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Vault of Inspiration (Music and Images)

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Shenorai, Apr 1, 2014.

  1. Every now and again, we seem to hit that wall while writing that prevents us from bringing everything we had in mind out to the light. As though we need just that little nudge to push us through to not only complete the post, but to give it that extra dash of detail and characterization. That is where this thread comes in.

    Here in the VoI, you will find several forms of media to help you along your way. You are more likely to find music and artwork in here, but I'll keep this open for other forms of assistance as well.

    Rules For Sharing Media

    1. Always credit the original artist, regardless if it's music, artwork, a video source, etc.
    2. When posting music, try not to post anything that is heavy in lyrics. They can be distracting when one is listening whilst writing.
    3. Do not post images of graphic nature.

    The rules will be updated as needed. Now for the templates.

    More templates will be applied as needed. This opening post will also double as an index for any posted media, as shown below. Feel free to show us what inspires you!


    Table of Contents:

    - 2Cellos:
    [Film OST Cover] Inception - Mombasa
    [Music Cover] Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal
    [Music Cover] AC/DC - Thunderstruck

    - Adrian von Ziegler:
    [Dark Electronica] You're Next
    [Dark Gothic] The Sealed Kingdom
    [Emotional] Night Without a Star
    [World/Oriental] Aki

    - Amethystium (Øystein Ramfjord):
    [Ambient] Withdrawal
    [Electronica/Trance] Lost
    [Electronia/Trance] Reverie
    [New Age/Trance] Shadow to Light

    - BrunuhVille:
    [Dark Ambient] Red Queen's Lullaby
    [Epic Fantasy] The White Forest
    [Pirate Fantasy] Rising Sun

    - Dalibor Krigovský:
    [Happy] Kitty Song
    [Romantic Ambient] Vernalagnia
    [Romantic Piano] Takk

    - FamilyJules7X
    [Game Cover] Final Fantasy X-2 - Memory of Lightwaves
    [Game Cover] Super Mario RPG - Forest Maze
    [Game Medley] Silent Hill Medley

    - Faran Ensemble
    [World/Oriental] Geshem (Rain)

    - Lindsey Stirling:
    [Dubstep] Elements
    [Electronica] Shadows
    [Electronica] Transcendence

    - Peter Crowley:
    [Celtic] The Land of Dragons
    [Epic] Lindorië
    [Epic Symphonic Metal] Legends of China

    - Tartalo Music:
    [Celtic] The Cry of the Ghaen
    [Epic Orchestral] The Awakening of the Archangel
    [Folk Ballad] The Breath of the Forest

    - Team Shanghai Alice:
    [World/Oriental] Bad Apple!!

    - Vindsvept:
    [Celtic/Folk] Lake of Light
    [Horror] The Mad Harvester
    [Spiritual] Spirit of the Wind

    - AJ Bartoe (kyuubifred):

    - Alayna:
    [Architecture/Landscape] Oncoming Storm

    - CdCblanc:
    [Attire] Zodiac Fashion

    - dodoalbino:
    [Creature] Grunbo the Pond Shaman and Frogga, his pet

    - drachenmagier:
    [Creature] aurora fairy
    [Creature] The old Busstop

    - drawingnightmare:
    [Attire] Bitpunk Girls

    - fangogogo:
    [Attire] Some Characters

    - flaviobolla:
    [Architecture/Landscape] OSMADTH - Aurvandil
    [Architecture/Landscape] OSMADTH - Bancur City
    [Architecture/Landscape] OSMADTH - Bancur Slums
    [Architecture/Landscape] OSMADTH - The Forgotten Gate

    - Girre:
    [Architecture/Landscape] island

    - Javoraj:
    [Architecture] Factories-Aod
    [Architecture/Landscape] Dalai Trunks
    [Arms] Sfelp Crossbow

    - jocarra:
    [Creature] Corrupt Fay
    [Creature] Quinox
    [Creature] Valenti, Gatekeeper

    - Hardedge-Maelstrom:
    [Architecture/Landscape] The Blue Quarter
    [Attire] Armoured
    [Attire] Commission - Princess Knight
    [Landscape] Jungle Scouts

    - len-yan[/url]:
    [Creature] jellywitch

    - purplekecleon:
    [Creature] Species - Hanged Men

    - Risachantag:
    [Attire] Global Game Jam: Dandelion Characters

    - sorata-s:
    [Attire] Crossbowman and Archer

    - SpaceLaika:
    [Architecture/Landscape] Temple Village

    - The-SixthLeafClover:
    [Creature] Dragon Tamer Girl

    - UNGDI-SEA:
    [Architecture] The Dragon's Loft

    - vivalalixi:
    [Attire] APH nyotalia: btt plate 1

    - Yenna:
    [Photography: Scene] Lightpath
    [Photography: Scene] Samhain
    [Photography: Scene] The Nature of Research
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  2. I'll start this off with a few amazing songs from Adrian von Ziegler.


    Artist(s): Adrian von Ziegler
    Site: https://www.youtube.com/user/AdrianvonZiegler
    Title: The Sealed Kingdom
    Genre: Dark Gothic

    "So this is your decision, then? Is this truly what you want?"
    "Then you have forsaken us all."
    "I know, dammit. But it must be done."
    "Gods forgive us."


    Artist(s): Adrian von Ziegler
    Site: https://www.facebook.com/AdrianvonZiegler
    Title: You're Next
    Genre: Dark Electronica

    Scene: A small team of agents infiltrate enemy territory on a retrieval mission. However, their cover is blown and they are forced to battle their way to the target...


    Artist(s): Adrian von Ziegler
    Site: http://adrianvonziegler.bandcamp.com/
    Title: Night Without a Star
    Genre: Emotional

    Scene: I burst into her room. No matter how hard I prayed, hoping I had made it in time, my heart froze when I saw my beloved's lifeless husk...
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  3. Now for a young artist. As of this post, this kid's seventeen, approaching eighteen. Yet he composes his own music from home. Just goes to show that you shouldn't be afraid to show off your passions.

    Takk was composed for his girlfriend's nineteenth birthday.
    Kitty Song is in celebration of his twin brothers' fourth birthday and one thousand subscribers.


    Artist(s): Dalibor Krigovský
    Site: https://www.youtube.com/user/DaliborKrigovsky
    Title: Takk
    Genre: Romantic Piano

    Scene: I had been waiting since sunset. She promised me she would come after dusk, here in the rose garden. I heard a soft voice whisper my name. My heart leaped upon seeing her at long last.


    Artist(s): Dalibor Krigovský
    Site: https://www.facebook.com/daliborkrigovsky
    Title: Kitty Song
    Genre: Happy

    Scene: Three brothers happily play with their toy warriors, dreaming of fighting dragons and battling encampments of goblins. Little do they know that fate is about to sweep in and whisk the trio away on the greatest adventure of their lives.


    Artist(s): Dalibor Krigovský
    Site: http://daliborkrigovsky.bandcamp.com/
    Title: Vernalagnia
    Genre: Romantic Ambient

    Scene: Two lovers rendezvous at sunset, their infatuation kept secret from their families. Dusk fades to twilight. Twilight gives way to a blanket of stars above. The both of them wish only to be with each other. Wishing for an eternal night.
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  4. This time around, we have a myriad of costume ideas for y'all to browse through. Don't get any sticky fingers, though; this isn't meant for you to simply swipe and use for your character bios. These designs are here to give you various ideas of what sort of attire/armor one can give to his/her character other than, say, a typical kimono or jeans and a tee. This is the Vault of Inspiration, after all.


    Artist: Risachantag
    Site: http://risachantag.deviantart.com
    Title: Global Game Jam: Dandelion Characters



    Artist: drawingnightmare
    Site: http://drawingnightmare.deviantart.com/
    Title: Bitpunk Girls



    Artist: sorata-s
    Site: http://sorata-s.deviantart.com/
    Title: Crossbowman and Archer

  5. Mkay, another independent artist from Sweden. Like Dalibor, I was introduced to the music of Vindsvept thanks to Adrian von Ziegler, up there. He seems to have a knack for finding other independent artists with such a wonderful grasp on composition.


    Artist(s): Vindsvept
    Site: https://www.youtube.com/user/Vindsvept
    Title: Spirit of the Wind
    Genre: Spiritual

    Scene: "You are no longer bound by the world of material desires. Embrace your destiny. Come forth and be reborn."


    Artist(s): Vindsvept
    Site: https://soundcloud.com/vindsvept
    Title: Lake of Light
    Genre: Celtic/Folk

    Scene: The denizens of a port town rush to the docks. At long last, a familiar fleet makes their way to the wharf. Finally, the sailors have returned home!


    Artist(s): Vindsvept
    Site: http://www.radioreddit.com/artist_profiles/?artist=Vindsvept
    Title: The Mad Harvester
    Genre: Horror

    Scene: A child awakes in a clockwork mansion. Curiosity takes hold, but little does he know that he is being followed...
  6. And now for a series of CREATURES! Because hey, there are many renditions of your typical dragons, gremlins, and so on and so forth. But with so many other styles and variations on such critters - and the critters simply not existing in the real world as far as we know - we can play around with their designs all while still sticking to the core of the creature.


    Artist: drachenmagier
    Site: http://drachenmagier.deviantart.com
    Title: The old Busstop



    Artist: dodoalbino
    Site: http://dodoalbino.deviantart.com/
    Title: Grunbo the Pond Shaman and Frogga, his pet



    Artist: purplekecleon
    Site: http://purplekecleon.deviantart.com/
    Title: Species - Hanged Men

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  7. Artist(s): Amethystium
    Site: http://amethystium.com/
    Title: Shadow to Light
    Genre: New Age/Trance

    Scene: This one is one I really like for setting the mood for the setting. To me it seems like a something mysterious, even ethereal, like moving through mistbanks. There's something there but it's not evil.
  8. Tartalo Music mostly focuses upon a Celtic/Folk style. Delving into this channel will reveal an epic in the form of a music series.


    Artist(s): Tartalo Music
    Site: https://www.youtube.com/user/TartaloMusic
    Title: The Breath of the Forest
    Genre: Folk Ballad

    Scene: Gather 'round, my children! This is the tale of a brave wanderer who found himself in the Druid's Forest...


    Artist(s): Tartalo Music
    Site: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Tartalo-Music
    Title: The Awakening of the Archangel
    Genre: Epic Orchestral

    Scene: Go forth, my son. The fate of this country lies in your hands. Do not falter.


    Artist(s): Tartalo Music
    Site: http://www.patreon.com/tartalomusic
    Title: The Cry of the Ghaen
    Genre: Celtic

    Scene: And so, the weary warrior rose triumphant over his defeated foe. Yet he could not bring himself to kill him. Instead, the warrior limped off of the battlefield, leaving his enemy behind.
  9. BrunuhVille is another popular independent composer hailing from Portugal. Most of his music tends to delve more into the gothic and fantasy genres.


    Artist(s): BrunuhVille
    Site: https://www.youtube.com/user/BrunuhVille
    Title: Red Queen's Lullaby
    Genre: Dark Ambient

    Scene: A slumbering child is rocked to sleep by her father in a rocking chair. A bat flies through a window, morphing into a loyal servant upon landing on the floor before the rocking chair. The father smugly smirks at his servant, his fangs glistening in the moonlight. "Spread the word," he commanded. "The heir to the throne is born."


    Artist(s): BrunuhVille
    Site: http://brunuhville.bandcamp.com/
    Title: The White Forest
    Genre: Epic Fantasy

    Scene: A blizzard overtakes the lands as a rogue races against the storm on horseback. His beloved had been snatched from him and carried off into the forest. He must track down the bastard before the snow covers all traces of the kidnapper!


    Artist(s): BrunuhVille
    Site: https://www.facebook.com/BrunuhVille.Official
    Title: Rising Sun
    Genre: Pirate Fantasy

    Scene: Dawn paints the skies blood red as a boat of privateers sails in from the east, setting their course for the next coastal town to ransack.
  10. Peter Crowley delves deep into the world of Fantasy, bringing epic adventures to life through song. Have a gander.

    Artist(s): Peter Crowley
    Site: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCL6Ou2wBMju7Ox-InSLFkw
    Title: Legends of China
    Genre: Epic Symphonic Metal

    Scene: Dawn brings a pale light upon the city, but a lone thief cannot stop to admire the sunrise. His heart pounds as he leaps from rooftop to rooftop to escape his pursuers. However, the guards are relentless in their chase...


    Artist(s): Peter Crowley
    Site: http://petercrowleyfantasydream.jimdo.com/
    Title: Lindorië
    Genre: Epic

    Scene: One by one, the knight rips his axe from one foe to the next. Each splash of blood upon the cracked earth fills him with vigor. He would gladly fight to the death in the name of his king.


    Artist(s): Peter Crowley
    Site: http://petercrowley.bandcamp.com/
    Title: Celtic
    Genre: The Land of Dragons

    Scene: A young girl stands upon the cliffs, basking in the constant salty breeze. Clutched gently to her chest is a massive crystalline egg. She strokes the egg with care, for she knows well that one day, this egg will become her wings upon the wind.
  11. Today, we shall revisit the works of Flavio Bolla, an Environment Concept Artist. He is a freelance artist and was previously featured in the Vault for OSMADTH Aurvandil. His OSMADTH series is a part of his portfolio as his exhibition project. Check it out.


    Artist: Flavio Bolla
    Site: https://www.facebook.com/ginjisresort
    Title: OSMADTH - Bancur City



    Artist: Flavio Bolla
    Site: http://www.flaviobolla.com/
    Title: OSMADTH - Bancur Slums



    Artist: Flavio Bolla
    Site: https://www.youtube.com/user/Nurkhular
    Title: OSMADTH - The Forgotten Gate

  12. Let's go for something more upbeat today. I bring you none other than the stomp dancing violinist herself, Lindsey Stirling. She was a quarter-finalist in season five of America's Got Talent and received a German Echo Award last year (2013). Lindsey dabbles in classical, pop, hip-hop, electronica, and even dubstep along with her video game and movie covers, dancing the whole way. Let's take a look at her original works.


    Artist(s): Lindsey Stirling
    Site: http://www.lindseystirling.com/
    Title: Transcendence
    Genre: Electronica

    "I'm not sure I can do this."
    "Of course you can. You're destined to."
    "But what if I fail?"
    "Then you get right back on your feet and keep fighting. This is what you're born to do. I'll be with you every step of the way."
    "...well, all right. I'll try."
    "Don't try. Just do."


    Artist(s): Lindsey Stirling
    Site: https://www.youtube.com/user/lindseystomp
    Title: Shadows
    Genre: Electronica

    Scene: Flashing a smile to her friend, the dragon rider pulls herself upon the saddle of her mount. She fixes her goggles to her face and clicks her tongue at the majestic beast. With a low bellow, the dragon stretches out its wings and takes to the skies, shortly followed by a second dragon and its rider.


    Artist(s): Lindsey Stirling
    Site: https://www.facebook.com/lindseystirlingmusic
    Title: Elements
    Genre: Dubstep

    "Finally decided to show up?"
    "So what if I did?"
    "If you are going to learn under me, you'll need to learn promptness and manners, lad."
    "Our lesson starts now. EN GUARDE!"
  13. Hardedge-Malestrom (previously featured for Jungle Scouts) is actually an old friend of mine from many moons ago. Even drew an older version of Shenorai when I was merely what... three or four years into role-playing? Ahh, good times...

    Anywho. I'm just blown away by how far Colin has developed after all these years. Take a look; you may be astounded as well.


    Artist: Hardedge-Malestrom (Colin Tan Wei)
    Site: http://hardedge-maelstrom.deviantart.com/
    Title: The Blue Quarter



    Artist: Hardedge-Malestrom (Colin Tan Wei)
    Site: http://hardedge-maelstrom.deviantart.com/
    Title: Commission - Princess Knight



    Artist: Hardedge-Malestrom (Colin Tan Wei)
    Site: http://hardedge-maelstrom.deviantart.com/
    Title: Armoured

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  14. Previously, Yaoi Master Gavin featured 'Shadow to Light' by Amethystium. After doing a bit of digging around, I have learned that Amethystium is the pseudonym for Øystein Ramfjord, a composer hailing from Norway. Four albums have been released through Neurodisc Records under this name, featuring music ranging from Ambience to Electronica to New Age to Neoclassical. Let's delve a little more into Ramfjord's work, shall we?


    Artist(s): Øystein Ramfjord (Amethystium)
    Site: http://amethystium.com/
    Title: Lost
    Genre: Electronica/Trance

    Scene: The next patient is rolled into the operating theater. Clearly, this cyborg war gives no rest to the wicked, nor the surgeons. But this would be no ordinary operation. Augmentations have been especially designed for every soldier being brought in today. The only way to defeat these cyborgs would be to enhance humans to their level. The doctor briefly examines the patient before holding his hand out expectantly. A nurse hands him a scalpel to make the first incision to a better fighter...


    Artist(s): Øystein Ramfjord (Amethystium)
    Site: http://amethystium.com/
    Title: Withdrawal
    Genre: Ambience

    Scene: Once more, I was plunged into my own nightmares. Everything was so familiar, yet so frighteningly foreign. That's when I saw you there. You extended your hand to me, promising to be my beacon back to the waking world.


    Artist(s): Øystein Ramfjord (Amethystium)
    Site: http://amethystium.com/
    Title: Reverie
    Genre: Electronica/Trance

    Scene: A team of freedom fighters return home after a grueling battle, celebrating in their victory in a rowdy pub. Hot food for all and drinks all around! Yet a few among the team could only give weak smiles and quiet thanks. They knew well that fiercer battles lay ahead of them. Their war hasn't been won yet, and likely won't be for a long time.
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  15. I feel like I'm cheating a bit considering this next artist is best known for his covers of music, but I still want to share his work with you guys.

    FamilyJules7X (or simply Jules) is a very talented guitarist. With his love for video games, he pays homage by creating badass covers and medleys of the various games that he has played. He even collaborates with other artists every so often. Just don't get too carried away while rocking out!


    Artist(s): FamilyJules7X
    Site: https://www.youtube.com/user/FamilyJules7X
    Title: Super Mario RPG - Forest Maze
    Genre: Game Cover

    Scene: A trio of friends are taking a casual stroll in the woods. However, their walk quickly turns into a chase when they discover an imp snatching a forgotten relic from a forest shrine. The hunt is on!


    Artist(s): FamilyJules7X
    Site: http://familyjules7x.com/
    Title: Final Fantasy X-2 - Memory of Lightwaves
    Genre: Game Cover

    Scene: Exhausted, a priest finally sits down to rest. Yet his task is incomplete. Laying before him is his beloved, staring up at him with vacant eyes. Purifying her soul of its demonic infection has proven to be far more difficult than he had hoped it would be. Mustering his strength, the priest takes in a deep breath and calls upon the holy light once more...


    Artist(s): FamilyJules7X
    Site: http://www.twitch.tv/familyjules7x/profile
    Title: Silent Hill Medley
    Genre: Game Medley

    Scene: The ragged biker draws on his cigarette, looking down upon the foggy town. He still had a ways to go, but perhaps this is a good place to stop for a rest. Flicking the butt over the cliffside, the biker returns to his motorcycle, revving up the motor before tearing down the road. Little did he know of the real trouble the town was in...
  16. Today's featured artist is Jakub Javora, known as Javoraj on deviantART. He hails from the Czech Republic and is currently attending from the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. His account features many science-fiction works, ranging from landscapes and architecture to machinery and weaponry. Let's take a peek.


    Artist: Javoraj (Jakub Javora)
    Site: http://javoraj.deviantart.com/
    Title: Sfelp Crossbow



    Artist: Javoraj (Jakub Javora)
    Site: http://javoraj.deviantart.com/
    Title: Factories - Aod



    Artist: Javoraj (Jakub Javora)
    Site: http://javoraj.deviantart.com/
    Title: Dalai Trunks