of their deities and forcing them to worship him instead. V, A, U, L, T)
    • Nyrota (Citizen World, 10/3/58; official title "After the Invasion". A futuristic alien-invasion-apocalypse world on which a frog-like race had invaded the Earth and enslaved the majority of the human race. Faulkner easily wiped out one of their strongholds, after which the rest of the Nyrotines were more than willing to surrender to him. V, A, U, L, T)
    • The School (Ghost World, 8/27/24; official title "Just plain drama". All that's left of this world is the ruins of a high school and the whispers of lost lovers. Faulkner claimed it for his own. V, A, U, L, T)

    ABSOLUTES: (See Empire Rules. List all Absolutes and their stats here.)

    AWARDS: (Awarded by GM, based on Rankings)
  7. Name: ThE_DeAd




    Age: 4


    Modern - Shadow world

    Climbing his way up from the swirling maelstrom of the abyss, his ghostly form nearly torn apart by the chaos there within, The Dead found himself on a world trapped in a perpetual state of cold war. On the surface he observed a quiet uneasiness in its inhabitants But behind closed doors he witnessed a grim game at play. Foreign spies stealing designs for experimental weapons, hit men assassinating politicians with dangerous ideas.

    The soldiers of this world were specialists at operating in hostile territory. They watched from the shadows, waiting for the opportune moment to strike and by the time anyone had realized they'd made their move they were miles away. Information and stealth were their allies.

    The Dead saw in these beings the aptitudes which he himself required in order to survive in this new and hostile mulltiverse. There were those that would seek to take advantage of this chaos and forge empires, crushing anyone who gets in their way. Enemies would be many. Understanding this, he began to reach into the minds of the beings inhabiting this world, placing them under his spell. Every assassin, spy and the agencies which oversaw their operations fell under his command. They would serve as the tip of the spear which he would use to insure his survival.

    Base: International Intelligence Headquarters -


    1 .
    The Downfall of Euphoria(



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  8. NAME: Eternal Fire






    TYPE: Modern/Citizen

    The Promise Games



  9. Jonathan Sazaki
    POWER: 838

    SANITY: 56
    Base: New York City (Me Against the Music)
    TYPE: Modern Archon

    The Awakening (open)

    Jonathan glanced around, the things he could see both astounded him... and drove him a bit mad. He stood in small room, from the looks of things, There were papers and musical equipment strewn about, a interesting desk and set of stools that, resembled more of a bar counter than a normal desk. Something was definitely wrong however. The first clue to this fact was staring Jonathan right in the face, that was that all movement and time around him was at a standstill.

    Not a single movement could be seen...not a single sound to be was...unnerving.

    Jonathan simply stared, as he watched what appeared to be a couple, frozen in time. A woman stood by the door, her true beauty worn away with stress and fatigue, yet, a warm and loving smile was still formed upon her face as she stared out a man across from her. The man in the room was returning an equally wonderful smile, though his eyes seemed to have a glint of sadness within them. What Jonathan had gotten himself into, he had no idea, in fact, nothing seemed to make sense...his memories were foggy...his mind wandering, unable to focus.

    It was this couple that seemed to flood his mind, body, and soul with a cascade of emotion and what seemed like....power? He couldn't quite grasp it at first, but he knew, after what appeared like an entire hour of simply standing, watching the unmoving scene before him, that he could bring about change. And so...with the simple thought and wish of wanting this couple to continue on and to hopefully live a happy life together...time began once again.

    Once time did the power Jonathan had felt earlier begin to grow. Jonathan found himself surrounded by ripples in the very time space around him, he could hardly understand what was going on, but he knew right away that he was viewing other “scenes”, other “worlds”. Some showing signs of more frozen times, some with a bit of stirring movement, and others that were clouded with darkness. The one thing Jonathan knew, was that this “world” he had found himself was something he truly wanted to protect and to do so, he would have to gain more power....and so Jonathan found himself moving towards the nearest world ripple that he could see...
    The Great Flooding (open)
    On the second night after Jonathan's awakening upon the strange earth like world, the entire land became swept over in a rush of water as the oceans grew and rose above even the tallest of skyscrapers and mountains. The entire event took place in only about a few hours, and only a short while after the water took over all that could be seen, the water began to fall, and from the retreating waves came new cities and technology vastly superior to that which it had had before.

    The Power Spires (open)
    On the night after the great flooding, that had produced the new magnificant cities, large towering spires that were at first thought to have been complex skyscrapers, began to radiate and glow with energy as they seeked to contain the vast amount of energy that the world was producing. Aside from the many rather massive energy spires that were placed at the center of the worlds major cities, many other smaller spires dotted the rest of the landscape drawing in power just the same as the others.
    The USS Diana (open)
    novus_aeterno___verunas_fortress_class_final_by_phoenix_06-d4r0rml.jpg The night after the spires throughtout the world began harnassing more energy, and after a few more conquests that brought even more power to Jonathan, a huge and magnificant space ship made its way out of the worlds atmoshphere. The ship, the USS Diana, was named after the original mastermind behind the worlds creation and rivialed only in size by the very world itself, it was roughly fifty times longer than the Empire State Building that ceased to exist when the new cities rose. The man in charge of commanding the great vessle while Jonathan was too busy to do so himself was John Draper Crunch, or as he was referred to aboard the ship, Captain Crunch. The ship would constantly loom over the planet, its possible dangers and purpose completely unknown.
    The Defense Grid (open)
    telikos_protocol___rail_gun_platforms_by_phoenix_06-d51arud.jpg Jonathan returned one night after a mighty conquest that had almost doubled his power, to sense for the first time, that he was not alone. Peering out at the other worlds around him with ease, he finally noticed that a world closest to one of his own was being controlled by another bieng similar to himself. Straight away Jonathan's next plan of action had ships, almost identical to the USS Diana but much smaller in size, rise up above the clouds and surrond his base in a cloud of hundreds, if not thousands, of these vessles. Jonathan was hesitant to wish to harm to another, and instead focused on making certain that his own world would not come under attack.
    The Sleeping Beauty (open)
    Angel Anime Girls blue rose.jpg Some speak of it as a myth...while others say they have actually seen matter what the rumors or what stories others may have been spreading, one single true fact remained...there was a highly kept secret amongst Jonathan and his most trusted officials. The truth of the matter was, there, upon the great USS Diana, was an extremely highly guarded room that held within a cryo storage device of which some say the most beautiful woman ever seen is residing within. Some say this to be a woman created using science and many of the worlds technological advancements to create an artificial being to serve as Jonathan's wife, while others, even more mad and crazy, claim the woman held within is none other than the great creator of the world herself....Diana.

    Conquests (open)
    Absolutes (open)

    Awards (open)


  11. NAME: Quill
    It is Quill in the tongues of all the others but her own ancient peoples, that of the dragons. For there she is known as Ghalad, which has many meanings. A scribe, a talespinner, a thorn, a feather, a talon, but by its most common usage and most accurate translation: ink.

    APPEARANCE: a great black dragon with molten white eyes
    The Shadowken can coalesce into a gigantic shadow form, which allows them to hunt, build and travel much more efficiently than humans, as well as retaining a husky, rattling language unique to their kin, which the vocal chords of other lifeforms cannot replicate exactly. Furthermore, this form allows them to copulate, which they cannot do in other more immaterial ones. Forming a matriarchal community, females are significantly larger than males, While not able to spew out any kind of substance, their thick black skin is made of hard obsidian, and they are nearly impossible to kill. They reach mind-bogglingly enormous sizes relative to humans; the largest, namely the Queen Dragon Ghalad, has a wingspan the breadth of a mountain, easily. They are called Shadow Dragons, or Shadragons, in foreign tongues, and Vian'ghard in dragon-tongue.


    HUMANIFESTATION: a woman in her early thirties, with ebony skin, a sheet of straight, glossy midnight-black hair, and luminous white-gray eyes
    Besides an artificial appearance, the Shadowken can materialize as a humanoid form, which allows them to use instruments not designed for dragons and speak a great variety of foreign languages, among other things. Still, these humans have uncommon properties: they see in the dark, have thick black talons in place of fingernails, sharp white teeth, don't seem to breathe and require no food, drink, or excretion of waste. These humanifestations are known as Shadow Humans, or Shadowans.


    TRUE FORM: an ethereal, contagious shadow of murmuring black tendrils, able to shift into one false appearance and manifest itself in a humanoid fashion, and infect and possess the living to drive them mad, and the mad to control them
    The Shadowken is the collective term for all forms these ethereal shadows can assume. In true form they are simply shadows, immaterial, seeming to softly mutter, odorless and highly versatile, able to exist at the most extreme of temperatures. Any Shadowken individual can shift into its humanifestation or illusory appearance at will, but in order to revert to true form, all Shadowken must do so simultaneously.

    True Form (open)


    POWER: 9

    AGE: 27

    SANITY: 26

    TYPE: Science Fiction Sleeper

    The World (open)


    BASE: Dragon Stone
    Long ago, humans and dragons lived peacefully side by side; but as the archaic ages of bow and arrow, lantern and saddle, plough and ship were left behind in an age of computers, bombs, artillery, spaceships, biological warfare and nanotechnology, all the planet's species were driven to the brink of extinctions as humans dominated the world and tampered with the very spacetime of the universe in order to find the meaning of life. The dragons were the only race powerful and sentient enough to try to stop them, and a war twixt the species occurred. Humans, in their search, had discovered and managed to contain dark matter, and through horrific technologies were able to synthesize weapons that would use the antimatter to devastating effect, while warring amongst themselves. Aware that the humans would destroy the world if they did not act quickly, the magical dragonkind had a war of their own on how to respond to the dark matter weapons, and in the end the side that sought to destroy these weapons won. Using the magic of their kind, they attempted to corrupt the synthesized antimatter, and corrupt it they did. A huge contagion fell on the planet, and dragons and humans alike realized their humanity may have provided them with both tools for great achievements, and inevitable flaws that would topple them. With the acquisition of too much power, life as the now-extinct sentient species knew it was over. Shadowken possessed one and all, spreading through every living thing, plant and animal, sentient and non-sentient, permeating the very atomic makeup of each individual. Luckily the human scientists and draconic magicians had somehow altered the dark matter into something so akin to an organism that it itself evolved and became its own species, the only one in the world of Dragon Stone, the species of Shadow, using the planet as their host. Before long they will only have tiny single-celled organisms to feed on; and then they will have to find another world to infect and devour.

    CONQUESTS: None yet. The dials are turning…

    ABSOLUTES: None yet.

    AWARDS: None yet.
  12. NAME: Jovian
    POWER: 5



    Citizen World

    New to site! Need romance 1x1s!

    In this world, Jovian was surrounded by love stories being created and watching them blossom into strong relationships. She was unsure of how to proceed since she wasn't all sure how she got here except that she'd woken up here. With her uncertainties, Jovian settled here and dreamed. Perhaps one day she would wake and be back to her service as a knight.

    , A, U, L, T



  13. b]NAME:[/b] Jyazzebella

    APPEARANCE: Long, light brown hair to her waiste. Measuring in at 5'2 and 140 lbs, mainly muscle. Bright green eyes, narrow and slanted like a cats. She has delicate features, and soft pink lips. There is a secretive look about her, she always seems to be plotting. She has an atheletic build, and was meant for running long distances. She ussually adorns herself in breathable attire, not wanting to be slowed by unneeded fabric.

    POWER: 4

    AGE: 2

    SANITY: 60

    TYPE: Citizen;; Unaligned

    BASE: Scrap Pit;;



  14. NAME: Tian Kitt


    POWER: 127

    AGE: 23

    SANITY: 41

    TYPE: Modern Archon

    BASE: Fayth Landing

    When Tian arrived, there was nothing unusual about the world. There was a flourishing population of boring humans - they fell beneath his boot like the swarming vermin that they were. The ordinary and plain was epitomized in their construct of a building where they educated their offspring, nearly grown humans with their pathetic love lives in full gear. He would have crushed them, but he found a better use instead and began to take control, the immature minded but full-grown children serving as his first servants. Now the human population of Fayth Landing serves Tian unquestioningly as their master and he is waited on hand and foot. He's let much of their civilization go to ruin, the trees and other plants beginning to creep on dwellings where the humans once lived. This is the new Fayth Landing.

    Behr's Claw
    A human world fallen to the conquest of Tian Kitt, the human population recognizes him as their leader and has shown little resistance. Many of their cities have been abandoned and the capital is a decimated and lifeless ruin, a testament to his power. Most of the humans have shown great willingness to work alongside his goals and an eagerness to please, which means that they are still among the living and constructing a palace for their leader where the capital city once stood.

    King's End

    ABSOLUTES: (See Empire Rules. List all Absolutes and their stats here.)

    AWARDS: (Awarded by GM, based on Rankings
  15. NAME: Aqua Astrorum


    13 (+12)

    7 (+1)

    57 (+2)

    Unaligned Champion

    On the Plantation

    Her indigo eyes first fluttered open to the sound of soldier's steps. The air reeked of gunpowder and rotting flesh. Seeing thousands of dying soldiers in the field, she burst into a song whose healing potency was only thought possible by God himself. Generals both in the segregated south and the north sought out her healing abilities. Unbeknownst to them, she was playing the two sides against one another until the government collapsed, assuming power under a massive cult following that she had managed to gather on the run. The U.S.A. was now the American Union, with Aqua as her empress, whose knowledge well betrayed her youth. With her ascent came sweeping reform. Slavery was abolished and discrimination in terms of jobs, as well as public facilities, were eliminated. She opened education and jobs for women in ways that would not have been considered common for another century. Though many in the South do resent her for this, she always has her magic at hand, ready to use if they rise against her. In her supporters' eyes she is the champion of equality under God, to others even more fervent in their belief His second coming in female form; In her enemies' eyes however, she stands as the demise of their golden age, and an uncompromisingly capitalist vision of America.


    Ragnarok & TeaCup: This world, like her starting world, was taken with her magical healing abilities. Like her home world, she has established herself as a ruling figure of sorts, but leaves most things unchanged. In line with her nature, she is not damaging or manipulating this world in any particularly negative way.

    Teacup & Ragnarok
    : This world of magi and humans has been mostly settled. She does regulate the usage of magic, but has managed to settle a stable peace between the magi and the humans without forcing magi to give up their magic altogether or feel ashamed of it.

    Animorphs: War of the One OOC/Plotting: She took the place of its absent leader, resolving the conflict between the two warring races with magical song. The world now lives in peace, nestled under Aqua's light.


  16. NAME: GeekOut


    POWER: 21

    AGE: 14

    SANITY: 49

    TYPE: Fantasy, Shadow World

    BASE: Twisted Little Mermaids

    There had been a sense of wrongness as she awoke. Her eyes opened to show her dark water in every direction. Silty sand mottled with shells spread beneath where she floated like some lifeless thing. No. She sent her mind through the vast realm. Voices called, echos. Pieces of siren song trailed through her thoughts. There was life here, but it was caught up in some pain that kept it weak. Something had broken the realm that she now drifted in, torn its soul. It cried out to her. Lost and exhausted, she found that she knew what to do. Her mind's eye caught sight of trailing words and she grasped them, pulling at another strand. Slowly, she began to weave back the world.

    The Shadows:
    It had happened so slowly at first that she didn't notice. She couldn't say when it started, or if it had already begun before her arrival. She thought she might be going mad. Perhaps she was. However, madness or not, the sun had died.

    The water around her grew colder, and darkness spread up from the depths. The once vibrant fish that had darted about now lurked in the shade of skeletal reefs. Their eyes were empty and their mouths full of needles. Color drained from the world as it drifted into the dark. Light no longer played on the ocean floor. Day had been eaten by constant night. Creatures made of hunger and shadow floated in the water, waiting for any bright, living thing left to eat. The sound of the realm redoubled its pain as its heart cooled, and she could not calm it.


    Multiple Ideas (For both Males and Females!)

    The tapestry was beginning to take shape now. It flowed through her mind and fingers, words and voices weaving together. The realm didn't cry it's pain quite so loudly anymore. She was so drawn into her task that she didn't notice the stay thread at first. She teased it apart from her work. It had a loose way to it, and fraying tendrils that waved in the current. She sent her thoughts racing along its length. A bright flash of energy caught her, spinning her mind. She focused on the thread and pulled. A tangled knot came loose. A small realm, one without direction. She cradled the remnants in her hands. This too, she would heal.

    Alfenheim: The Emergence of the Elves

    She was humming to herself as she spun the threads together. Unfamiliar words brushed her thoughts. "Please do not be afraid. I am Miec. I would like to speak with you, if it is acceptable..." She stopped. The voice came from somewhere nearby, but spoke inside her mind. She waited, but no more words came. Curious, she focused on memory of the voice. The world rippled. She found herself beside an elfin man with silver-white hair. He didn't move as she drifted around him. "Hello?" There was no response. He seemed frozen in the act of waiting. Let's see what I can do about that. She spread her fingers to catch trailing stories. She spun back to the watery realm with the threads wrapped tightly in her hands.

    Elemental Escape to Paradise

    A great shock wave shuddered along the web that she was forming. She winced with the wave of fear and confusion that rolled over her. It took longer than what felt normal to identify where the chaos was coming from. The mangled knot she had been picking apart held a new thread, tucked inside and coiled about. The strand was painful to the touch, like barbed wire. It caught in her fingers as she extracted it, drawing blood. Gingerly, she began pulling at the thorny outside as her mind traveled to the thread's origin.

    Destiny - Hide and Seek

    She had drifted to sleep. Her body and mind were exhausted from piecing together broken realms. She dreamed of young people dressed in traditional Japanese fighting clothes. There was an odd playfulness as the battled, using the world around them, almost as if it was a game. When one of them finally called the earth to aid him one last time, she woke with a start. New threads traced feathery lines across her skin.

    Of Love and War

    Having come and gone from the Hall, she decided to try something new. She concentrated on the connections she had formed, and made a way for herself. She found herself in a war zone. Angelic beings from different philosophies battled each other in a seemingly unending war.The pain dragged at her, and held her back from returning to her world of respite, just for a moment. She unraveled a loose end as she left, taking the world's heart with her. Perhaps it too could be mended.

    Worlds Collide 2.0 OOC

    The next time she made a way for herself, the place she arrived in was not as formed, but more peaceful. It shimmered slightly with past potential left too long alone. She sang out to the core, and a weak echo replied. She continued to sing as she searched for the cobweb remnants that had formed the world.

  17. Know what... Im in too
  18. NAME: Equinox 123.jpg

    APPEARANCE: Equinox is of a slim build, her vaguely Asian features masked by brightly-colored hair and makeup. She is most often seen in dark clothes, pants torn at the knees and thighs. She has lean, taut muscles, gained from years in battle. She carries twin daggers, whose blades match the scars on the right side of her face on the bottom of her jawline. She keeps her blades hidden for the most part, preferring to catch her enemies off guard at all times, until she wishes to fight.

    POWER: (From Starting Thread)

    (From Starting Thread)

    SANITY: (From Starting Thread)

    TYPE: (The Genre and
    Type from Starting Thread)

    BASE: (The Thread chosen as your main base - include the link. You can only change your Base via the
    Absolute Rules)

    CONQUESTS: (Other Threads - include links)

    Empire Rules. List all Absolutes and their stats here.)

    (Awarded by GM, based on

    I'm in!
  19. AuraTheFool.jpg

    "A shadow with no shape can wear the mask of anyone..."

    Lucian didn't remember falling, only the empty nothing that followed. There was nothing for a long time. Or maybe it was only a few moments. There was the brief thought that maybe he had reached his end. It was a silly thought, as the simple process of thinking showed that he was still very much alive. Just floating in that uncomfortable space between existence and silence. And then, there was light, and he existed again. With light came the sound of shouting. A thousand voices of anger, drowning each other out into just noise. There was fire and blood, smoke filling the air. A battlefield. War. Such a familiar and boring concept. There was the brief wonder of what these hopeless fools could possibly be fighting over, but it was merely idle curiosity. It mattered very little in the end.

    Irritated by the noise and distraction that the world's inhabitants made, Lucian swallowed everything into silence and shadow. The once golden green fields turned black and twisted, one plant barely recognizable from the other in the darkness that covered them. People became silent, covered in black and moving so slowly one would think that they did not move at all. The sky grew cold and grey to match the overwhelming dark, Lucian holding the sun in place behind the clouds, so that the dark did not consume everything in silence, creating nothing again. To have shadows there must be light.


    Lucian Ravenscar​

    POWER: 0

    AGE: 8

    SANITY: 53

    TYPE: Fantasy Citizen

    BASE:] Abandi

    CONQUESTS: (Other Threads [​IMG] - include links)

    ABSOLUTES: (See Empire Rules. List all Absolutes and their stats here.)

    AWARDS: (Awarded by GM, based on Rankings )
  20. NAME

    Fantasy Citizen

    Once Hunter awoke upon his thread, he explored for a time, but after a time he enslaved the populace making them work as his servants in what he named "The Palace", his palace. The Palace is a beautiful ornate palace and grounds on top of a floating chunk of rock seeming to any who look upon like an upside own mountain. People can think when they see the Palace was literally ripped from the planet it once sat upon with the ground underneath it as well.