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  1. Rika looked above her at the Mage's School before glancing back down at her invitation. She was far too nervous to approach the tall building. It was a white multi-leveled brick fortress...she supposed that was to protect the world from students beginning their magical studies. Rika looked back up at the fortress and pushed back her red hair. The fortress was huge, and she could see platforms raising and lowering to accommodate students with no flying abilities. The grounds of the fortress were huge, and Rika wondered if castle would not have been a better word for it. She began to stride towards the school, when she was stopped by a teacher.

    "Hello and welcome to the Pyranthaian Castle. Do you know what class you fall under?" A teacher asked, taking in Rika's stupefied expression that read, newbie.

    "Class?" Rika asked perplexedly.

    "There are three classifications of mages." The teacher began to explain almost exasperatedly. "The first is the natural born. These mages have possessed magic since they were very young. Most mages of this class have magic that is tied to natural forces, such as wind, water, fire, etc." The teacher pointed to a few returning students that were involved in a game of chase. One student had his hands wrapped in fire chasing a girl that was riding on air. "Then, there are the studied mages. These mages, with hard work and determination have studied a magic of their choosing. There are mages in this category that have expertise in almost anything." The teacher patted a sword at the waist. "I trained myself in defensive weaponry magic." At Rika's nod, the teacher continued. "The last category is the enchantment class. This class is able to enchant almost anything, adding a layer of protective spells to clothing, putting up a defense, you name it!" The teacher pointed once again across the lawn, where a mage was in the midst of drawing in the air. Before Rika knew it, the mage had produced a burger out of thin air. "What they do is bend matter and create what they need." The teacher turned towards the girl and asked once again, "Do you know what class you fall under?"

    Rika nodded. "I believe I'm a natural born."
  2. The male mage stopped in his track as he approached the towering building before him. Never in his life had he seen such a building. He bit his lip, something he frequently did to soothe any nerves that may have had. It was a habit...and one his father told him was a bad one. But he couldn't help it...this place was filled to the brim with the very best mages...teaching the young students who even bothered to listen to the lectures. Lysander shook his head and calmed himself with a sigh, some of his shaggy dark locks falling infront of his face. He continued forwards at a slowly pace this time, pushing his hair out of his face. Having been raised in a small town his whole life this was a brand new experience for him. The young man was also a third generation mage...or was supposed to be. But unlike his talented "Natural Born" father and mother he wasn't so lucky. He had inherited his magic from his grandmother. A stout, short little woman who was as stubborn as the mules he worked with day to day. It was the class of magic call "Enchantment Magic". But his abilitlities were somewhat limited right now. He had a natural knack for it but...the weeks oervious he had been stuck at his garandparents house where his grandfather worked him to the bone. Lysander had little time to practice before coming here.

    When he got close to the gates he stopped and pulled out his invitation, looking at the beautiful print on the envelope. Who ever had written it took great care not to smear the ink of their fancy writing. A sigh escaped his lip. He hoped he was ready for this. His of the well known " Natural Born Great Mages"
    had said he was. But to him he had been put in a difficult place. Not only did he realize he had alot of his father's traits, Dark hair...his lean but muscular build...strong jawline and some of his mannerisms; but he realized people expected alot of him. It was up to him to become a "Great Mage" or else he would tarnish the family name...his name...Buford. Suddenly, as he got dangerouly close to the school he was stopped right next to a girl with red fire bitten hair by another teacher. Instead of a friendly greeting he just recieved a cold: "Name and Class" demand. Once more, biting his lip he stated his class.

    "Enchantment Magic...a-as for my name...I would appricate it if it wasn't spread around..."

    He handed the woman paper from the inside of his inviitation with a short note attached to it. As she read it, her eyes wided and she quickly looked back to him, also accepting his invitation from him. Him cringing a bit as she addressed him so formally...and bowing her head.

    "My fault Sir...Welcome to Pyranthaian Castle..."
  3. Rika clutched her invitation close to her body, not willing to let hers go. She did not want anyone to know her heritage...she would be seen as a "First Gen" Mage. At least I know that much...Rika sighed. Her own lack of knowledge had been apparent to the teacher, how much more apparent would it be to students? Rika looked at the boy that had grabbed the teacher's attention so thoroughly. At least he knew what he was! "Is this your first year?" she asked. Her green eyes attempted to make contact with his.

    Rika was suddenly self-conscious of her back woods looks. She attempted to put her red hair back behind her ear and she knew that she looked ridiculous in the simple green dress she was wearing. As a redhead there were few colors she could actually wear that would not clash with her hair. She knew that a dress was not the best choice but she had not told her mom what school she was planning on attending. Her parents were against mages of any type, so she had never told them her secret. Her mother thought she was going to medical school and had dressed her daughter in an outfit she thought would impress. Her father on the other hand, assumed she was going to study business. At least, the dress was emerald to match her eyes...little did her parents know, the green was more her style for a different reason.
  4. Now Lysander was a good looking young man. He had dark shaggy but tamed hair, attentive crystal clear blue eyes, lean but muscular build, and was a bit taller than boys his age. And unlike most who came here he didn't have to bring much. His father insisted upon buying eveything new for him...and that included his own, meduim sized dorm in the other side of the castle. He didn't care too much for all the attention his father recieved. So he stayed out of his father's lime light. Upon seeing him become so uncomfortable, his father moved them from the huge bustling city where he was abundantly known, to a small city where attention was dramatically decreased. It was a relief...but that didn't mean anyless was expected of a Buford Child. The dark haired boy suddenly felt pity for his baby sister. Not so much a baby anymore though, she would start her training with father about this time. She had inherited Mama's natural water magic. Lysander, feeling like a fool for not carrying a single personal possesion, started past the check point. But suddenly he stopped as he heard someone speak, addressing him apperently. He turned around and looked to see a girl. She, to him, looked much like someone who had come from a town smaller than his own...a country girl. The girl had red fiery hair, and a beautifully contrasting Deep green eyes. A very pretty girl, yes, but defnintly country. A smile came to his lips as she asked if he was a first year student. Lysander nodded, speaking to her his warm but somewhat elequent voice.

    "Yes...I am in fact. And you are as well...?" he asked, not realizing that his smile all to easily went from friendly to charming.
  5. Rika nodded. "Yes, unfortunately plainly obvious." She frowned as she motioned to her dress and the small suitcase that she had by her side. She stood awkwardly, not knowing whether to catch up to the young man, so she had some company, or to wait and walk by herself. She attempted a smile, and realized her nerves of the Pyranthaian Castle was still obvious. There were several students that had already passed her by, snickering and glancing at her. Rika reached up with her delicate fingers and brushed the hair back behind her ear. She was tempted to let it fall and be a curtain of safety from the glances she was receiving, but her mother's firm voice always reminded her to 'cut that out'.

    Rika sighed and took a few steps towards the young man. "You seem as if you know your way around?" she said, the sentence sounding more like a question in her uncertainty.
  6. He knew what her awnser would be, before she even spoke again. But she did nod and tell him that it was plainly obvious. She was right...but he wasn't going to admit that to her. It would be rude and his mother, before him leaving, lectured him again about being elequent. It took him a moment to contemplate just how he should word something. But now, he wasn't going to worry about it. He snapped back to attention when she motioned to her simple emerald green dress and small suitcase of posessions. The man also noticed that she looked very awkward standing there in the crowd of student's flooding in though the gates. It was clear that she didn't know exactly how go about navigating here...or how to deal with a crowd. That was his guess anyways and he had a pretty good intuition. As the girl attempted a smile he took a few steps closer to her...trying to make things less awkward and nerve wracking for her. The woman tucked her hair behind one of her ears and sighed, taking a few steps closer to him as well. When she made the statement he seemed to know his way around, he instantly looked anxious. As a child he had come here with his parents, seeing as they had children early and his father taught here for some time. So Lysander knew the campus inside and out but outside of it...the exansive grounds beyond the building...not so much. It was plain that he did know it and had some some previous connection to the campus.

    "Y-Yeah...I-I do..." then he thought of something that he thought was safe enough. "My father used to teach Natural magic you need some help?"
  7. "W-well..." Rika stuttered. "I was hoping someone could help point me towards the girls dorm?" She wondered if the Pyranthaian castle even had dorms. All she could go off of was her parents' information of what school was like. They had non-mage finishing schools, middle schools, and high schools so all they knew were that 'normal' schools had dorms and cafeterias. Rika clutched her suitcase tighter to her and averted her gaze, ignoring her hair falling in her face. If they knew she was here...Rika closed her eyes and shook her head at the thought. Luckily, she didn't think this school sent letters home.

    "Wait, did you say that your dad taught Natural Magic here?" Rika looked back up at the young man, her eyes wide. "So, you know what it's going to be like here?" She shuffled her feet, the dress flowing around her. "I've never been to a mages school before..." She said, knowing that this was probably plainly obvious as well.
  8. Lysander looked at the young woman filled with curiosity. She, he had over heard, did not know for sure what type of magic her's fell under. It seemed, he guessed that at a maximum, she was a second generation mage. Coming from a family full of lazy magic users...or non magic users which could also make her a first generation. If she was...he felt pity for her. It would be a long hard road...depending on weather or not her family supported her in her choice to come to Mage school. After he had asked her if she needed help she nervously asked if he could point her off to her dorms, the women's dorms. He shuttered a bit at the mentioning of it...recalling his first run in with the building on the opposite side of campus, next to the exclusive dorms where he would be staying. He was only four years old at the time and had wondered off against his mother's bidding. Lysander wondered into one of the buildings and started to explore. Little did he know it was the girls dorm...and little did he understand girls liked their privacy. Needless to say his mother found him being screamed at by a group of half dressed ladies. The screaming he rememberd didn't end there. His mother taught him a lesson though some loud, disapproving words. His shaggy hair brushed against his shoulder's as he shook the memory away and turned his attention right back to the girl. But before he could get a word in about the dorms she asked him another question. Asking if his dad really did teach magic here at the school and if he knew what it was going to be like here. He nodded and smiled charmingly.

    "Yeah...did teach here up until ten years ago when my little sister was born...but I still remember the campus. Somethings might have changed since then, policy wise, but the building looks the same to me as it did that long ago..." he said and chuckled softly. "And no offense but I can tell...but no matter! You'll find somewhere to fit for your first question, I know exactly where to go to find the woman's dorms...still remember doing that exploring around here when I was a kid..."
  9. Rika warmed up to the young man, hoping that they would forge a friendship. "Would you mind showing me?" She cocked her head, reflexively reaching up to tuck her hair behind her ear. She imagined what it would be like, hopefully they gave students their own rooms...she would hate having to do her studies around other people. Especially with the gift she had...and being a first generation mage she would have a harder go of it. Rika had never really practiced her magic before, so she hoped that she would at least get some privacy. She understood the bathrooms and showers would most likely be communal, and she could imagine the water mages having fun with that.
  10. The boy mage noticed that she started to warm up to him. That was somewhat of a relief. Back home he didn't have many friends because he never really went out of his way to make them. So when he came here he had the same mind set. He came here to study hard and to not disappoint his world famous father. When the girl asked if he would show her to them, her head cocked to the side. The boy had to admit she was cute...and definitly had the country girl quirks. That being one of them. Lysander smiled and nodded, stepping further to the side, motioning her to his side.

    "Of course...I would be happy to. Just follow me."

    He waited for her to join him and then they walked though the gates, urging her to hand the ticket part of her invitation to the teacher as they passed. Once inside the castle only looked bigger, it a shimmering pure white, towering into the sky far above them. Looking over to her, his clear blue eyes caught the light just right and jumped off his natually tanned being this color since birth.

    "I hope you don't mind if I ask..." he said. "But some of your mannerisms are familiar to there any chance your from the back woods or the land anywhere...? I just...I grew up around them and took notice so forgive me if I am in the wrong..."

  11. Rika beamed and caught up to the young man, following his lead and handing the ticket part of her invitation to the teacher. She was shocked at the size of the castle and her green eyes caught the light before she turned and looked at the boy. She was a little over five feet and eight inches in height. "Thank you." She listened intently to his question and thought for a moment before answering. "I don't mind at all." She pushed her hair behind her ear and moved a little closer to the young man as some girls passed them by, snickering and whispering about Rika. She blushed furiously. "It is obvious I'm from the back woods. I was raised amongst the tall trees..."

    Rika allowed part of her hair to fall in her face to hide her blush. "My name is Rika by the way..." One of the students jogged past her and she looked behind her, seeing that he came to a stop by the girls that had passed earlier. They looked back at her, continuing their snickers. She sighed, used to the odd glances and whispers now. She had experienced them the entire trek here, eventually she became tired of it and had practiced her magic to try and reach her destination. If plants could walk, then maybe it would have been easier for her.
  12. Being from a small town he was used to all the back wood student's here, the particular group of people having certain mannerisms. In fact his best friend was from the back woods. But due to his family's circumstances he couldn't afford to come to this kind of school. He lived on his own with his two younger siblings, raising them. It was a regrettable circumstance for him seeing as he was a gifted Enchantment Magic user...better than him right now. But he had promised to return even better than he. The memory put of smile of fondness on his lips. He snapped back to attention when she was awnsering his question....saying she didn't mind as she brushed her locks behind her ear. The young Mage also noticing when she moved closer to him as a group passed them. As he glanced over to them he could hear a few blue collar comments about the girl. When he looked back over she had a bright blush across her face....stating it was obvious where she came from. Obviously she did mind...he didn't know one girl who wanted to be made fun of by a group of other stuck up city girls.

    Lysander frowned a bit as she let her hair fall in front of her face. It bothered him that she was letting those girl's comments about someone...something they knew nothing about, bother her. It was clear to him that the city folk were going to have to get used to her or vice versa...or it was going to be a harsh run for her. He looked to her as she told him her name...Rika. A very pretty name he had never heard before. Seeing as the group continued to bother her he moved them past them quickly, stepping up onto the first stone somewhat exposed hallway leading across the yard.

    "I hope..." he began. "You don't let those girls and some of the boys bother you. They are City Folk...they don't understand anything about where you came from, called home, and anything about you for that matter. They are very Vain...but don't worry. They will get a reality check here soon...things don't come cheap here for them. Also...I'll tell you my name too but you gotta keep it secret...My name is Lysander...Lysander Buford...My father is one of the "Grand Mages" so he is some kind of a Celebrity...I really don't care much for the spotlight like him so I'm keeping as low a profile as I can here..."

    His father was Aiden Buford...the Grand Mage of Fire Natural Magic...and a well known name around here. Well Just about anywhere really. It was regrettable for Lysander, understandablly. He was glad she didn't recognize the familiar features he shared with his father...even if it was just for now. It was nice to be treated like a normal person.
  13. Rika looked up at him, cocking her head slightly. "Oh, I've heard of him I think." She scrunched her nose in concentration, knowing she had heard the name, but not remembering from where. It was probably during one of her parents rants about mages. "I'll keep your name secret, but...what should I address you by then?" She wondered if she should call him Mr. Lysander like her mother taught her or if it would be Mr. Buford. She shook her head as she thought better of it. She would simply have to get used to dealing with kids closer to her age. "I understand rough parentage..." She frowned. "You gotta keep my secret too...I'm a first generation parents are actually on the Anti-mage committee." She had a tough time spitting out the information.

    The fact that her parents were on the anti-mage committee, a notorious group that caused havoc amongst the mages, while she herself was a mage did nothing but embarrass her. She was an only daughter and her parents hoped that she would join them on the committee soon, ignoring the fact that she was an unmarried female. Since the family had no boys, Rika's parents were allowed to enlist the firstborn to join. She, however, did not agree with the point of view of the group. If one was talented enough to be a mage, then they should use those gifts to help the world be a better place. Towns should take pride in their mages, not slander them and destroy their reputations...then again, Rika's parents never saw it that way. They led the western part of the group and were vicious in their "Common Folk" views.
  14. Rika cocked her head to the side in that familiar way and told him that the name was familiar. Of course it was...I can't go anywhere where my father's name dose not pop up somewhere...he thought to himself. Looking over to her he watched as she scrunched up her nose, perhaps thinking something through. After a few moments it disappeared and she told him that she would keep his name secret...also asking what she should call him by. He bit his lip in his habitual manner as he briefly thought it though. He figured his first name would be safe enough. However if his last name got out he would recieve the special treatment he had come to hate. In his opinion he wasn't better than anyone else so there was no reason to not be treated like everyone else.

    One could only take so many years of being dragged kicking and screaming into the lime light. Before he could awnser her first question she looked to him to say something...telling him she also had some secrets that needed to be kept. That, just like he figured earlier, was a first generation mage and her parents were on the Anti-Mage Committee. That only assured him, for sure, that she would recognize his father's name if she saw it. His face as well. That was a group his father was constantly complaining about after coming home from a "Jury" meeting. They were a group who caused trouble for Mages all over the globe. Particularly his own family since Aiden Buford was one of the major thorns in the sides of the Committee members, refusing in his usual stubborn nature to not bend to the will of those who rejected magic.

    "Yeah...then you've heard about him. My Dad, Aiden Buford, is a Major thorn in your Parent's side...but no worries,Your secret is safe with me..." he started."But I wouldn't tell anyone else about your parents...especilly not teachers..'The Grand Mage's Jury' is crunching down on the groups of the Committee members especilly hard now a days...It is kind of brutal if you ask me. Both sides have faults understandably... but I don't really agree with certain aspects of the Committee. Besides if I went over there claiming to be loyal to the movement and they discovered who I was...It would get rather for you...this is awful brave of you. Magic must mean a lot to you then..."
  15. Rika looked down as she walked, listening intently to what Lysander had to say. "I remember vaguely hearing about your father..." She glanced up, still confused by who Aiden Buford was. "To be honest, I ignored my parents rantings." She bit her lip and tried to remember. Suddenly, Rika remembered her parents sitting at the table, discussing a plan to take down Aiden Buford, gathering up the Commons and rallying them together. She wrinkled her nose in disgust at the memory.

    "As for telling anyone else about my parents...there is no need to worry about that." Rika shook her head. "They embarass me." She frowned and tensed. If her parents found out who she was, she would just be on the chopping block. Imagine...their only child having magical ability...she mused. They would be so disappointed in her, they would ostracize her and disown her. If that happened, she would have no choice but to find her own path. Rika knew there were mages guilds all over the country constantly looking for new talents, but she suspected that her gift was all too common. She smiled...even among mages there were "commons"...what would her parents say?
  16. He was relieved to hear but she did not care too much parents ranting. But he did know that she had heard about his father. He didn't know one person who didn't. Suddenly the girl bit her lip much like he did when he was anxious. It was a curious thing, he thought. The silly little quirks that defined Humanity. Everyone seemed to have something they did to personify an emotion. But whatever it meant, he could tell she was thinking something through it. He watched amused for a few moments as she scrunched up her nose. He'd never seen anything like it. But after a few moments it disappeared and she carried on telling him he didn't need to worry about her telling others of her heritage.

    If my father knew I was talking to the daughter of the leader of the anti mage movement...I would never hear the end of it, He thought. But no matter he doesn't have to know...

    Then suddenly it dawned on him...something that he should have asked her in the first place. It would change which direction they would go from here. He stopped in his tracks and looked over towards her curiously.

    "I never asked you...but...what kind of Magic can you use...?" he asked, genuinely curious. "The Natural Magic, Enchantment magic, and selectivly studied magic users are all housed at different shared room woman's dorms across now might be a good time to tell me so I can direct you in the right direction..." he smiled warmly, trying to be friendly.
  17. Rika stopped, thinking hard for a moment. "I'm pretty sure I'm a natural mage." She said in response to his question. At least, that's what she thought she was. It's not like she trained to be a magic user, in her household that would be forbidden. She would have had to endure several long lectures over the subject.

    If my father knew who I was speaking to this moment, i would be disowned and dishonored. Father would parade me around claiming that the mages had 'warped me'. Then again, my mother would praise me for finding such a nice young man...Rika thought, cocking her head as she stared at Lysander. Her parents did nothing but irritate her, there was no pleasing either of them! She blinked several times as she realized she was staring and a slow blush crept across her cheeks. "I can grow anything. Keep anything alive, and I can't seem to get animals to leave me alone."
  18. Lysander watched her as she thought about what class of mage she fit into. After a few long moments she told him she was pretty sure that her magic was natural magic. Then several moments of silence passed between the two sitting there. He met her gaze, really looking over her for the first time. This country, backwoods girl was quite beautiful. Most country girls he had seen were less than desirable. Like one girl back home...he shuddered thinking about it. She had a rats nest for hair and dull grey eyes. The girl had tried several times, unsuccessfully to impress him. She wasn't so poor that she couldn't take care of herself...she just chose not to. Shaking the thought out of his head he turned his attention back to her. It was then that he discovered that she was staring at him with her head cocked to the side. A grin slipped across his lips. Lysander was about so say something when she caught herself and an adorable blush came across her cheeks. The man chuckled softly to himself as she continued on. Rika told him that she essentially had earth natural magic. He nodded and motioned her on, turning on his heel as they started again down the hall to their right. They walked for awhile before they stopped and came across a tall, but beautiful tower like building. It was made out of stone and brick.

    "This is the only building like this on Campus since It was one of the first built. The girls should be mixed up upon the different floors but generally the air mages got the top floor...Fire below water on the bottom floor. You will have at least one roommate sometimes two. The only rooms that are private are in the co-ed building which is..." he looked around then pointed out a building on the otherside of campus. "Right there...and that is where I am going to be housed...Well..." he lowered his arm. "Good Luck Rika...I will see you around. If you need anything'll know where I will be."
  19. Rika followed, gaping at the beautiful tower. She listened to Lysander closely, and nodded at him. "Thanks." She thought it was sweet of him to help her, even though he didn't know her. She wondered what the dorms would be least, they were separated by magical type. She could picture fire mages chasing earth ones if they were on the same floor. Rika grinned at the thought, her eyes lighting up. She pulled her suitcase up to her and stuffed the invitation she was still holding into her pocket.
  20. Lysander turned on his heel towards the other side of the school and started on his way. It had been such a long time since he had been here but everything, so far, had looked exactly as he left it. The boy was glad. As a child he had come to know practially every brick of this place. Walking across campus did not take long for him. His building was shaped more like a rich man's home. It was made completely from brick and was more modern looking than the rest of the school. It was for those student's who could afford it...because of the population that could it was only a two story building...twenty-four rooms for rent. This year he had only hear of eight other student's that were going to be staying here. Slowly he walked in and looked around. Everything in there looked very expensive so carefully...he made his way to the student check in the far corner of the room.