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    Every 24 hours of Iwaku Time, you may move your character through the Abyss.

    You can move to a Thread that is either above or below you.

    Simply post a link in the War Record showing your present location and your destination, side-by-side.

    But teleporting through an Abyss of psychic rifts, fragmented worlds, power streams and dream-debris is no straightforward task. The places you jump between may be billions of light years apart, or in other dimensions, or inside other worlds and minds.

    To represent this, there are FIVE modes of travel available to you.

    Travel Modes (open)
    <IMG src= align=center style="padding:5px" width="100%">

    By sorting the list of Threads differently, it will bring different worlds into alignment with you.

    IMPORTANT: You cannot move through a World that has been Destroyed (see next post)

    <table align="center"]<tr><td width=15%>
    To capture a world, you must simply have more Power than it.​

    <td width=15%>
    If you have equal Power, the tie-break is decided by the highest number of Views.​

    <td width=40%>
    If the world has a higher Power score, you can attempt to conquer it with psychological warfare. Work out the world's sanity then subtract it from your own. If this number beats the world's Power score in ONE ATTACK, you conquer it successfully.​

    <td width=30%>
    If the world is <img src= align="texttop"> by another Player, it becomes <img src= align="texttop">, and you must fight for it! See Combat Rules.​

    Once you have captured a world, you can either leave, or do one of the following.

    If you choose to destroy the world, you do not gain any of its resources. However, that world is now unusable to others, and cannot be travelled through. It is, in effect, a roadblock to movement.

    The conquered world becomes part of your own. Add its Power to your Power. If it is older than you, add one point to your Age. If it is Saner than you, add one point to your Sanity. See the Absolutes post for more rules about what you can do with occupied worlds.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.