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  1. Okay, hello my general populace, I am looking for a few role-plays, what they are, in terms of group or one on one depends, that catch my interest. The only thing is that I would like a partner or partners who would be able to understand that I might not be able to post everyday as I am a busy college student. That, however, does not mean that I would not be able to post regularly.

    ▸ I want a partner or partners who will be able to post as two paragraphs minimum (10-16 Sentences)! I hate one liners or a few sentences, it makes me feel like I cannot add properly to the story and that just means it will go down from there.

    ▸ I want a partner or partners who can add to the plot, you don't specifically have to present ideas all the time to keep it moving, but every now and then is nice. This is OUR role-play so it should not just be me.

    ▸ No Mary-Sues or Gary-Greats. I want characters that you can't just peel apart, characters that have some depth.

    ▸ I want to be able to have a good time. If I feel like I cannot, I do not want to waste your time or mine.

    I will:

    ▸ Use spell check to get as much corrected as possible.
    ▸ Play MxF, FxF, or MxM, though I have my preferences.
    ▸ I will add to the plot or to the role-play in some aspect.
    ▸ Reply as often as I can.
    ▸ Play in a sexual or non-sexual, depending on the genre and ages of who is playing, way.
    ▸ I can play a dominant or passive person but it solely depends on the role-play.


    ▸ I really want to play as Mephistopheles, male or female. I want to do this in a modern setting.
    ▸ I want to create my own hero/villain for Gotham the TV show.
    ▸ I want to play an anti-hero.
    ▸ I would not mind playing a masochist to a sadist.

    ▸ School
    ▸ Magic
    ▸ Fantasy
    ▸ Circus Freaks
    ▸ Virtual Reality Video Games
    ▸ Pirates / Thieves / Rouges / Criminals
    ▸ High Fantasy
    ▸ Monks
    ▸ Other Planets
    ▸ Mythical Creatures
    ▸ Gods / Goddesses / Religion / Cults / New Age Movements
    ▸ School Setting
    ▸ Apprenticeship
    ▸ Vampires / Werewolves / Fae / Elves / Dwarves / Fantasy Races
    ▸ Shape-shifters
    ▸ Dungeoneering / Adventuring / Questing

    Photographs for inspiration
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  2. Play as Mephistopholes? Perhaps a selling of one's soul role play? [spoiler[
    [​IMG][/spoiler] This gives me an idea, Mephistopholes falling for a young woman. When she is nearly killed by him in a scheme to seduce her she awakes to find him as the one who saved her (suggesting he changed shape or she didn't know what had happened) and falls for him not knowing she is falling for the devil himself.
  3. Looking for a few more people!
  4. I'd be interested in a MxM with you! Maybe like a spin-off of Little Red Riding Hood? There are murders going on in town, "Little Red" meets a stranger in the woods, etc.
  5. @GALAXY
    I am not really looking for MxM right now unless it is a plot I cannot refuse and sadly, I am not interested in doing a little Red Riding Hood role-play at the moment. I wish you the best of luck.
  6. Ey may i ask are you up for serious roleplays? you know controversal subjects (not too serious of course)
  7. @ResolverOshawott
    It would be dependent on the subject of course, but more than likely I would be willing to explore the idea.
  8. @Ethereal

    Hmm i'm thinking stuff involving goverment conspiracies?.
  9. Hmm i'm not sure about that but the conspiracy(ies) wont be something ridicilous like Hitler is still alive thanks to Obama or some crap.
  10. @ResolverOshawott
    What about aliens existing in our world or they have made contact?
  11. @Ethereal
    I think that one is pretty overused i was talking about hmm more of a CIA oriented conspiracies.
  12. Like maybe The CIA can sensor any information as they wish on the internet and or in real life. And they're really good at faking stories.

    (gods i am so sleepy right now feel free to have some suggestions while i hit the hay)
  13. @ResolverOshawott
    Maybe one of us could be a government agent and the other could be a hacker vigilante?
  14. Hmm yea that sounds good.
  15. Hi! If you would be willing to try to blend Virtual Realities with Apprenticeship into something as awesome as I can feel it could be that would be amazing. Are you in?
  16. @Aureate Aura
    This sounds really interesting! What are you thinking?
  17. I would be quite interested to do something involving Gotham.
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