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  1. Stacey remembered the first time she saw her fiancee, he was amazing and he was in her class. The top student at that, and man did he had her under his spell. She remembered when he first spoke to her and how her heart throbbed and she knew he was the one, the one she'd love and be with forever, it was why she didn't feel surprise when he asked her to marry him. Currently she was sitting in her study hall class, being in college was touch shit. she was reading a book when her eyes caught sight of a word. 'Marriage' Stacey smiled and leaned back in her chair.

    "I miss him already..." She whispered under her breath, and then she got up and collected all her books and placed them in her bag then she set her thrown-everywhere-papers in her folder and put the folder in her bag. She knew that her fiancee was busy with his work, but she just couldn't wait to be in his arms once again, and although his brother was picking her up, she knew she just knew that she needed to protect her love. Her heart throbbed in her chest and she slung the backpack over one shoulder and began to walk out of the school, waiting outside for her soon-to-be brother in-law.

  2. His entire life there wasn't anything he couldn't do...academically anyways. Damien was tall, standing at Six feet, two inches. He had chocolate brown neatly Military style cut hair with clear blue eyes. Throughout high school it was clear that he was the "jock" type. Popular with the girls, he never had a problem finding a date for any event...any event at all. He could have any girl he wanted and he knew it. But no girl caught his eye. Dating in collage was purely for the sake of keep up appearences. But then...out of the blue...there she was. Stacey, his princess in stunning attire. For the longest time he just couldn't keep his eyes off of her, she was so beautiful and seemingly unattainable. So when he approached her for the first time and asked her out, he braced himself for rejection. But She said yes...and continued to say so every time he asked her. He grew to like her...and then he developed feelings for her, eventully falling in love with her. Before he knew it, he had charged his credit card for a stunning Diamond ring which he used to ask her to marry him. He was crazy for her so he was just as excited as she when she said yes. They had yet to discuss a date for the wedding but it was definitly going to happen. He, Damien Melrick, was going to marry the most beautiful girl in the entire world. His dream girl. Damien snapped back to attention and looked at the clock. It was about time for Stacey to be getting out of class. But he couldn't go and get her...he was working full time and just finnishing the last of his classes in collage. His time was full and any spare time he could manage he put towards her. But right now he wanted to make as much money as possible to give her the wedding of her dreams. So Right about now...his slightly younger brother , Ethan, was on his way to pick her up. SO he was understandably anxious...


    Ethan could believe it...not again. He had come into town to visit his twin sister Iris, and now he was stuck running around for the very reason he had left town. Damien was his brother who was two years older than him. After graduating, he left town to go to collage and escape his brother's reputation. Everyone knew him and loved him. Ethan was usually just called "Damien's brother" Or "Little Melrick" and hardly ever by his real name. Ethan was in the middle of collage, working on an Art's degree with a minor in business. Sure he had gotten a record deal with a popular well known company but as always his brother had beat him out. Damien was not even out of Collage and was very close to becoming CEO of an international business. Figured...he always worked to beat him out. Then man driving towards the school was Handsome but kind of rugged looking, his reddish brown hair shaggy and hanging a bit past his neck. He had alarmingly green eyes, deep green and hypnotic looking. He had never met this girl before...the one his brother was dating. Her name was Stacey and he just expected her to be just like the others. With a sigh he pulled up to the school, seeing someone waiting on the sidewalk.

  3. As Stacey stood outside of her school, she lightly began to tap her foot, waiting for Ethan? She thought that's what Damien called him. his little brother, for some odd reason she wondered what Ethan looked like, once she saw a car coming by, she lifted up her hand to cover her eyes from the sun and to peer closer to the car. The man's description was like what Damien had said she grinned widely, and lifted her hand to wave at him. "Hey! Are you Ethan? Ethan Melrick?" She grinned widely hoping to dear god it was him, she was afraid he'd say no and she'd be screwed. there was also another thing she had to tell Damien, she had to tell him that he sister was coming over, and her sister had the looks of a model, she was almost bouncing in the spot that she was standing it.
  4. As he drove up to the sidewalk he could see the only person standing there waving. It kind of looked like she was waving at him. When he pulled up he rolled down the window of the passanger's seat, reaching over and unlocking the door for her. This girl was very pretty...much like a lot of his girlfriends. But this one...she wasn't just pretty. Damien had struck gold. The man kept his compsure and cleared his throat after she asked if he was Ethan. Wonderful...she knows me already. What has he been telling her? He managed to give her one of those attractive half hearted smiles.

    "Yeah...that's my name. Stacey right? Damien has told me ALL about you...Hop in. Where am I taking you, eh? Home right?"

    Once she told him and climbed in he rolled up he pulled away from the curb. Turning his car around, he pulled back into the busy street. This was the first time he had met her...having come from out of town.
  5. Stacey was about to jump on Ethan in excitement. She was so happy to have be finally meeting her love's siblings! "It's so nice to meet you!" She giggled and then relaxed against the seat she was in, her eyes half closed. "Your brother had told me so much about you, I thought I'd never meet you until he told me I would today! God I'm so excited to meet you, hey, before we go to my home, let me buy you lunch, let's go to lunch together and get to know one another yeah?" She grinned eagerly hoping he would agree with her that they should go to lunch. Stacey just knew that every thing from here on would be absolutely perfect!
  6. This woman he saw seemed to be bubbling over with excitement. He didn't know if he had ever seen someone with more energy. Iris came pretty close but some how Stacey was on another level. He didn't think it was a bad thing but he just wasn't used to it. As she giggled she told him how happy she was to finally meet him. This would have made him smile a bit but it was his older brother that set this up. His heart dropped to the floor when she relaxed against the seat and told him that Damien had told her all about him. What exactly had he told her? There were so many things his brother thought he knew about him but in truth...Damien had never cared to hang out with his little brother growing up. Stacey then repeated that she was so excited to meet him. But when he asked her where he was taking her she looked to him and said that they should go get lunch togeather, get to know one another. With that grin on her face he couldn't posslibly say know. Ethan sighed and bit his lip before forcing a smile for her.

    "Sure...where to?"

    he listened to her and then pulled up to the resturaunt, walking in, following her lead.
  7. Stacey squealed and nodded her head, telling him to go to Spaghetti factory. Once they were there she grabbed his arm, after hopiing out of the car and leading him into the building. The female in there giggled when she saw Stacey. "Staceeeeeyyyy!" Stacey giggled and opened her arms up for a hug from the female. "Laceyyyyyy!" Lacey squealed and jumped into Stacy's arms, hugging her sister tightly, and nuzzling her face into Stacey's neck until she noticed the man she stepped back and brushed her fingertips against her arm casually. "Oh... I didn't notice you... Hi there..." She whispered softly and Stacey giggled. "Is this your fiancee, Stacey?" Lacey looked down and back up shyly.

    When Stacey heard her sister's question, she had to look to Ethan and then back to Lacey and wiggle her eyebrows. "Nope, you wanna take a ride from him?" She giggled and then turned to Ethan. "Ethan, this is my sister, Lacey. she thinks you're cute..." She then turned to her sister who was beat red. There was clear differences with Stacey and Lacey. Lacey had bright red hair and bright blue eyes, with freckles, and Stacey was just plain looking or so that's how she felt about herself as she lifted up her hands to run her fingers through her black hair. "Can we have the best table here, sissy?" Lacey nodded and began to lead them towards a booth with a great view of the city. Once Stacey sat down she giggled and looked to Ethan. "You think Lacey is cute?" She wiggled her eyebrows and giggled.
  8. Once he had parked, the man barely had time to locked the car doors and shut them before the woman was grabbing his arm and pulling him away from the car. Stacy had seemed so excited about this whole thing....and he was having a hard time keeping up so far. She had so much outwards energy and enthusiasm that he wasn't used to dealing with. But with Damien marrying the woman in the family he was going to have to learn fast. The two entered the building where Stacey locked eyes with a giggling Red head. The two embraced each other happily before the pretty blue eyed, red head stepped back, touching his future sister in law's arm. It was then she said hello and if this was her Husband to be. Ethan was about to shake his head furiously but he was beaten to it as the waitress was asked if "she wanted to take a ride from him". He flushed a bit, knowing exactly what she meant when she said that with the wiggle of the eyebrows. A look of disapproval came onto his face as she turned back to him, laughing. Ethan was introduced to the woman Lacey. With her hair color, eye color, and childlike but cute freckles, Lacey was qute to looker. But somehow...her seemingly plain looking sister had something on her. He couldn't tell anyone what it was but it was definitly there.

    She asked her sister for the best table and they were led there. It was a booth out looking the big city. Once they were seated she made the gesture again and asked him a question...if he thought Lacey was cute. There was a minor flush on his cheeks that he couldn't control. He looked down and pretended to be reading the menu. With a sigh, he gave let a sigh escape.

    "Yeah...she is. But...I am too busy to date right now. I have a recording to get done out of town...I live about a state away from here. Iris is my twin sister, I came here to visit her since she is having a baby soon...but Damien also asked me to come out. For you and for the is that going by the way? How much do you have planned? Getting tierd of him yet?"

    He looked up and looked at her with his shocking but stunning deep green eyes.
  9. "To busy to date?!" Stacey's eyes had widened at his words, she couldn't believe what she was hearing. Yeah, she could understand if someone was busy with their work and stuff... But too buy to date?! That couldn't be realistic. Stacey laughed a bit and picked her menu up, and right as she did that Lacey came out with a basket full of bread and butter. Stacey licked her lips and took a piece of bread, spreading the butter on the bread, she took a bit and beamed up at her sister. "Gosh, I just love your cooking." Lacey flushed and quickly scurried away. Grinning from ear to ear, Stacey looked back to Ethan as if she had just now heard him talking about the wedding. Her seemingly plain features brightened up like she was made of the sun.

    "We have not planned much yet, I mean we just got engaged what a couple weeks ago, and then we have to pay for the wedding and such... BUT, it's going to be the best day of our lives! Wait, you're going to stay for the wedding?!" She squealed and threw her hands outwards, leaning forward, she wrapped them around him, from across the table and started to giggle. "I cannot believe this! Thank you thankyouthankyouthankyou!!!" Once she released him she sat back, and brushed her fingers down her attire as if to brush off dust, and she smiled. "I could never get tired of your brother, he's just so..." She bit her lip and tilted her head, trying to figure out how to explain to this guy how she felt for his brother. "I love him to death and will never ever ever ever ever everrrrrr let him go!" She grinned at him brightly.
  10. When he had told her that he was too busy to date, her eyes widened. He frowned a bit but she just laughed and he continued to try and relax. Ethan was about to speak to her, telling her that he was putting his dream...his album and tour on hold to come out here but Lacey came back. In her hands was a steaming, fresh basket full of bread. It smelled great...and he was hungry so he might as well endulge...? Right? At the same time as Stacey did...he reached in and took out a piece. He wasn't much for the butter so he took a bite. It was soft and hot...fresh and delicious. A soft smile formed on his lips as he looked over and saw the sisters talking before the waitress flushed and hurried away. Then he looked back to the other woman, and when he mentioned the wedding her pretty but plain features lit up. In that moment he could see why his brother had fallen for her. Stacey was stunning...and she was with his brother because he could have anyone he wanted. On the other hand...Ethan could not. But he listened anyways. According to the woman, they had only been engaged for a couple of weeks and not much of it was planned so far. But the planning was going to have to work around their budget.

    Stacey then asked if he was staying for the wedding. Again...before he could respond she reached across the table, hugging him the best she could. Then she took her seat again, thanking him. Once she had straitened her clothes back out she told him of how much so loved Damien, that she could never get tierd of him. He bit back a smirk, finnishing off his piece of bread.

    "Great to hear, I hope you can hold onto him...he does have quite the reputation. But I'm sure if he asked you to marry him then you must be someone rather special...and Yes I am going to stay. If I didn't I would never hear the end of it from my as much as Damien gets on my nerves he is my brother. And as for the dating...As much As I would love to accompany your lovely sister on a date...I am pissing off my manager by coming out here. I have an record deal and a tour waiting on me back home...perhaps If I had more time..."

    As soon as he said that he realized that there was time between now and when the wedding was. Time to just hang around and do nothing. Ethan had gotten himself into something deep...he had a feeling.

  11. That bright smile that was clear on Stacey's face slowly faded when Ethan spoke, and worry swam in her eyes like a swarm of bees. Would she really have to worry about him leaving her? She bit her lower lip and looked down a bit. "Ethan, do YOU think he'll stay with me?" She let out another side but then shook her head and grinned widely, biting into her buttered bread again, chewing and swallowing before she answered Ethan. "Well you have enough time for a lil fling time, right?" She grinned slowly, and then relaxed a bit, her eyes closed.

    Just a lil farther away from the table was Lacey, giving another pairing a table, she gave them menus and smiled softly. but then the male who was there grabbed at her ass when she turned to walk away, tears prickled in Lacey's eyes, and she yelped. Suddenly, when Stacey heard the yelp, she turned her head to glance to her sister and when she saw what was happening she smiled apologetically to Ethan. "If you will excuse me for a second..." She whispered before she stood up, and within seconds had then man's face slammed into his table and his arm pulled around tightly pinned to his back, she then growled at him. "You will never touch her again." He whimpered his apologies and Lacey smiled thankfully to her plain, stunning, and very brave sister.
  12. When Ethan did speak of Damien's past with women the beautiful light left her beautiful expression. The light was replaced by floods of worry in her eyes. Biting her lip and looking down she asked him if she thought she had to worry about Damien leaving her. But before he could awnser her she shook her head and grinned again. It was a wide and pretty smile...just like before. Looking closely at it, he was sure that this was something he could get used to. But, like always, Damien had taken everything good that might have been in his life, sucked it like a vampire for all it was worth, then threw the left overs to him. But usually that happened within the first week or two of him dating a girl. If he had been engaged to her for a few weeks AND dated her before hand? There was no way he would be doing that to her. The artist snapped back to attention when she told him that there would be time for a brief fling while he was here. A light blush spread across his cheeks. Looking away from the table he was sitting at he looked over to Lacey, escorting a Man and a woman to a table. But as soon as the pretty red head turned he reached out and grabbed at her rear end. As he saw tears forming in her eyes she let out a yelp. He frowed and was about to get up but Stacey beat him too it, asking to be excused for a moment.

    Quickly she walked over there and, without warming slammed the man's face into the table. His arm twisted painfully behind his back. He then spluttered out his apologies. Ethan just looked at her in suprise. What else could his brother's wife to be do? But it was just like Damien to pick a girl to marry that wouldn't be pushed around or let family be pushed around. The man just waited untl she came back over, glancing over at Lacey. She seemed greatful. When Stacey came back to the table he looked back to her. A charming smile came across his usual frown, it turning into a small smirk as he looked to her. Talking as he waited for the main course.

    "Wow...impressive. Didn't see that coming...and as for my don't have to worry about that. If he has stayed with you as long as he has...then you must be some special girl...."

  13. For Ethan to call her a special girl, Stacey felt her insides quiver which was weird and usually only happened when she was around Damien. Shrugging her shoulders a bit she relaxed against her seat, and told Lacey when she walked back to the table to get their orders, that they would have a special meal. Lacey grinned and nodded, looking to Ethan, "You my friend, are in for a treat. This is Stacey's personal favorite and her own recipe!" She turned around and walked away and Stacey smiled lightly, and leaned against the counter. "I hope I'm very special to your brother, I hope I'm his one and only, cause if I am, oh boy oh boy..." she laughed, and waited until they were served. It was a steak with bake potatoes and gravy with a little desert on the side, that was topped with whipped cream and a cherry. "Enjoy your meal..." Lacey smiled, and left them to eat.

    While they ate it was silent, and when Stacey finished she wiped her mouth with the tip of a napkin by her, and then she waited for Ethan to be finished. She then got up, and held her hand out to him. "I'm going to show you where I plan to have our wedding." Once he would take her hand she would walk to the front counter, and drop some bills on it and say Lacey's name, and then she walked out, and walked behind the building which lay a giant fountain that looked absolutely gorgeous and two pillars, that were almost as tall as the trees which were giant. Stacey took a deep breath and walked to the fountain, running her finger tips over the edge she glanced towards Ethan; and in that moment alone she looked absolutely gorgeous. Her eyes sparkled, her whole body seemed to glisten, and she looked... Happy.

    Little did anyone know about her... History that would come rushing up to her... "We can go to my place whenever." She whispered, as she looked to Ethan, smiling.
  14. When they both relaxed again back into their seats, Lacey came back over, Stacey telling her that they would have the Nightly Special. Grinning cutely, Lacey must have knew what that meant. Because then she looked to him and said he was in for a treat, that the recipe he was about to eat was Stacey's recipe. He smiled back at her and she left to go make the food. It was then that his brother's wife to be leaned against the table, speaking. She told him that she hoped she was very special to his brother, that she would be the only woman in his life. It wasn't long after Stacey laughed a pretty laugh that Lacey came back over to the table, carrying their meals. They were steaks with Baked potatos and gravy. There was also a dessert on the side, finnished off with fluffy whipped cream and a single cherry. The red head wished them a good meal before turning and leaving once again. Ethan began to eat, and smiled a soft smile on contentment as he ate. Everything was delicious...Damien was lucky. Even though Ethan didn't smile as much as he could, should, he had aa genuine apprication for great food like this. The meal was silent and when they finnished, Stacey got up and held her hand out to him. Telling him that she was going to show him where she planned on having the wedding. He wiped his mouth off and set the napkin down, taking her hand.

    She left the tab plus a heafty tip before leading him from the building. Stacey pulled him to behind the building where there was a magnificent fountain. Next to it were two tall but exquisite pillars. The pretty woman walked over to the fountain, letting go of his hand. Leaning over she ran her fingers though the water. Then when she finally looked back at him he could see why his brother found her so breath taking. The way the sun hit her on top of her natural features made her look absolutly amazing...stunning, beautiful. Staring at her, Ethan felt his heart skip a beat and he swallowed a lump in his throat. He snapped back to attention when she told him that they could go back whenever. Nodding her spoke to her.

    "The place is great, I'm sure he won't fight you on location...and Y-Yeah...W-When your ready, let's go. I'm not sure when Damien said he would be back..."

    He waited until she rejoined him at his side then turned to walk back towards the car, biting his lip and trying to shake away any inapproprite thoughts. Stacey was engaged to his brother, soon to be his sister in law. Once back at the Car he opened the door for her before climbing in and snapping his seat belt before starting the car.

  15. Stacey watched Ethan and she looked down a bit, she looked at the reflection of herself in the water that was within the fountain's barriers. She hated how she looked and she wanted to change but she wasn't going to tell Ethan that, she just stayed where she was for a while, she looked up at Ethan and smiled lightly. "Damien would probably be a bit... Scared if I don't get home soon..." She sighed nodded, and then walked away from the shining light that made her the stunning belle that she truly was, and as they walked passed the front of the building, Lacey rushed out, almost hard to catch her breath. She looked up at her sister and grinned widely. "You guys going so soon?" Stacey smiled and looked away. "Yeah, I need to see Damien... I miss him..."

    Lacey looked at Ethan and then to Stacey and she made a face. "Hey, Ethan? Was it? Well ummm, could you come back here tomorrow, I have some things to go over with you, if you're going to stay for the wedding..." Stacey smiled seeing her sister, and soon to be brother in law getting along. She waited a minute and lifted up her hand to look at the back of her wrist as if she were looking at the 'time' on her 'watch' on her arm. "Lacey we gotta get going..." Lacey blushed brightly and nodded, hugging her sister. "I love you Stacey. Sweet dreams." She then turned and went back into the building, and Stacey walked to his vehicle. Getting in she put her seat belt on and told him directions to her home.